Where is Kuma Going? What happened in One Piece Chapter 1067?

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Where is Kuma Going? What happened in One Piece Chapter 1067?

Chapter 1067 of One Piece has dropped and it was a typical One Piece adventure chapter with more lore. This chapter was very beautiful and ended with a big cliffhanger. Where is Kuma Going? The plot is moving forward at a swift pace and many significant events are set to happen after this Egghead arc. Before talking about what happened with Kuma let’s talk about What happened in this chapter. So without further ado let’s discuss the chapter.

Cover Story

One Piece Chapter 1067:Cover Story

The cover story of Germa still continues and this time we see Caesar and Judge fighting. So now the old MAD scientists meet again. So from here, where does the cover story go now? It feels like we might get more info on their past in the cover story. There might also be some information regarding the lineage of Sanji. This cover story seems very important moving forward.

Luffy and Vegapunk

Dr Vegapunk

The chapter starts from where the last chapter ended. Bonney from the beginning tries to attack Vegapunk for Kuma. She wants Vegapunk to recover Kuma. In this conversation, we get information on how Vegapunk cut his brain off. This Genius scientist ate the Nomi Nomi no mi which gives him an unlimited data bank.

Through his apple-like antenna, he connects himself with his brain which is originally the Punk Records of Egghead Island. He also created the 6 separate Vegapunks to do multiple works at the same time. Vegapunk wants to share all the information in his brain with the world. So in a way, he wants to use his brain like the internet for humanity.

Then Vegapunk and Luffy talk about the Devil Fruit of Momo. We get to know why it’s called a failure. Vegapunk is a perfectionist and he announced the Devil Fruit a failure as its dragon form color is Pink. Then we get to know the Giant robot.

What is Giant Robot’s power source?

Vegapunk Reveals Ancient Kingdom

Luffy asks Vegapunk to activate The Giant Robot however, Vegapuk says he is unable to do so. According to Vegapunk, the Robot was created during the Void Century. However, 200 years ago, the robot attacked the Holy Land Marygeoise. However, it ran out of power so it could not do anything after reaching Marygeoise.

The Robot also climbed the Red Line. The second character we came to know has climbed the Red Line along with Fisher Tiger. Also, 200 years ago for the first time, Fish people joined the reverie. Also, Vegapunk couldn’t start the robot because he doesn’t have the power source for the robot. So what could be the power source behind the robot that kept it alive for 700 years? Is it the fire Lillith was talking about which can create a sun? Then Vegapunk talks about two things and was totally skipped. First, he needs to give something to Bonney, and second, he wants to leave Egghead with Luffy. Then we turn to our next segment regarding CP0.

The Giant Robot’s power source. So what could be the power source? It might be the eternal flame talked about by Lillith in the previous chapters. However, how can there be a flame that burns forever? It might be the Lunarian flame. They might have used their flames in the ancient kingdom. Somehow, the phoenix flame might be one of them like the flame created by Marco’s fruit. It also might refer to flame devil fruits like Mera Mera no Mi or Nika Nika No mi. The eternal Flame also might be something related to Sun God and Joyboy. Or maybe it is related to nuclear fusion or radio thermoelectric. That’s why It does not need any Fuel.

Cipher Pol 0

Cipher Pol

This segment of this chapter is very interesting. The Cp0 wants to enter the Island of Vegapunk. However, they were stopped by the mechanical giant sea beasts. As soon as Shaka gets the information he got serious. His order was very clear about not letting the Cp members on the island. He said for the CP0 to hand over the seraphim and leave as there is no place for them in Egghead island. Also, he ordered all the Vegapunks to prepare for battle. Then we get into another part which might be the most mysterious part of the chapter, Kamabakka queendom.

Vegapunk wants to leave Egghead with Luffy. So did he know that CP0 was coming to kill him? So how did he know? Was that a prediction or there is a way to see the future in the technologies of Vegapunk? Is he gonna join ur or where does he wants to go? A major thing would be Vegapunk wants to go to Elbaf. Also, he might be planning to leave Egghead to meet Dragon which might lead to the meeting of Luffy and Dragon.

Where is Kuma Going?

Where is Kuma Going?

The chapter ends with a massive cliffhanger with Kuma. As we see the revolutionary Army was trying to recover Kuma from his cyborg state. However, suddenly he gets up and starts running. For whatever, cause he is running and going to an unknown place. What might be the reason? And with this, we went on a break.

Many things were discussed in this chapter. There were a lot of things to gather from the information given in the chapter. So let’s start and gather all the questions from the chapter and predict them. 

What is Vegapunk want to give Bonney? As we know Vegapunk and Dragon weren’t enemies. So what happened to Kuma might not be done by Vegapunk because of anger. So is it something from Kuma that Vegapunk wants to give to Bonney? Or is it something Vegapunk created for Bonney requested by Kuma? 

Kuma’s scenario has a lot of possibilities. He might be going to Egghead, As we saw in the chapter, Shaka announced every robot and Vegapunk to prepare for battle. So Kuma might also be moving after getting that order. It also might be something related to his humanity. As he might have realized some coming danger and ran to protect the Egghead. Then it also might be some type of command he set beforehand. He did this thing before as he protected Sunny. If someone wants to make any changes inside him, there might be an auto protection function. That might be why he is running away. 


With this, the chapter’s discussion ends. Next week is a break so we have to wait a bit more for the answers. However, the manga of One Piece is at its best right now. Let’s meet again as soon as the next chapter drops.

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