Who does Denji end up with in Chainsaw Man?

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Who does Denji end up with in Chainsaw Man (1)

Although Chainsaw Man is not a romance manga, we have often seen Shounen Series’ have romantic subplots to form deeper connections between its male and female characters. With Chainsaw Man having an abundance of females and Denji’s only purpose in life seeming to be motivated by lust, one would think that a romantic ending for his character would be inevitable. The only question would be which of the many girls would actually end up with him.

Himeno kissed Denji

Would it be Himeno-who stole his first kiss, Power– whose relationship with Denji seemed platonic but could evolve further at any point, Makima – who changed Denji’s life and who Denji also seems to have feelings for, Reze- who was a fan-favorite match for Denji due to their wholesome relationship with the potential to develop into love, or would it have a harem ending?

Unfortunately, Fujimoto does not seem to want to satisfy the love-starved section of his fan base since as of now Denji does not end up with anyone in the manga. While the series is far from finished, it seems that none of the potential love interests who people had a lot of theories about would end up with Denji since a majority of them are either dead or have had their memories erased.

Asa Mitaka

Denji craves fame, stardom, and a girlfriend so it is highly likely for him to get his happy ending by the time this is all over. If it is from the existing girls, then Kobeni seems like the only choice since she is one of the rare few that survived with her memories intact. Or will it be the new introduction to the series, Asa Mitaka who seems to hold a grudge against Chainsaw Man but we have seen time and time again how hate turns to love in such instances?

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