Our Dating Story Season 2 Release Date, Story, Expectations and More

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Our Dating Story Season 2

Our Dating Story is a very sweet romantic story currently airing in the Fall 2023 season. With a premise that is unique to anime and every episode being more and more wholesome, this has won over many viewers.

In this article, we will be looking into everything we know about Our Dating Story Season 2.

Our Dating Story Season 2 Release Date

Our Dating Story Season 2 Release Date

Our Dating Story is yet to be renewed for a second season. However, we should hear more about its future soon after the final episode airs on December 22nd. 

Provided that the second season is greenlit soon, fans can expect it to release by late 2024 to early 2025. However, as we know, romance adaptations of light novels have a tendency to go into long hiatuses so it could also be a few years before we get news about the second season.

Our Dating Story Plot

Our Dating Story Plot

Our Dating Story follows Ryuuto, an introverted student who is very inexperienced when it comes to love. After losing a bet with his friends, he is forced to confess to the girl he loves, the bright and popular Runa.

To his surprise, she accepts his proposal and also wants to get intimate with him soon. After hesitating, Ryuuto declines her offer and finds out that Runa’s previous experiences in dating men were all bad and that her naive nature had often been taken advantage of.

Wanting to be different from her other ex-boyfriends, Ryuuto decides to take things slow and allow Runa to enjoy this relationship as much as him. Together, we see this sweet couple grow closer despite their differences and come to love one another.

Our Dating Story Source Material

Our Dating Story adapts the light novel, which currently has over 7 volumes and hasn’t been completed yet.

This would allow the anime enough content to adapt a second season.

What Will the Second Season of the Anime Be About?

Our Dating Story Source Material

The second season of the anime will majorly cover further development between our main couple as they get closer but also dive into the relationships of side characters who are juggling future plans and romance on their own.

A time-skip is also expected where we see Runa and Ryuuto face several more hurdles as a couple while attempting to come out stronger after facing them.

Our Dating Story Season 2 Teaser/Trailer

As season 2 is yet to get confirmed, there have been no teasers or trailers regarding it. The studio that adapted season 1, Engi, has undertaken other romance anime such as “Uzaki-chan Wuants to Hang Out” and is quite experienced in the field. Therefore, we can expect them to continue adapting Our Dating Story for its second season as well.

Expectations from Our Dating Story Second Season

Expectations from Our Dating Story Second Season

While the first season of Our Dating Story was majorly sweet and wholesome, fans expect the second season to be more dramatic while highlighting the struggles couples go through. A common issue they faced was that the story’s pace became much slower through the later volumes, hence, they will wish for the studio to fix the dents so that the second season remains equally enjoyable.

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