One Piece Live Action Teaser Trailer Breakdown: Easter Eggs, Manga vs. Live Action, and More

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One Piece Live Action Teaser Trailer Breakdown

After a long six-year wait, the highly anticipated teaser for the One Piece Live Action series has finally been released. This momentous occasion took place during Netflix TUDUM, a global fan event where Netflix unveils its original films and television series. The teaser has sparked immense excitement among the already existing huge fandom, as evidenced by One Piece trending at #1 worldwide.

So it proves the enthusiasm of the huge fan base the manga already holds. The teaser with the hard work of its cast and crew was quite promising and made new fans interested in giving this series a watching chance. So how was the teaser? Did it leave up to the expectations of the already existing huge fandom? Let’s discuss the One Piece Live Action Teaser Trailer Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Good, Bad, and Ugly.

What is One Piece?


One Piece, a Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda, has been captivating readers for over 25 years. It follows Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old pirate on a quest to become the King of the Pirates. With world-building, exciting adventures, memorable characters, and intriguing secrets, One Piece has become one of the best-selling comics of all time, offering an exceptional and thrilling tale to its audience.

One Piece Live Action Teaser Trailer Breakdown

The teaser introduces us to the first look of the Straw Hats and a glimpse of the amazing world of One Piece. The teaser opens with a breathtaking aerial shot of Fuusha Village, the humble birthplace of the legendary Captain Monkey D Luffy. As the camera pans across the idyllic landscape, a warm breeze carries the sound of crashing waves and the joyful laughter of children. The scene transitions smoothly to a close-up of a weathered straw hat, its brim casting a shadow over a determined pair of eyes.

One Piece Live Action

Suddenly, the voice of a young, spirited captain breaks through the tranquility. Luffy, with unyielding determination in his voice, declares his grand dream to become the Pirate King and discover the fabled treasure known as One Piece. The energy intensifies as the camera swiftly cuts to a series of action-packed shots showcasing the Straw Hat crew in their full glory.

One Piece Live Action Zoro

First up is Zoro, the fierce swordsman, his blades gleaming in the sunlight as he effortlessly slices through a swarm of enemies.

One piece Live Action Nami (1)

The scene transitions seamlessly to Nami, the cunning navigator, who deftly maneuvers her way through treacherous waters, guiding the crew toward adventure and riches.

One Piece Live Action

Next, we catch a glimpse of Usopp, the skilled marksman, fearlessly taking aim at a distant target while standing atop a mast.

image 4

Then, Sanji, the suave chef, dazzles with his remarkable acrobatic skills, gracefully evading incoming attacks while delivering devastating kicks to his foes.

One Piece Live Action Shanks 1

The teaser also showed us some popular characters like Shanks, Buggy, and Koby. In this teaser, we also get a complete look at Baratie too. After a minute of exploring the world, we finish the teaser with the iconic attack of Luffy which is “Gum Gum Pistol”.

One Piece Live Action Release Date, Cast, and Episodes

One Piece Live Action StrawHat Crew

In Brazil, at Netflix’s event TUDUM we finally got the long-awaited teaser trailer. However, that’s not all we got. We also got a release date. The Love action series of One Piece will be released on August 31 this year. Season 1 will cover almost an hour-long 8 episodes. Also, we got the first looks at all the Straw Hat pirates. We have Inaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Mackenyuu Arata as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, and Taz Skyler as Sanji. The series showrunner is Steve Maeda and the executive producer is Matt Owens. The show is also very closely overlooked by Eiichiro Oda, the author himself.

Difference Between The Manga and Live Action

Going Merry

In the live-action adaptation of One Piece, some creative liberties have been taken, as evident in the teaser. One notable difference is the portrayal of the Going Merry, the iconic ship of the Straw Hat crew. In the manga, it originally belonged to Kaya, but the teaser suggests that Kaya will be involved in creating the ship for the Straw Hats, adding a unique twist to the story.

Zoro and Mr. 7 live

Another change is showcased in a fight scene between Zoro and Mr. 7, a member of the Baroque Works organization. In the manga’s SBS (Question Corner) section, it is mentioned that Zoro had defeated Mr. 7 before entering the Grand Line, leading to his replacement by Crocodile. It seems that the live-action series will explore this aspect of the story.

Ussop and Sanji One PIece Manga vs Anime Vs Like Action

A significant alteration can be seen in the appearance of Usopp’s long nose and Sanji’s distinctive eyebrow. These exaggerated features might seem odd in the live-action adaptation, so they have been modified for a more realistic approach.

The teaser also presents a fight between Luffy and Alvida, which takes place at night, whereas in the manga, the encounter occurred during the day. This change in timing adds a fresh visual dynamic to the scene.

