What is the White Room in the Classroom of the Elite?

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What is the White Room in the Classroom of the Elite

In Classroom of the Elite season 1 episode 6, when Horikita asked Ayanokoji who he was, there was a flashback of Ayanokoji’s past: Ayanokoji was standing in line with other children in a white color room. This room is called the White Room. But the question is What is the White room and why Ayanokoji was there? What is the purpose of the white room? Here we will discuss everything about the white room.

What is the White Room?

The White Room is a secret educational facility. You can also call it a research center where the faculty members have engaged in research about children to make them perfect human beings through various experiments and a rigorous education system.

The White Room was established 20 years ago, founded, and headed by Professor Ayanokoji. In spite of this, the institution was temporarily shut down for a year. As a result, Kiyotaka was able to escape and take refuge at the Advanced Nurturing High School.

What is the Purpose of the White Room?

What is the Purpose of the White Room?

The main purpose of the White Room is to nurture children from birth, through a complete education system and a high-facility research program routine. It’s not an easy process as sometimes children have to go through extreme pain and suffering.

But in the end, those who survive the process, are one step ahead in the race to become geniuses. Another purpose of this room is to prove that rare genes alone do not produce highly intelligent people, the environment where we are raised can break the limits of humanity which was decided by our genetics.

So basically they are trying to create the environment to mass produce geniuses so they can help the nation to grow stronger in all categories like sports, education, military, etc.

How does The White Room work?

How does The White Room work (1)

Like general education institutions, the White Room also has students’ class division which is called generations. There is a total of 19 generations of students, each generation is formed annually. Our main protagonist, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is from the 4th generation which is famous for its toughest and cruel courses.

Each generation of students is taught by different leaders and receives corresponding education. After that, it will be evaluated and verified which group had the most effective learning. Hundreds of children have been trained under the White Room’s education system.

Although every student studies under the same roof, none of them know each other’s names. Children of different generations wouldn’t have been able to see each other.

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