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Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy, also known as Straw Hat Luffy, is the protagonist of the manga and anime One Piece. He is one of the finest combatants and the captain of the feared and formidable Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy’s dream is to become the next Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure of One Piece. In his opinion, being Pirate King means having the greatest freedom.

To achieve his dreams Luffy set sail as a pirate to find the great treasure at the end of the grand line. He is a cheerful and optimistic person. Flamboyant, whimsical, energetic, kind, and, extroverted. His favorite food is meat and he is in love with adventures.

Luffy is still on the journey to becoming a great pirate. Catch up to him while you can!

Luffy Wiki

Monkey D. Luffy Wiki
Japanese Nameモンキー・Dディー・ルフィ (Monki Di Rufi)
Official English NameMonkey D. Luffy
Also Known NameLucy (Dressrosa)
Luffy-tarou (Wano)
Straw Hat Luffy ( World Government)
EpithetStraw Hat Luffy (Mugiwara no Rufi)
DebutChapter 1
Episode 1
OriginEast Blue
ResidenceFoosha Village
AffiliationsStraw Hat Pirates
Four Emperors
OccupationsPirate Captain
Age7 (debut)
17 (pre-timeskip)
19 (post-timeskip)
BirthdayMay 5th
Blood TypeF
Devil FruitGomu Gomu no Mi

Spoiler Alert

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece


Kid Luffy Appearance

Round black eyes, black shaggy hair, and a lean physique are all physical features of Luffy.

He is well known for his distinctive straw hat, which Gol D. Roger gave to the famed pirate captain “Red-Haired” Shanks, who in turn gave it to Luffy when he was a just little boy.

Luffy is usually seen wearing a red vest with no sleeves, sandals, and blue shorts with cuffs.

Lufy has a cut just below his left eye with two stitches which Luffy did to himself just to prove to Shanks that he was tough and not frightened of pain.

He also has a huge X-shaped scar on his chest which Luffy got in the Summit War of Marineford when he was severely hurt by Akainu.

Pre Timeskip

Pre Timeskip Luffy Appearance

Throughout most of the series, Luffy wears the same outfit as most of his male crewmates (Exception of Nami and Robin).

When Luffy is on an island, he will often wear a different outfit to suit the climate but will switch back to his signature red vest and blue shorts later.

Eiichiro Oda said in 37 Volume SBS, that Luffy does not know how to dress stylishly.

Post Timeskip

Pre Timeskip vs POst Time Skip Luffy

Since those two years ago, a few things have changed. Luffy is wearing a long-sleeved, open, crimson cardigan with four buttons. He has gained a little height and appears a lot more muscular thanks to his intense training.


Luffy Personality

The three characteristics that define Luffy are – his complete lack of fear, steadfast self-confidence, and apparent lack of common sense.

He typically follows his own agenda and avoids engaging in sensitive or nuanced conversation. Being impulsive and infantile, Luffy’s personality might be compared to that of a child.

Luffy has a strong need for adventure, which he has stated is the key factor in his desire to become Pirate King. Until he locates One Piece on his own, he has no intention of trying to figure out what or where it is.

He rarely takes anything seriously and tackles events with a relaxed attitude.

Luffy knows who he must fight before the combat even begins. For example, it has been said numerous times that his instinct and actions are akin to those of a wild animal.

This is evident in every aspect of his fighting, as he counterattacks and relies on instincts, which are consistent with his worldview.

In general, Luffy is naive to the point of being stupid. Even while he occasionally takes things very seriously, as during fights or major interpersonal issues, he typically approaches most things in a clear, easy manner.

How old is Luffy?

Luffy Age and Height

Luffy was introduced in One Piece as a fresh-faced 7-year-old boy. He accidentally consumes the Devil Fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi, and it turns Luffy’s body into rubber, allowing him to stretch it as he pleases. However, as a side effect of his new powers, Luffy is no longer able to swim.

After leaving his childhood home in Windmill Village, Luffy is 17 years old when One Piece begins. Luffy finally sets out to find Shanks and the legendary “One Piece” treasure after years of dreaming. It is mostly Luffy at this age that is featured in fan content, complete with his recognizable straw hat and red vest.

At one point in One Piece, the Straw Hat pirates experience a time jump. After episode 516 of the One Piece anime, two years pass. Each member of the crew got a drastic rise in power without requiring a lot of filler material.

Abilities and Powers

Luffy's Abilities and Powers

Contrary to what his size would imply, Luffy possesses legendary levels of strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, and vitality. He can perform feats that would be physically impossible for a normal human and survive dangers that most people would consider unsurvivable without the aid of his Devil Fruit powers.

In his role as captain, Luffy has the most control over a team of ever-more powerful and diverse characters, most of whom are incredibly powerful in their own right.

