Top 10 Best Mecha Anime Series Ever

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Best Mecha Anime Series Ever

Kon’nichiwa, min’na!!

We are back again with another incredible anime series list. The mecha genre is one of the oldest genres of anime culture, and since time beginning people love the scientific and innovative stories presented here. 

We love to see the giant robots fighting each other. This genre of anime is filled with top-rated action sequences with some unique plots. 

From Code Geass to Evangelion, we present you with the best mecha anime series here.

Be sure to check out all these awesome anime series. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the list straight away:

1. Code Geass

Code Geass
  • AUTHOR: Gorō Taniguchi & Ichirō Ōkouchi
  • GENRE:   Action, Mecha, Military, School, Sci-Fi
  • EPISODES: 50

This story starts in the background of an ongoing war between The Holy Empire of Britannia and Japan. In 2010, Britannia started to establish itself as a military nation by dominating other countries. 

They invaded Japan using giant mech robots known as Knightmare Frames and conquered it. Japan was defeated and its name was changed to Area 11 and the people were called 11s.

One day a Britannian student named Lelouch Lamperouge got caught in the crossfire between Area 11 rebel army and the Britannian soldiers. Nowadays, all the fights are fought using giant robots with greater abilities. 

Lelouch was barely rescued from the scene by a mysterious-looking girl who gave Lelouch a power called Geass. Later, we came to know that her name is C.C. Lelouch was shocked by the power the Geass possessed, it was the “Power of Kings”. He could make anyone obey him and could order anyone to do anything.

Later due to an incident, Lelouch promised his Japanese best friend Suzaku that he will completely destroy Britannia and bring peace to Japan.

Suzaku was made the pilot of a brand new Knightmare called Lancelot secretly. While Lelouch sets on a new journey in disguise of a masked person known as Zero who wants to get revenge on Britannia.

2. Darling In The Franxx

Darling In The Franxx
  • AUTHOR: Atsushi Nishigori
  • GENRE: Mecha, Sci-fi, Romance
  • EPISODES: 24 + 1 (special)

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has left the surface and moved to Plantation – a mobile fort city. In this city, the adults and the children live in two varying environments from one another. The technologically developed cities are for the adults who are in fact immortal but they possess a very undesirable relationship with each other.

The artificially produced children are only created to pilot Franxx (giant mech robots) in order to defend humanity against the Kyōryū – big and mysterious species. These children live in Mistilteinn, which is also called the “birdcage” inside the Plantation and are often referred to as ‘parasites’.

The children present here know nothing about the outside world or about freedom. All they do is – fulfill the missions given to them. For the children, the only way to prove their worth is by piloting the Franxx robots.

Code:016 is a name given to a boy called Hiro who was once regarded as a prodigy. But now he lacks in carrying out his tasks properly and has fallen behind others. His existence seemed to fade away slowly. 

The person who can’t pilot a Franxx loses their reason for existence. However, one day, Hiro met a girl named “Zero Two” and his whole meaningless life started to change!!!

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • AUTHOR: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
  • GENRE:   Action fiction, Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Sci-Fi
  • EPISODES: 26

This story goes back to the year 2000 when half of the total human population was wiped out by a global cataclysm known as the “Second Impact”. This impact almost destroyed the whole of Antarctica.

At first, it was believed to be the impact of some meteorite but later upon further investigation, it was revealed to be the result of the contact with Angels.

After the revelation, many experiments were sponsored by an organization named SEELE and done by an organization named Gehirn.

At the present (2015) Gehrin has become technologically more advanced and NERV became a militarized city. They developed Evas which are giant robots used for fighting the angels.

Shinji Ikari, a boy of 14 years of age was on his way to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 where his father had summoned him. There his father gives him a task to become a pilot for EVA01 and fight the invaders known as angels and serve humanity.

At first, Ikari was opposed to this decision. He asked his father many times why he has given him such a task but his father gave him no reply. So, he just accepted it.

But in reality, all Shinji wanted to know was the reason why the angels are attacking and what his father’s true objective is.

4. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell
  • AUTHOR: Masamune Shirow
  • GENRE:   Action, Mecha, Military, Sci-Fi
  • EPISODES: 26

This story starts at a faraway future in 2030 where the boundary between the digital world and the physical world became obsolete. Technological development has surpassed all means and lives are now all dependent upon electronic means mostly. 

Now, a new existence is created which is referred to as “cyborgs”. It was beyond any imagination of mankind.

“Niihama-shi” (New Port City) is a fictional city of Japan where the story starts with the special task force called Public Security Section 9. This force is an elite, justice prevailing unit that prevents acts of terrorism and crimes by cyborgs or robots. They also act as bodyguards for the foreign VIPs.

 Ghost in the shell follows the story where these members of Section 9 are exploited. The team includes several ex-military to ex-police to ex-mafia. Now appears a mysterious person who is named by the media as “The Laughing Man”. Will Section 9 be able to prevent the crimes and stop this person from exploiting them?


  • AUTHOR: Misaki Sano
  • GENRE:   Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi
  • EPISODES: 12

Yuta Hibiki is a first-year high school student who lives in Tsutsujidai which is known as the fictional Japanese city. He has amnesia and also the ability to see things that others are not able to see. 

Later when he was surfing his friend, Rikka Takarada’s computer, he met with a Hyper Agent Gridman who tells him that he has got a mission which he must fulfill.

