Top 10 Anime MCs Who Act Like Fools But Are Dependable In Nature

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Anime MCs Who Act Like Fools but Dependable

Kon’nichiwa, min’na!!

We are back again with another exciting anime list which is about a frequently asked topic. In many anime series, the main protagonist hides their true powers and lives a simple life due to some incidents in their life.

Also, some MCs are truly strong in terms of their strength but lack maturity where people think of them as fools by their appearances. But we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right?

So, now we have brought for you the list of Top 10 Anime MCs Who Act Like Fools but Are Dependable in Nature. Be sure to check out all these awesome MCs. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the list straight away

1. Luffy from One Piece:

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy who is also known as Straw Hat Luffy is the main protagonist of this famous series- ONE PIECE.
He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates which is an infamous and strong group of diverse pirate members.

Although he is the captain of this group, by his appearance it doesn’t seem so. He is way different from other pirates in terms of common sense, intelligence, and fighting skills. He just performs the things he wishes to do and doesn’t care about other things. He is just too innocent of his actions and can be really dumb sometimes.

His personality is like a child’s and is full of fearlessness and outrageousness as he believes in himself very much. He has a very carefree attitude and just jokes around with his nakamas. In maximum situations, he just has a chill attitude and is not afraid of the consequences of his actions in the future. He also is a great food lover especially Niku(meat). He just eats the hell out of the food, Sanji makes.

But these traits of him don’t make his crew distrust him even slightly. They have unwavering faith and loyalty towards him. Luffy is a great captain who always protects his crew members from any kind of harm and is a very dependable person the members can rely on. For the crew, Luffy is the best captain they can ever have.

2. Goku from Dragonball


Son GOKU, also called Kakarot is the main character of the whole Dragonball series. He is one of Earth’s strongest protectors and is a very hardworking character.

But his personality is just opposed to it, as he has a very childlike behavior with very little maturity. He just takes everything easily, not thinking about the results. Due to his naïve behavior, he is somewhat considered stupid by people.

Goku acts all the time based purely on his instincts, he never had anything planned that he had to do. That’s why he is also considered dumb in addition to his lack of intelligence.

In spite of all these things, Goku has a very pure heart that just tries to help others. Due to their compassionate nature of his, many enemies later became his friends. He just changes the people around him with his innocent and loving behavior.

Goku is the strongest character in this series who works hard and relentlessly to get stronger and protect others. He continues to fight stronger enemies to this date also. He has prevented not only the Earth but also the whole universe from getting destroyed.

And we all know that when it comes to power and strength, there are very very few characters in the whole animeverse who can rival Goku.

3. Gintoki from Gintama


Gintoki Sakata is the main character of this comedic and action full anime Gintama. He is a very lazy and boring person who always acts like a dumb person. His personality is full of selfishness, greedy and wastes his savings in doing gambling and other things. He doesn’t put effort into anything due to which he is struggling from poverty and is unable to pay the rent of his house also.

Gintoki is a guy full of sarcasm and enjoys joking all the time with his friends. In many arcs, he is considered as a coward and comedy full man with him being a total jerk. He does anything he wishes and can be compared to as the jack of all trades but is extremely lazy in nature.

He runs a small business called the Yorozuya where he is the president. His friends like Shimura and Kagura also help him to run the business. They take all kinds of jobs available in return for a small amount of money.

Despite all these facts, Gintoki is a skilled samurai who at many times protected others and was ready to die for them. He values the connection between the people more than anything. He helps the people who are weaker than him.

4. Naruto (KID) from Naruto

Naruto (KID)

Uzumaki Naruto is a well-known shinobi of Konoha who has the power of a nine-tailed fox trapped in him. Due to this power, he was discriminated against by all the people in his village.

Although Naruto is a very hardworking character who seems to make other people know his importance, he acts like a fool sometimes. He trusts people too much and just acts out of his own will.

From the start of this series, we have seen him as a boy who has done numerous activities out for fun. He was very weak in his studies and was devoid of the basic principles of ninjutsu.

He always goes to fight with someone stronger than him and ultimately gets beaten by them. He can even be forgetful about some important things at the time. Naruto too had a perverted side to him, which we have seen during class time when he demonstrated his ninjutsu. He also tried to seduce other people by changing into a girl.

Although Naruto had these traits, he can be considered one of the most encouraging and motivational characters in the anime world. In the process of growing up, many of his bad habits were changed and he ultimately became a refined and powerful shinobi.

Naruto’s wish was that he wanted to be acknowledged by others and be the Hokage of Konoha.

5. Mob from Mob Psycho 100


Mob whose real name is Shigeo Kageyama is a student at Salt Middle School currently studying his third year. He is also the vice president of the body improvement club. His strong psychic powers mainly come from the negative emotions he possesses so he keeps his emotions in check.

By his first appearance, anyone would think of him as a fool, as he is a childish and socially awkward boy who is very introverted. He trusts others very much and doesn’t like to use his extraordinary powers against anyone. He also doesn’t like the thought of getting this psychic power.

