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Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the seventh member of the crew and she was the sixth to join Straw Hat Pirates at the end of the Arabasta Arc. She is the sole survivor of the demolished West Blue Island of Ohara.

Robin consumed the devil fruit, Hana Hana no Mi which grants her the ability to reproduce her body parts ( mainly hands) or her entire body as well at her will. Robin is one of the only two people who can read the Poneglyphs a skill so dangerous that she is treated as a direct threat to the world government.

Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nico Robin Wiki

ALIAS“MISS ALL SUNDAY” ( Working with Croco Chan)
“O-ROBI” ( Wano)
HEIGHT188 cm


Nico Robin before and after timeskip

Nico Robin is a tall, slender girl with black hair that falls to her shoulders and almond-shaped brown eyes with dark, prominent pupils. Both of Robin’s fighting skills are greatly improved by the length of her limbs, especially her legs.

A gold armband with white fringes that Robin occasionally wears is etched with the letter N, which stands for her family name.

What is Nico Robin’s breast size?

Nico Robin Body Measurements

Nico Robin Body Measurements

Oda Sensei responds to a fan’s question about Robin’s current measurements

Before timeskip

In 37 volume SBS, she is described as having a height of 188 cm (6’2″), making her the fourth tallest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, after Jinbe, Brook, and Franky. Her three measurements are B99-W59-H89 (39″-23″-35″), making her breasts an I-cup in Japan and 39″ in Global.

After the Timeskip

In volume 69 SBS, her height is the same, and her measurements are B100-W60-H90, making her breasts a J-cup in Japan.


Nico Robin's Personality

Robin is one of the calmest and most intelligent of the Straw Hat Pirates and she rarely displays any comical behavior.

Even when Luffy reacts impulsively, she shows him more respect and admiration than the rest of the crew, to the point where she enjoys his antics.

She is one of the group members who, along with Zoro, fully supports Luffy’s choices and decisions without a single question.

Robin has a slightly macabre side and frequently brings up disgusting or unpleasant information, generally to Nami or Usopp’s displeasure. She even maintains her composure while making intimidating noises in front of her crew.

One of Robin’s distinguishing characteristics is her complete lack of fear in any given circumstance, as she frequently keeps a pleasant and upbeat mood.



Robin is a brilliant archaeologist with a depth of historical and cultural expertise. She was an academic genius who passed her archaeological tests at age 8 to earn her qualification.

She is also the only person living who can read the language on Poneglyph tablets, which carry records of ancient times. This was the actual reason why her first bounty was so great, even though she was just a kid.

Being on the run since she was just 8 years old has taught Robin how to survive and protect herself, and she has become well known for her ability to escape deadlocks.

robin reading poneglyph

Despite not possessing the same level of superhuman strength as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe, Robin has remarkable physical strength as she spent her whole childhood and early adulthood continuously evading foes like the Marines and the World Government.

Because of her difficult circumstances, Robin developed a strong body and incredible agility.

Robin has considerably increased his physical strength after two years of intensive training. She developed incredibly quick reflexes, which increased her reaction time as well.

Because of her exceptional intelligence, Robin is a clever strategist who excels at employing smart deception and trickery to outwit opponents who are stronger than she is.

In addition to being tactically careful and having a keen sense of danger. When necessary, Robin will resort to violence to defend herself or solve a problem. She frequently breaks the necks or backs of her adversaries to render them helpless.

Devil Fruit

robin's Devil Fruit ability

Robin consumed the Hana Hana no Mi, a sort of Paramecian Devil Fruit that enables her to grow copies of any portion of her body from any nearby surface. She has the ability to grow replica body parts from her own body, inanimate objects, and even other people.

She has the ability to generate extra body parts on top of other extra body parts. She can experience sights and noises remotely through duplicate eyes and ears while still having complete control over her cloned limbs. She seems to be able to make as many copies as she wants as long as they are in range.

She can use her strength to disarm her opponents, immobilize them with agonizing submission holds, and even easily break their bones by growing many arms from their bodies. Her abilities are fantastic for taking on numerous foes at once.

Nico Robin Apperence Changed After TimeSkip
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