Who is Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man?

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Angel Devil

Enjeru or angel devil is a devil in the world of chainsaw man who embodies the fear of angels. He serves as Public Safety Devil Hunter.



Angel Devil can embody the characteristics of an angel. Angel is a young androgynous male who wears a dress code assigned by the Public Safety division. His hair is short shoulder length which is red in color in the official colored manga. The large angelic wings on his back capture attention vividly. There is also a halo floating above his head. It gets difficult to identify gender because of androgynous characteristics. In this article, we will consider him as a ‘male’.


Angel Devil Personality

As he is the vessel for both an Angel and a Devil so his character is very complex, nuanced, and interesting. Like every other, there is a contrast in his character, Angel Devil seems to be more dismissive of humans than hating them all. 

He himself says that he wants to be a devil rather than an angel but his actions are completely opposite. He is harsh enough to accept that humans deserve to die painfully but when it comes to actions, his actions are the complete opposite, seen in chapter 41.

He can be seen comforting people who need help or people who are close to death, which is the opposite of what he says.

Though he is the second strongest person in Special Division 4, he is often held by his personality. He is lazy up to the point where he claims that he would die rather than fight, seen in chapter 34.

He is very rebellious, he doesn’t like to obey orders from his superiors and doesn’t want to fight especially when the fight involves the use of his abilities.

Strength & Abilities

 Strength & Abilities


His body is very durable and sturdy and his body can handle high impact punches with little to no damage. The wings on his back are strong enough to deflect bullets, seen in chapter 34. Just like every other devil he can regain his strength by drinking blood. This gives him an additional boost in endurance which gives him an edge in the battle.


All the devils who die in the human world are revived in hell and if they die in hell they appear in human the world.


In the world of chainsaw man, devils can make contracts with humans. Humans can get a taste of devils’ power in exchange for something precious or by making a sacrifice. As an angel is a devil he can also have the ability to make contracts with humans. To this day we don’t have any information if Devil Angel has made a contract with anyone or not.

Skilled weapons handler

Angel Devil power wepon skill

It is show that Angel Devil has the ability to use a wide variety of weapons, seen in manga. As seen in chapter 60, he can use swords efficiently as he managed to defeat multiple targets with a single blow. He is also seen to handle the spear with great precision as he even hits the target from the rooftops.

Lifespan Absorption

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Just by mere simple touch Angel Devil can absorb life from human beings. This absorption of life is a painless process irrespective of any amount he chose to absorb. By absorbing life he gets the ability to form his own powerful supernatural weapons.

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