100 Unresolved Mysteries In One Piece That Need to be Solved in The Final Saga

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As time passes every great thing comes to an end. After 25 years of dominating the Japanese manga market, the longest-running manga of Shonen Jump One Piece also confirmed its Final Saga. Though it reaches the final saga many secrets remain hidden and keep increasing. So we will list the 100 unresolved mysteries in One Piece that need to be resolved. Without further delay let’s get started:

Top 100 Unresolved Mysteries In One Piece

  1. What is the treasure ‘One Piece?
  2. What is the Void Century?
  3. What is the Will of D.?
  4. What happened in the Ancient Kingdom 800 years ago?
  5. Does the Ancient Kingdon still exist?
    Ancient Kingdon
  6. What is the origin of Devil Fruits?
  7. Who is Dr.Vegapunk? (Revealed in Manga)
  8. Who is Imu?
  9. What is the Voice of All Things?
  10. What is the Giant Straw Hat in Mariejois?
  11. Where is Laugh Tale?
  12. Why did Roger Pirates Laugh after seeing the Treasure?
  13. Why was Roger early to reach Laugh Tale?
  14. What is the God Valley incident?
  15. Where is the God Valley?
  16. What is Lodestar island?
  17. Where is the All Blue?
  18. Where is the Final Poneglyph?
  19. What is the Oni Race?
  20. What happened to the Three-Eyed Tribe?
  21. Who is Rocks D. Xebec?
  22. Is Xebec really dead?
    rocks d xebec
  23. What is the use of the Ancient Weapon Pluton and Uranus?
  24. What were the Giant silhouettes we saw in the Florian Triangle?
  25. Why is it always day in the Enies Lobby?
  26. What is the Bridge in Tequila Wolf and Where is it connected?
  27. How was the Red Line created?
  28. When will Shanks and Luffy meet?
  29. How will Luffy destroy Fishman Island?
  30. Why did JoyBoy say sorry to Poseidon?
  31. Why there will be a Great War when someone finds One Piece?
  32. Why was Zunesha punished for walking forever?
  33. Who was JoyBoy 800 Years ago?
  34. What is Roger and Luffy’s true dream that was muted by Oda?
  35. How many Gods are there in the One Piece world?
  36. Where is the land of Giants Elbaf?
  37. Who is Loki?
  38. Where is the Adam tree?
  39. Who is Luffy’s Mother?
  40. Who is Yamato’s Mother?
  41. What are Shanks’ true identity and goal?
  42. What did Shanks ask Roger after returning from Laugh Tale?
    What did Shanks ask Roger after returning from Laugh Tale?
  43. Did Shanks know about the truth of the Nika Nika no Mi?
  44. How did BlackBeard eat 2 Devil Fruits?
  45. How many Devil Fruits can BlackBeard consume together?
  46. Why Marshal D. Teach does not sleep?
  47. What is BlackBeard’s connection to Xebec?
  48. What is BlackBeard doing right now in the story?
  49. What is the treasure of Marie-Geoise that Doflamoingo spoke about?
  50. What is the World government’s secret weapon SSG?
  51. What is the Marine Sword Group?
  52. Is Garp the Leader of the Sword Group?
  53. Why did Aokiji leave the Marines?
  54. Who is the man with the Burned  Scar?
  55. Why was Mihawk called Marine Hunter?
  56. What is the power and impact of Monkey D. Dragon?
  57. Why is Dragon the most heinous criminal?
  58. Where is Emerald city that is compared to Skypiea?
  59. How can non-living beings eat Devil Fruits?
  60. What is the Identity of the Gorosei?
  61. How is Jewellery Bonney connected to Kuma?
  62. Where are Sabo and Vivi?
  63. Did Sabo really kill King Cobra?
  64. Why is World Government trying to create Giants?
  65. What is Shanks’ connection to Gorosei?
  66. What is the  Revolutionary Army’s Goal?
  67. Where are the rest of the Roger Pirates Crew?
  68. What was the big egg on the Oro Jackson?
  69. What happened to the rest of the Xebec Pirate Crew?
  70. What do the 6 moons in the Ohara library represent?
    6 moons in the Ohara
  71. How is the moon related to One Piece?
  72. Where are Shiki and his Crew?
  73. How did Orochi’s grandma Kurozumi Higurashi know Shiki?
  74. Who was the previous user of Ope Ope no Mi?
  75. Who received the Immortal Surgery of the Ope Ope no Mi?
  76. What is Lady Toki’s true Identity?
  77. Why did Lady Toki come to the future from 800 Years ago?
  78. Who was the last user of Toki Toki no Mi?
  79. Is Lady Toki genuinely dead?
  80. Zoro and Shimotsuki Village’s connection with Wano?
  81. What happened to Zoro’s left eye?
  82. What is the secret of Crocodile that only Ivankov knows?
  83. Why did Kuma become the slave of the World Government?
  84. Why does the World Government ruled by the Celestial Dragons even though they are weak?
  85. Why is Buggy so weak and Shanks the strongest even though both came from Roger’s crew?
  86. What is the Amiudake mushroom that can cure any disease?
  87. What happened to Boa Hancock and Weevil?
  88.  Is Moria really Dead?
  89. What is the “Blood Snake”?
  90. Will any Straw Hat except Luffy awaken their Devil Fruits?
  91. When will Straw Hat Grand Fleet return?
  92. Will there be a fight between Luffy, Law, and Kid?
  93. Will Yamato ever leave Wano and be Free?
  94. Why was Yamato’s Devil Fruit called the Guardian Deity of Wano?
  95. What is the Captain John’s Treasure?
  96. Who were Silver Axe and Ochoku in Xebec’s Crew?
  97. When will Usopp and Yasopp meet?
  98. Will Koby ever be the Admiral?
  99. What is the importance of Urouge in the final as we never saw him do anything?
  100. Will we ever see any other Bounty Hunters in the series?
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