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Akagami Shanks

To every One Piece fan, this is a topic that is always a burning question. Shanks is the most mystifying and fan-favorite character in the verse of One Piece. In this article, we are going to analyze and try to solve some mysteries regarding Shanks.

All the mysteries regarding Shanks have been left unresolved. So as we are entering the Final Saga we thought to predict or try to resolve some of those mysteries. From his very birth to his background and his plans all are very strongly hidden by author Eiichiro Oda. So it’s hard to predict it perfectly. However, we are gonna connect the dots left throughout various SBS, Vivre Card, and manga points to analyze it a little.

For fans, there will be a special section towards the end. It will be covering all the canon Shanks info revealed in the Film: Red Volume 4Billion. So after the SPOILER tag does not read if you want the reveals to come to manga first.

Shanks’s Background

Shanks’s Background (1)

First, Shanks’ background is the most interesting thing fans want to know. There has been literally zero info about it available. Still, fans and theorist’s still believed a great background for Shanks. Many believed Shanks to be a D. just like Luffy and Roger. Then also some predicted that he is secretly the child of Rocks D. Xebec, who roger raised as he killed Xebec in the fight of God Valley. Then there are people who believe he is a Celestial Dragon this information has a great chance to come to fruition.

Akagami Shanks’s Mysteries

Akagami Shanks's Mysteries

One of the most mysterious characters of One Piece still fans are going crazy from a single appearance of him in a chapter. So why all the hype regarding Red-Haired Shanks or Akagami Shanks?

First, he is the character who inspired Luffy to become the King of The Pirates. Also, one of the things fans want in One Piece is the meeting of Shanks and Luffy as they promised to meet after Luffy becomes a great pirate.

Secondly, he is an Emperor of the Seas one of the 3 strongest powers in the world. Also has a bounty of $4Billion 48Million Berries. Still, he doesn’t have a Devil Fruit ability to become stronger. Only with his Haki, did he rule the seas.

Shanks stopped t Marineford/

Third, he single-handedly stopped the biggest war of One Piece till now which is the Marineford/Paramount War. Recently, he just appeared and stopped Green Bull from entering Wano with his Conquerors Haki.

shanks meets with gorosei
Sauce: Manga Plus

Fourth, he had secret ties with the Government and this point makes him a fascinating character rising multiple questions about his nature. He spoke with the ‘Gorosei’ about a pirate which to date is a mystery. 

Fifth, also a big thing about Shanks is the 3 scars on his eye, According to him, it was given t him by Blackbeard. However, how did it happen no one knows. In some cases, Shanks has been depicted as a parallel to Blackbeard Marshall D. Teach.

Shanks is the 3 scars on his eye, According to him, it was given t him by Blackbeard.

Sixth, in the recent chapters, it is also revealed that Shanks stole the Gomu-Gomu no mi from WG. Now as the fruit’s true nature is revealed the mystery got more condensed. Will he know the true nature from the beginning and that’s why he stole it? Why did he steal the fruit? Was it for Ace he stole the fruit? Many many questions surround a single character and his purpose.

Still, with all these questions, we have left a lot. Now, a character who just by appearing stops war what might be his connection to World Government? Then why was Shanks crying when he met Roger after he(Roger) returned from Laugh Tale? What is Shanks’ role in the whole game in One Piece? Is he the strongest character in the One Piece series? As an Emperor what is Shanks’s territory or which Island did he rule? In this Final Saga, this all will be revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities

Many believe shanks to be the strongest character of the recent One Piece timeline. Also, there are circumstances that may prove this point too. 


Shanks Swordsman

Shanks is a sword user however, he is not called a Swordsman. Still, from the info, we know that Shanks was a rival to Mihawk, the strongest swordsman. So we can assume that he is very skilled with the sword. Then, there is also the Paramount War saga where Shanks stopped Akainu with his sword.


According to the manga till now, We know Shanks is a strong Haki user along with his crew. He is one of the few people who have all three types of Haki. Also, from the latest chapters, we can assume he is the strongest Haki user. Also, he like Roger doesn’t use any Devil Fruit power to fight.

Conqueror’s Haki

Shanks Haki

 He has a strong Conqueror’s Haki. He can use his abilities from miles away from his enemy. We see him first use it against the sea lord of Fuusha Village. Recent chapters have also shown his use of the haki. His haki also broke the Whitebeard’s Ship when we first met them.

Armament Haki

We see Shanks use his Armament Haki to stop Akainu’s attack in the war. He stopped an attack that almost killed Whitebeard,  killed Ace, and injured Jimbe easily. 

Observation Haki

We see Shanks’  Observation Haki first time in the series in Wano Country. From a long distance, he caught the presence of Green Bull fighting in Wano.

Still, these pieces of information are not enough to completely decide how important will Shanks’ role will be in the final war. So we are still waiting for Oda to drop bombshells about him. Talking about bombshells the Film: RED spoilers reveal a lot of canon info about Shanks. So from here on out its SPOILER territory. Leave if you don’t wanna get spoiled. 

Spoiler Alert

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece even for Manga Fans

Volume 4 Billion: SPOILER from Red

REd Hair Pirate

So here on its too much exciting stuff. After 25 years of waiting, we got some awesome Shanks info and these are hugely important for the main story. Though I believe these things will eventually also be covered in the Manga. So even if you don’t read them they will eventually come to manga in the near future. Also, these are all revealed in Volume 4 Billion. Let’s get started about the Shanks reveals:

  • From the recent timeline, Shanks was born 39 years ago. He was found by Roger in a treasure chest 38 years ago during the God Valley incident.
  • Shanks was revealed to be a part of the “Fearland Family” by the Gorosei. This might mean he is also a D. As Fearland might be pronounced as Fearlan D. Shanks. However, this part of the spoiler is not confirmed and our prediction.
  • When Shanks met Luffy 12 years ago his bounty was 1,004,000,000 Berries.
  • Shanks is also known as “The Killer of The Color Of Observation Haki”. He can stop people from watching the future. Also, he can stop or control someone’s breath to resist his Observation Haki.
  • His Conquerers Haki is very strong. It can also make Vice-Admirals pass out from the pressure.
  • His sword is referred to as a Burning Sword. Not confirmed why it is called so. However, it might be because of his Conqueror’s Haki.
  • Also, Oda revealed Shanks has his own plans for the  New Era.

Is Shanks’s real name Fearlan D Shanks?

Shanks was revealed to be a part of the “Fearland Family” by the Gorosei. This might mean he is also a D. As Fearland might be pronounced as Fearlan D. Shanks. However, this part of the spoiler is not confirmed and our prediction

With this, our article comes to an end. This article only covers Shanks’ information not other Information regarding his crew or other Film: Red plot spoilers. So please don’t spoil the Movie plots in the comments. 

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