Mob had a naïve sense surrounding him where he doesn’t know the cruelty the real world possesses as he was grown up in a loving family. Due to this, he had undergone training to make himself better. He would try to reason out with the villains before fighting them so that he would not have to use his power.

Though Mob would like a cartoon with a nonexpressing face, when he uses his psychic powers, he changes into a different person. His eyes would glow; his hair would become spiky and could use a massive amount of power through it.

6. Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins


Meliodas, who is considered the Dragon’s sin of wrath and the captain of Seven Deadly Sins is the main character of this story.

His title is the sin of Wrath but in reality, he is a very calm and carefree person by his appearance. He just has a chill attitude in his life. He is very frank in nature and cracks jokes most of the time. 

Meliodas can be considered a simple-minded, cool, and dumb character at the beginning of the series. He too has a very perverted side to him as we have seen in the series.

He has a very naïve side to him and is very innocent in nature. At times, he becomes very dumb when it comes to certain topics. 

But in the latter half of this series, we have seen Meliodas justifying the sin of Wrath title of his. He showed his extreme rage and power when his friends are hurt in any way. He cares for his friend very much and is very dependable in nature. Afterward, we came to know that he was also the captain of the Ten Commandments previously. He never shows his weakness in front of others and encourages his companions in every way.

7. Yato from Noragami

7. Yato from Noragami

Yato is the main protagonist of this series Noragami where he thinks of himself as the God of Fortune but in reality, he was the God of Calamity.

Though the title ‘GOD’ doesn’t match his appearance and his behaviors. His first appearance was like a house worker who would do anything for money.

He is a very childish person and is very naïve at times. Yato couldn’t confer his emotions in a straightforward way and becomes gullible at times. 

His wish is to have a shrine built for him and become a successful God by gaining followers, but he never acts like he is a God or something. He acts like a normal and ordinary person who just income through his work. 

Despite having these traits, in the past, he was one of the strongest Gods who is known for his cruel nature. But due to some incidents, he changed his way of thinking and became a peaceful person like today. But now even if someone tries to hurt his friends, he would show his true rage and how powerful he can be. He has a very caring heart for his friends and his friends too trust him very much.

8. Glenn from Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor


Glenn Radars is the main character of this story and also the professor of class 2 at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. 

His personality is full of laziness, and shamelessness, and is always a nuisance to others. To be exact, he has a totally annoying and troublesome personality.

Glenn is leading a poverty life where he wants to earn money without giving any effort. He spends all his savings on gambling and other useless things. His main objective is to have a nice sleep all day long. 

But Glenn was actually a former assassin who goes by the name ‘The Fool’. He is considered one of the greatest magician killers but due to some incidents, he decided to quit that life.

Glenn is also serious about education and watches over his student’s capabilities which makes him very much dependable in nature. His fighting skills depend upon who he is fighting with, if the opponent was not skilled enough then he would have a carefree match. But in case his opponent was competent enough then he would have a serious side to him.

9. Licht from Plunderer


Sakai Rihito who goes by the name of Licht Bach is the main male protagonist of the series Plunderer. He is also known as the “Flash Baron” and is one of the 7 legendary red barons.

Although his title consists of the word ‘legendary’, his actions don’t justify the title. He is very energetic in his way and has very comical behavior. His first appearance was when he was dressed up in the disguise of a fool. 

Licht was very perverted in nature as we have seen throughout the whole series. He is rejected by all the girls he proposed to and is hated by them due to his perverted actions.

Licht always tried to hide his true power and act like a fool, but he couldn’t watch anyone suffer which just made him show his insane power. He roams around in disguise to conceal his identity of being a Baron.

But he turns into a different character when he uses his Ballot as there we can see his true form of him. The amount of intense rage and bloodlust to kill all his enemies is just a different side of him in contrast to being a friendly person. He helps others and can be very supportive.

10. Hachiman from Oregairu


Hachiman Hikigaya who is a student of Class 2F at Sobu High School is the main protagonist of the series Oregairu. He is also one of the members of his school’s service club. Their main job is to lend a hand to other clubs or persons and provide services to them.

Hachiman is a very dull, boring, and lazy person who seems to hate the youth phase of his life. He doesn’t like the ideas of cheery talks, friendships, or relationships that much. He always ignores everything around him and is socially very awkward. 

Hachiman has no friends in his class due to his behavior and is usually a loner. He takes pride in doing everything by himself and not asking anyone for help. 

But when he joined the service club, he was becoming more useful to others and shared his ideas and thoughts in doing work efficiently. Often, when someone faces any problem, he used to come up with a solution without thinking about the problems he would face. So, yes, he can be very dependable in nature too as we have seen in the whole series.


So, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about the Top MCs who acts like a fool but is very dependable in nature.

These all MCs possess a dual personality to them and take action according to the incidents. They can be too friendly and carefree as an ordinary guy. And at the same time, they can be too powerful and extraordinary.

 I’m sure that you will like each of the MCs and their story with their traits. Don’t forget to mention in the comments, the one you liked the most. As always, see you soon in my next article.


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