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Reze is one of the main antagonists of the anime franchise,  Chainsaw Man. She is also known as ‘Lady Reze’ or ‘Ms. Reze’.

She is a hybrid of the soviet union and the Bomb Devil. We saw her first in Bomb Girl Arc and she was also featured in the Control Devil Arc.

Reze Wiki

SPECIESHuman (formerly)
OCCUPATIONSpy (formerly)
Waitress (formerly)

How old is Reze CSM?

Reze is 20 years. But her official age is not confirmed.

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Reze Height

Unknown. But She looks like 5″3.


Human Form


She’s a teenager with having slender body structure. Her eyes are emerald-green in color and her hair is shoulder length. She wears a choker when she is around civilians to hide her grenade pin which she pulls in order to transform.

She was first seen wearing a loose shirt with a bell design on her front and backpack. When she’s at work at a cafe crossroad she wears an apron.

Reze Devil Form

Devil Form

When she is transformed her head is a black airship-shaped structure with multiple fins at the end. This look of her greatly resembles an atomic bomb. Her teeth are notably angular and sharp and are always visible. The fuses of the bomb cover her arms like a sleeve.


reze Personality

At the start, Reze is shown to have an innocent personality, she works at a cafe. Reze is shown as a kind girl who has developed a crush on Denji. She laughs at the jokes made by Denji and she’s also not afraid to get close to Denji.

As the story progresses her true character is revealed. She was just trying to get close to Denji. Her blushing around Denji resulted from military training from a very young age. She doesn’t enjoy harming people and she even avoids killing people if it is not required in her mission. She even shows respect to her cafe owner.

Strength & Abilities

Reze Devil Form

Lady Reze is the Bomb Devil so her power revolves around uses and power regarding bombs.

She can use a bomb explosion to fire herself in the air and the spot where she lands is also crushed, as seen in chapter 44. This ability helps her in running quickly in mid-air.

She can release a beam which can be very explosive too with just her touch and she is also capable of landing explosive punches.

Speed & Combat

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As seen in chapter 46 she easily dodges the Fox devil with her devil form. She is as fast as a car and she can even outrun it simply by running or by her jumps.


As she has this explosive ability, to compensate for the damage that she does to her body she also has a regeneration ability.

She can quickly regenerate her head and upper part of her arm, her entire lower body by transformation. As seen in chapter 50 she was able to regenerate her right leg by drinking the blood of the Typhoon devil but in chapter 48 she regenerated her arm without drinking anyone’s blood.

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Who is Reze chainsaw man?

Reze is one of the main antagonists of the anime franchise,  Chainsaw Man. She is also known as ‘Lady Reze’ or ‘Ms. Reze’.

What Devil is Reze?

Reze is the Bomb Devil. We saw her first in Bomb Girl Arc and she was also featured in the Control Devil Arc.

When does Reze Appear in Chainsaw Man manga?

We first saw Reze at Chapter 40, Bomb Girl Arc.

Reze Chainsaw Man Age?

Reze is the Bomb Devil, a hybrid from the Soviet Union sent to steal Chainsaw Man’s heart. Her date of birth is on October 15th.

what chapter does reze appear

At chapter 40 in Chainsaw Man Manga.

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How can you say she’s 20 years old then proceed to say she’s a teenager?????

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The article has since been corrected. Thanks for letting us know!

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Ethen White
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Reze is my favorite 🥰

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