What is Hybrid in Chainsaw Man?

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Hybrid in Chainsaw Man

In the world of Chainsaw Man, a human can fuse with the devil and can become a hybrid. As of now the only known method of becoming a hybrid is by making a contract. Just like mortal humans, hybrids have human appearance and awareness but can convert into a human devil hybrid and can use the abilities of their fused devils. Any official name given to hybrids was erased by the Chainsaw Devil but they still continue to exist even after the eradication and the reasons are unknown. They look exactly like humans when they’re in their normal form.

Till now there are 8 known hybrids: Katana, Chainsaw, Bomb, Spear, Flamethrower, Whip, Crossbow, and Longsword. All of them are collectively known as Weapon Humans, discluding Chainsaw and they were members of Special Division 5 and worked under the supervision of Makima.

Usually, these hybrids remain in their human form until the transformation, they also have the ability to turn back to their devil form under special conditions.


Denji & Pochita

Their primary ability is the transformation into devil form fused with their devil form. There are certain actions that may act as triggers for the transformation to take place. For reference, Denji pulls Pochita’s tail like a start cord for a chainsaw, Reze pulls the pin from her neck just like pulling the pin from a grenade. After transformation, their respective abilities like speed, strength, and agility increase, and they also gain the powers of their devils.

Transformation usually changes the head and arms but anyone with skill transformation can convert their legs into weapons.

As they are fused with the devils they can restore their health by consuming the blood. Their regenerating ability is unbounded and they can regenerate with the optimum amount of blood, they can even regenerate if their head is butchered and their heart is removed from their body. In case of lack of blood, the transformation will stop midway and the transformation will not happen even if they try it again. 

These hybrids can make contracts with devils just like humans. It is shown that Denji made a contract with the Blood Devil even after already having a contract with Pochita, but it is still unclear whether it was a contract or just a verbal conversation.

List of Hybrids

Unnamed Hybrids-

  • Longsword Devil
  • Flamethrower Devil
  • Spear Devil
  • Whip Devil
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