Luffy has repeatedly demonstrated his physical prowess and has grown to have a level of strength that rivals the strongest fighters in the world.

As a young child, Luffy’s grandfather Garp abandoned him in the wilderness, tied him to balloons so he would float away, or threw him into a bottomless pit, among other harsh and unconventional training methods. He also underwent several years of additional rigorous training in the extremely harsh environments of Mt. Colubo and Rusukaina.

By using his Devil Fruit-enhanced transformation abilities, known as Gears, Luffy has significantly increased his physical strength and been able to defeat strong adversaries like Blueno, Rob Lucci, and Donquixote Doflamingo. He used a single Gear 3 punch to eliminate a Marine from the Giant Squad.

Luffy can also use psychology to strengthen his physical form. When Jango unintentionally entranced Luffy to make him stronger, he went on a rampage and tore the figurehead and stem off the Black Cat Pirates’ ship.

Luffy is incredibly quick, agile, and reflexive. Despite being pushed to the ground, he managed to rapidly hop onto a neighboring mast to escape a point-blank explosion that occurred during his battle with Foxy. He has incredible stamina thanks to his strength of character and willpower.

Luffy accidentally consumed the Gomu Gomu no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, when he was 7 years old after discovering it in a chest belonging to the Red Hair Pirates. It endows his body with rubber-like qualities that enable him to stretch, bounce, bend, twist, and inflate his body at will.

After ten years of training on Dawn Island, Luffy was able to control his stretching, and he further improved it during the two years he spent training with Silvers Rayleigh on Rusukaina.

By spinning and twirling his body parts, Luffy can increase the power of his attacks. He has the ability to inhale a lot of air, expanding his torso to the size of a balloon. His enlarged belly significantly improves his resilient defense and his capacity to deflect blows. Additionally, it prevents him from sinking if he is submerged.

This significantly boosts his power and movement speed, enabling him to easily outpace Tekkai method practitioners and Soru technique users alike in this state.

Enies Lobby was where Gear 2 originally appeared. Luffy speeds up his blood flow and can handle the strain because his blood arteries and organs are made of rubber. This enables his body to be supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. This significantly boosts his ability to move quickly and powerfully, as in this form he is capable of outpacing practitioners of the Soru method and exceeding the Tekkai technique’s defenses.

After the time skip, Luffy has demonstrated that he has more control over it and can activate Gear 2 in any specific portion of his body. Initially, he did this by pumping blood via his legs to activate the effect across his entire body.

Because of their friendship with Luffy and their participation in almost all of his exploits, the Straw Hats have all amassed an enormous reputation. As a result, ten members have received a remarkable total bounty of 4,661,100, ranging from 100 to 3,000,000,000.

Since they feel they could not be anywhere else than aboard their ship with their captain, their celebrity and repute have deepened their relationship with him.

When giving them orders, Luffy treats all of them equally and is constantly appreciative of the assistance his buddies give him. Being able to have complete faith in his crew mates’ talents in any situation is one of Luffy’s abilities to succeed.

Monkey D. Luffy’s Bounty

Luffy Bounty Poster

In the beginning, the World Government did not pay much attention to Luffy since he was a relatively new pirate. However, each time Luffy and his crew accomplish an outrageous feat, their opinions of him changed.

Bounty NumberBounty AmountWhy RecivedEpisode
Luffy’s First Bounty30,000,000 (30Million) BerriesDefeating top pirates of East Blue; Buggy, Don Krieg, and Arlong45th episode
Second Bounty100,000,000 (100Million) BerriesDefeating Crocodile of the Shichibukai.Episode 151
Third Bounty300,000,000 (300Million) BerriesDefeating Blueno and Rob Lucci and for declaring war against the World Government.320th episode
Fourth Bounty400,000,000 (400 Million) BerriesParticipate in Marineford WarEP. 548
Fifth Bounty500,000,000 (500 Million) BerriesDefeating Donquixote Doflamingo681st episode
Sixth Bounty1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion) BerriesInvading Big Mom’s territory, defeating two of her CommandersEpisode 879
Seventh Bounty3000,000,000 Berries
(3 Billion Berries)
Defeating Kaido and becoming a yonko.Coming Soon
Manga Chapter 1053


Luffy's Relationships

Unlike other pirate leaders, Luffy regards his crew as total equals and does not force any sense of superiority upon them.

He is without a doubt the most laid-back of them all and is mostly in charge of ensuring that his team has fun while traveling.

He is the life of any party they attend and manages to make everyone smile even during the most trying of circumstances. When necessary, he is willing to relinquish his position of power.

Luffy has a tendency to put his crew in grave danger, but he does so out of complete faith in both his and their talents, not out of any contempt for their life. If the occasion demands it, he takes on the task of safeguarding each and every member of his crew.

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