Yuta couldn’t understand the meaning behind those words and he was too shocked to tell anything else. But he was determined to find the meaning of those words and the reason behind his memory loss too. 

One day he could see a big monster in some distance that was not moving at all. But when he reached school, his and his classmate’s life changed. He finally figured out the reason behind the monster as when the monster attacked, he was pulled by someone from within the computer, and now he pilots a giant robot named Gridman. 

Yuta was able to fight the monster with Gridman, but after the fight got over, all the people’s memories were reset and the people who died were forgotten. 

Now Yuta and his friends set out on a journey to solve the reason behind these events with the help of Gridman and his companions.

6. Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos
  • AUTHOR: Izuru Yumizuru
  • GENRE:   Action, Comedy, Harem, Mecha, Sci-Fi,
  • EPISODES: 24                                         

In the future, a high-tech powered weapon system called the “Infinite Stratos” (IS) was created by Japanese scientists. It possesses so much power with high technology and capabilities that now it threatens world peace. 

Therefore to prevent this, the nations of the world signed a treaty called the “Alaska Treaty”, to ban the use of IS for battling purposes. Also, the existing IS should be given to all the nations equally to prevent any nation from dominating other nations.

But there was a drastic change in the society, as it was found that only women could use the IS technology. So little by little the women started to dominate the men. Now society was ruled by women.

This story starts at IS academy where the students are training to become pilots for the IS weapon system.

However, a strange thing occurred, as for the first time a man could operate this IS system. He was a boy of 15 years old named Orimura Ichika. But now he has to attend this academy where girls dominate. 

7. Knight’s & Magic

Knight’s & Magic
  • AUTHOR: Hisago Amazake-no
  • GENRE: Action, Fantasy, Mecha, School
  • EPISODES: 13

This story starts when a software engineer called Tsubasa Kurata who was a hardcore mecha otaku dies due to a car accident. He is reincarnated into a fantasy world in the Fremmevilla Kingdom, where humanity is threatened by the demonic beasts. To protect the humans, they have developed giant robots called Silhouette Knights to fight against the beasts. 

Tsubasa is born into this mysterious world as Ernesti Echevarria, in a noble family where he is also known as Eru. His dream was to master the technique to pilot those huge robots, as from his previous life he was a great robot lover.

He had great magical powers and combining them with the techniques of his past life, he could make it even a better one. He was enrolled at the Royal Laihiala Academy, which is an elite school where the Knight Runners (pilots for the Silhouette Knights) are being trained.

His aim is to create a Silhouette Knight of his own with great power and pilot it to fight the beasts.

He became friends with Archid Olter and Adeltrud Olter, and together they set on a journey to become the best Knight Runners.

8. Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann
  • AUTHOR: Kazuki Nakashima
  • GENRE: Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi 
  • EPISODES: 27

Gurren Lagann is a story about Earth in the near future where mankind is forced to obey the Spiral King, Lordgenome. Now humanity only lives in small and underground subterranean villages. The villages are too not in a position to inhabit life as they are constantly threatened by the earthquakes. The peoples living there have no contact medium with other villages. Only a few villagers who are known as diggers are allowed to increase their household spaces underground.

In this isolated underground village there were two boys named Kamina and Simon. Kamina was an extroverted person who wanted to gain fame for him. While Simon was a young boy who had no aim in his life. Kamina was like an elder brother-like figure to Simon.

 One day while excavating, Simon stumbled upon a mysterious-looking object which turns out to be an ancient mecha robot. Using the power of this robot, they fended off an attack from the surface with the help of Yoko. 

Now they were determined to bring back humanity’s lost glory with the help of this powerful robot.

9. Date A Live

Date a live
  • AUTHOR: Kōshi Tachibana
  • GENRE:   Comedy, Harem, Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen
  • EPISODES: 34

This series begins with a massive phenomenon known as the spatial quake which nearly wiped out much of humanity. And for the next 30 years, this phenomenon was observed on a crooked basis.

Upon investigation, it was known that this phenomenon was due to a girl who was known as a Spirit. 

 Kotori is the commander of airship Fraxinus, which was led by the organization Ratatoskr and its parent company Asgard Electronics. They were developing many techniques and mechas in order to stop the spirits. 

 Shido Itsuka is a normal high school boy who was given a task to fulfill by his sister Kotori in order to stop the Spirit from causing harm to the planet Earth. The task was to date with the Spirit girl. He just has to make her fall in love with him and save the world. It was because to seal a Spirit’s power, they must make her fall in love.

10. Eureka Seven 

Eureka Seven
  • AUTHOR: Jinsei Kataoka
  • GENRE: Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • EPISODES: 50

This story is about a 14-year-old boy named Renton Thurston who stays with his mechanic grandfather. His father Adrock Thurston was a researcher who worked for the military and died saving the world. 

 Renton considers his life a boring one in a boring town. His hobby was lifting as he loved it so much. His dream was to join a lifting group led by his idol Holland Novak who is a legendary lifter.

 But one day everything changed when a mech named Nirvash crashed into his house. From the mech, a young girl named Eureka came out and asked help from him to repair the mech. This was Eureka’s first encounter with Renton and it was also the beginning of their new adventurous journey.


So, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article for the top 10 mecha anime series. 

For someone who loves sci-fi and awesome technologies, these few series are a great treat to them.

 I’m sure that you will enjoy each of these anime series mentioned above. Don’t forget to mention in the comments, the anime which you liked the most. As always, see you soon in my next article.


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