Why do CP0 and World Govt Want to Kill Dr. Vegapunk? One Piece Chapter 1062

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Why does CP0 want to Assassinate Dr. Vegapunk?

Chapter 1062 of One Piece has just been released and it has been another great chapter. The beginning of Final Saga has started with some great info reveals. This Final Saga also brought some old characters like Crocodile back into the plot. This chapter also brought another fav favorite character into play. The Enies Lobby trio of Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy has returned to the story with a major plot reveal.

Who are Cipher Pol Aegis 0? Aren’t they the Marines?

Cipher Pol

This group is directly under the World Nobles. Lucci is one of the major leaders of that group which was revealed in the past arc. They are also known as Masked Assassins. The last time they were given orders were in Wano. Their orders were to catch Nico Robin and eliminate Luffy. However, they failed in that task as Luffy awakened his Devil Fruit and defeated Kaido. Now, this chapter again reintroduces them and this time it’s more of a huge event. They are supposed to assassinate Vegapunk.

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Why does CP0 want to Assassinate Dr. Vegapunk?

SSG Vegapunk

Now, what might be the reasons behind this order? As we know Vegapunk is one the most important persons in World Government. Throughout this chapter, we also see some of his awesome creations. So why do we kill the most intelligent person on this planet? There are two possible reasons that I can speculate at the moment. Let’s get into those.

Secret behind Lulusia

How Imu (IM) Destroyed t

As Lucci suggested it might be connected to Lulusia. Vegapunk might be somehow connected to the weapon that was used to destroy Lulusia. However, why kill such a powerful and important person? He secretly might have been creating things that are capable of bringing down the World Government.

Also if it turns out that Vegapunk is originally a good person and planning to turn the World Government upside down that would make sense behind this assassination plot. Also, we saw Shaka say that she likes to have some personal talks with our Straw Hat crew specifically. This might lead to a possible alliance between Luffy and Vegapunk

Void Century

Void Century

The second one is quite normal and many people anticipate this to be the reason. The reason might be Imu is scared. Vegapunk might have discovered every single secret of the Void Century or might have solved the mystery of Laugh Tale. As we know anyone with exceptional knowledge must be annihilated. However, why hide from your genius scientist? This reason also interprets that Vegapunk might be a good person and had a valid reason for doing everything he did. 

New Pacifista Seraphim

Why does Seraphims Look like Boa and Mihawk

The new Pacifista Seraphim leads to interesting stuff like MADs research of Lunarians’ DNA. They are too strong maybe it creates a threat to Imu and the world govt. As vegapunk can also copy devil fruit he can make an army of Seraphim with Devil fruit and take over the world.

This chapter brought forth many ideas and theories to the fanbase. The future of the Final Saga already looking very promising. Let’s wait and see how this story unfolds.

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