What is Bartholomew Kuma’s Race?

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What Special race is Bartholomew Kuma from?

Chapter 1064 of One Piece is out and this chapter creates many game-changing setups for the climax of the story. This chapter has the usual comedy along with awesome lore. The biggest one among them might be the secret regarding the race of Bartholomew Kuma.

The world of One Piece is filled with great and thrilling mysteries. Among those, Kuma is one such mystery. Fans were waiting to know more about him for almost over a decade. With this chapter 1064, we got a tease of what this mystery might be.

In this chapter, we get to know Kuma belongs to a special race. However, Oda did not reveal anything else. So there are multiple races that he might belong to now. However, if he is another new race then the prediction will be hard. So let’s try predicting a little.

Who is the Evil king of Sorbet Kuma?

Who is the Evil king of Sorbet Kuma?

Kuma is a character that was first introduced to Doflamingo before the Shichibukai meeting. Later he was one of the antagonists of Thriller Bark. Then almost at the beginning of post-timeskip, we came to know he was a member of the Revolutionary Army. He is right now the only character who was a Pirate, a Revolutionary, and also a Shichibukai. He was later revealed to be the King of the Sorbet Kingdom and the father of Jewellery Bonney. In the recent chapter, it was revealed he is from a special race. So what is his race?

Kuma’s Race

1. Three-eyed Tribe

Three-eyed Tribe

One of the most possible tribes might be the three-eyed tribe. We never saw the forehead of Kuma because it was always covered with his hat. Also, the first time we see Kuma without a hat was in the Bonney flashback in the last chapter. However, there we also see Kuma from the side view which hides his forehead. Also, a little point is what Jimbe said in this chapter. He said Kuma was known as an Evil King. So, World Government might have spread his name as Evil because of his third eye.

2. Giant


As always his special race might be Giant. We know he has a gigantic body even though he is thought to be a human. Also, the World Government always had a huge interest in testing Giant’s bloodlines. As we see, Kuma was always a test subject for the World Government. So the World Government might have used him as a test subject to create more Gigantic Pacifists.

3. Will of D. Race

Will of D. Race

The biggest thing might be related to the Will of D. The D might refer to a race. A specific Race might carry the D in their name. So Kuma might belong to that race. The World Government might come to know his secret and punish him. Also, they might have hidden his D name. If Kuma is related to the D clan/race that will clear a lot of things. However, for now, it’s a prediction.

4. New Race

SSG Vegapunk

If Kuma was captured because of his race then it might be something related to the Joyboy or Ancient history. It might relate to something Sun God related. We have Lunarians. Kuma’s race might be influenced by the Sun concept or African origin since he has dark skin and curly hair.

He also might somehow be connected to Sky Island. However, the biggest possibility might be connected to God. As he is the only person who always carries a Bible with him. So his race might be named after any other God. OR his race worships the Sun God Nika. One of the few people who know about him.

The special race part is interesting, but at this point, we have so many special races it’s lord its luster.


With this almost, all my thoughts are shared here. Let’s see what Oda brings to the table with this new mystery. However, the story feels like it’s almost gathering things for completion so this reveal might be the greatest one so far.

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