Can Aki Come Back to life? Is Aki Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? 

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Can Aki Come Back to life? Is Aki Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? 

The deuteragonist of Chainsaw Man, Aki quickly became a big hit with the fans due to his development from a revenge-seeking emotionless machine to a person who showed growth and eventually feelings of friendship and loyalty towards Denji and Power. So following his trauma-inducing and tragic death at the hands of his friend, Denji, it was understandable that fans were left heartbroken and wondering whether there was any possible way in which he could return to the series.

Unfortunately, to add to the disappointment of fans, as of this moment there has been no way or alternative revealed in the CSM universe through which Aki could return. Aki was not a hybrid like Denji but a Fiend which meant that his body was in essence at the mercy of the Devil which possessed it, which in this case was the Gun Devil.

Who Killed Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Following the battle between Makima and the Devil Hunters which Aki was part of and the Gun Devil, it was implied that Makima defeated the Gun Devil and allowed it to take control of Aki’s body in a further bid to destroy Denji mentally. It is an extremely sorry state to see Aki in which he became the very thing he swore to destroy, as the Gun Devil had been the main cause of the demise of Aki’s family.

What we understand from this is that Aki was already in a state of coma when the Gun Devil possessed him with having no control of his body and merely his mind being left intact. Once Denji killed the fiend, the Gun Devil returned to hell and Aki was dead since up till then he was just a puppet being controlled on a string by the Devil and went to being a corpse once it left his body.

Is Aki Really Dead in Chainsaw Man?

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Yes; Although the fight was not shown in its entirety, it is implied that Makima defeated the Gun Devil and allowed it to possess Aki’s body. Later, Aki became a Gun Fiend and appeared in front of his own apartment. In the end, he was defeated by Denji’s Chainsaw Devil.

Will Aki return after being killed?

Aki won’t return since he died as a Fiend, not a Devil.

Only Devils can reincarnate on Earth. As the Gun Devil took over Aki’s body, it will be the Gun Devil who returns. The Gun Devil will not remember his past lives, which is a good thing.

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1 year ago

Heartbreaking news but i agree with your reasons and aki can’t come back

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