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Who does Denji end up with in Chainsaw Man (1)

Who does Denji end up with in Chainsaw Man?

Although Chainsaw Man is not a romance manga, we have often seen Shounen Series’ have romantic subplots to form deeper connections between its male and female characters. With Chainsaw Man having an abundance of females and Denji’s only purpose in life seeming to be motivated by lust, one would think that a romantic ending for …

All Chainsaw Man Characters Age, DOB,

All Chainsaw Man Characters Height, Age, Birthday

Chainsaw Man is one of the best shonen manga and anime series at the moment. Fans are absolutely loving this new series since it is quite wholesome and the characters are loveable. In addition to this, the animation quality is quite good and the series is packed with action sequences, and uncensored scenes making it …

Can Chainsaw Man Die?

Can Chainsaw Man Die?

With his superior physique, heightened senses, chainsaw powers, enhanced healing, and a variety of more abilities, it seems like quite a task to defeat Chainsaw Man in the first place. In an earlier battle, it took for a coalition between the Death, War, Hunger, and Control Devils known as the Four Horsemen along with the …

Can Hybrids Die in Chainsaw Man (1)

Can Hybrids Die in Chainsaw Man?

A hybrid is a being that exists due to a fusion between a Devil and a Human. The only known method for this to happen is for a contract to be formed between the human and Devil. Hybrids have the unique feature of having the appearance of their Human counterpart while being able to use …

Can Aki Come Back to life? Is Aki Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? 

Can Aki Come Back to life? Is Aki Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? 

The deuteragonist of Chainsaw Man, Aki quickly became a big hit with the fans due to his development from a revenge-seeking emotionless machine to a person who showed growth and eventually feelings of friendship and loyalty towards Denji and Power. So following his trauma-inducing and tragic death at the hands of his friend, Denji, it …

Chainsaw Man Have Romance

Does Chainsaw Man Have Romance?

Chainsaw Man has its fair share of female characters and with the main character who looks extremely cool with his Chainsaw appearance, it seemed almost tailored to have romantic developments which could even eventually develop into a harem, but fans of Fujimoto’s work know that he does anything but go the stereotypical route. While it …

What is Chainsaw Man Anime About

What is Chainsaw Man Anime About?

Chainsaw Man tells the story of Denji, a young boy who struggles to make his way through life through a debt that was passed on to him by his deceased father. The world of Chainsaw Man is filled with existences known as Devils who prey on people’s fears and are the cause of the tragedy. …

Does Makima Like Denji?

Does Makima Like Denji and Ended up Together in the manga?

The short answer to this question is NO. In Chainsaw Man, Denji did not end up with Makima. When we take a more in-depth look into this, we see that her feelings are a lot more complicated regarding their relationship. It is easy to mistake her actions towards Denji as an implication of love early on …


Why is the Chainsaw Devil so strong?

While the title of the manga is Chainsaw man, at first glance it does not seem like he would be the strongest person in his own show. With existences such as a Control Devil, Gun Devil, and even a Darkness Devil, it seems unlikely for a Devil with the appearance of a Chainsaw to take …