One significant difference between the manga and the live-action adaptation of One Piece is the portrayal of Luffy’s footwear. In the manga, Luffy is known for wearing his iconic sandals. However, in the live-action series, Luffy is depicted wearing shoes instead of his traditional sandals.

Additionally, the overall tone of the series appears to have been adjusted slightly, with a toned-down level of goofiness for Luffy and the crew. This alteration aims to create a more realistic and serious atmosphere in the live-action adaptation.

The full impact of these changes on the story will only be revealed when the series premieres on August 31st. Fans will eagerly await the unveiling of how these creative decisions shape the beloved world of One Piece in the live-action format.

Easter Eggs

The teaser trailer for the One Piece live-action adaptation is packed with Easter eggs and delightful details that showcase the cast’s love for the series and cater to die-hard manga fans. These hidden references make the teaser even more engaging and exciting for enthusiasts. Here are some notable Easter eggs:

  1. Red Force: REd Force Shanks ShipIn the very first shot of the teaser, the iconic Red Force, the ship belonging to Shanks, can be seen stationed in Fuusha Village. This nod to Shanks’ vessel is a delightful treat for observant fans.
  2. Costume Design:
    Throughout the teaser, Luffy and the crew are seen wearing various costumes. These outfits are inspired by the cover stories from the manga. It’s a fantastic detail that demonstrates the attention to detail and dedication of the production team to capture the essence of the original story.
  3. Axe Hand Morgan’s Photo:
    Axe Hand Morgan's Photo
    In the background behind Zoro during the Shells Town scene, there is a prominent photo of Axe Hand Morgan. This inclusion references a significant character from the early arcs of the manga and adds a nostalgic touch for fans who have followed the series closely.
  4. Monkey D. Garp’s Ship:
    Monkey D. Garp's Ship
    Another exciting Easter egg is the appearance of Monkey D. Garp’s ship. This subtle detail hints at the involvement of Garp, a legendary Marine, and Luffy’s grandfather, in the live-action adaptation’s storyline.

These Easter eggs serve as delightful surprises for fans, demonstrating the production team’s commitment to staying true to the source material and their effort to immerse viewers in the rich world of One Piece. With these hidden gems scattered throughout the teaser, fans can look forward to discovering more references and nods to the beloved manga as the series unfolds.

Flaws and Criticisms in the One Piece Live Action Teaser

While the teaser for the One Piece live-action adaptation has received high praise from the fandom, it is important to acknowledge some of its flaws that have drawn criticism. Here are the main points of concern:

  1. Open Mouth of Going Merry:
    one piece live action Going Merry
    One issue that has been criticized is the design of the open mouth on the Going Merry, the Straw Hat crew’s ship. Some fans feel that it doesn’t match the portrayal in the manga and gives off a dark or unsettling vibe, which deviates from the original source material.
  2. Character Designs:
    The teaser showcases some characters wearing wigs and dresses that don’t quite match the aesthetic beauty of the world of One Piece. This has led to criticism that the designs sometimes resemble cosplay rather than blending seamlessly into the world’s unique style. Samji’s cast is perfect but the wig does not look natural.
  3. Adaptation of Luffy’s Attacks:
    Monkey D. Garp's Ship
    Adapting Luffy’s rubber-based abilities into live-action poses a challenge. Some fans have expressed disappointment with the first look of Luffy’s Gum Gum Pistol attack, citing issues with the CGI and voice acting. The execution of this iconic ability may not have met the expectations of some viewers.
  4. Mature Depiction of Luffy: Another point of discussion among fans is the portrayal of Luffy’s character. Some feel that he appears more mature than his usual childish and carefree demeanor, which is not in line with Luffy’s established personality in the manga. This departure from his characteristic behavior has raised concerns among certain fans.

It’s important to note that these criticisms are based on the limited footage provided in the teaser, and the final product may address or alleviate some of these concerns. As with any adaptation, it’s a challenge to capture the essence of the source material while adapting it to a different medium. Fans will have to wait for the full series release to see how these issues are addressed and how the overall adaptation unfolds.


In conclusion, the teaser for the One Piece live-action adaptation provided a predominantly positive impression, generating excitement and anticipation among fans. While some flaws and criticisms were identified, such as discrepancies in design, adaptation challenges, and character portrayals, the overall consensus is that the teaser offers a promising entry point for non-anime fans to discover the world of One Piece.

As we eagerly await the series’ release, we invite you to share your thoughts and opinions on the teaser in the comments section. Stay tuned for future One Piece articles as we continue to explore and discuss this beloved franchise.

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