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Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki is a shinigami and the current captain of the 13th Division. She formerly served as lieutenant of the 13th Division under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. Rukia is the adoptive sister of Byakuya Kuchiki, a close friend of Ichigo Kurosaki, and is married to Renji Abarai.


Rukia Kuchiki  Appearance

Rukia has the appearance of a small adolescent girl. Her violet eyes are large, and her black hair is short. Her most distinguishing characteristic is a strand of hair that falls in the center of her face, which she always manages to tuck neatly between her eyes. She has a dead-serious expression most of the time, but being a skilled actress, she can simply change it.


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Rukia has a very lively personality, which she owes to her talent as an actress. She comes across as bleak, solemn, and stoic at the start of the series, and she retains this demeanor throughout the series anytime she is put in a dangerous situation, involved in combat, or in the face of superiors. When she’s at school with Ichigo or interacting with her classmates, however, she quickly transforms into a frolicky adolescent.

Rukia has a hard time finding clothes that fit her, especially when she’s a Gigai in the Human World, which leads her to steal clothing from Ichigo’s sister, Yuzu. She enjoys climbing to new heights. Rukia is enamored with all things rabbit-related and becomes irritated when others make fun of her devotion. People have a hard time interpreting her drawings, which are usually rabbit-like, and she doesn’t like when people criticize them. Cucumber, eggs, and rice dumplings are Rukia’s favorite dishes.



Rukia and her older sister, Hisana, were brought together in Inuzuri, the 78th District of Rukongai after they perished in the Human World around 150 years ago. Hisana abandoned Rukia when she was a baby because she couldn’t live there while caring for a child. Rukia spent a significant period of time growing up on her own. Rukia tripped an adult chasing Renji Abarai’s group of pals one day and persuaded them to follow her to prevent losing the stolen water. Rukia became the spiritual leader of their group, and they lived together as a family.

Rukia got accepted into the 13th Division despite not having taken their admission exam. She is shown into a room by a fellow Shinigami on her first day in the Division, who is instructed to treat her like any other new member. She overheard him and others discussing her and the preference showed to nobles after he had departed. Rukia was saddened to find that it was the same way there as well.

 Lieutenant Kaien Shiba walked into the room, introduced himself, and chastised her for her lackluster response. Rukia was overjoyed that she could have a regular connection with her boss instead of being treated differently. That evening, Rukia informed Byakuya that her first day had gone smoothly and that she had not been promoted to Seated Officer, but Byakuya inquired more.

Kaien became a friend of hers during her tenure in the 13th Division. Kaien promised her one day that as long as she was in his Division, he would be there for her, even if he died. They were interrupted by Kiyone, who was inebriated, and Sentaro Kotsubaki, who tried to cheer her up. Rukia was mentored by Kaien, who taught her how to fight. Karen taught her about the notion of the heart at their first training spot, Mount Koifushi in Hokutan in the 3rd District of West Rukongai. 

When she learned her Shikai’s first two “dances,” he was present.

Rukia admired Kaien’s wife, 3rd Seat Miyako Shiba, and aspired to be just like her. Rukia, Kaien, and Ukitake traveled to the Hollow’s lair after Miyako was killed. She volunteered to go first so she could assess the Hollow’s capabilities, but Kaien insisted on facing the Hollow alone. Rukia attempted to assist Kaien after its special ability destroyed his Zanpakut, but was stopped by Ukitake. Kaien’s fight, he assured her, was one of dignity rather than survival. Kaien’s life would be saved if she helped, but his honor would be ruined forever. Rukia unwillingly obeyed his command after protesting about it. The Hollow, on the other hand, possessed Kaien after entering his body.

Rukia was attacked by the Hollow, but Ukitake blocked it and sent her away while fighting it. She obeyed because she was frightened to fight it, but she returned because she wanted to help Kaien and was afraid to face her cowardice again. She noticed it wasn’t Kaien as it leaped at her. She stabbed Kaien because she couldn’t stand seeing him like that. He expressed gratitude to Rukia and apologized for pulling her into the situation. Rukia held Kaien as he died. Rukia took Kaien’s body to the Shiba family estate, but she was too ashamed to confess her part in Kaien’s death.

Kiyone and Sentaro notified Rukia forty years after her adoption into the Kuchiki Clan that she had been allocated to the Human World. Rukia mistook this for a transfer order, but Kiyone disputed it, reminding her of her prior mission to the Human World, which Rukia had forgotten about. Ukitake informed her that she would be assigned to Karakura Town for a month, which she thought would be simple. Rukia expressed her gratitude to him for informing her. Ukitake inquired if she had informed Byakuya of the situation, but she said that he would prefer not to be troubled with such a petty matter. Rukia thanked Ukitake for offering to tell him on her behalf

Powers & Abilities

Powers & Abilities

Kidō Expert

Rukia’s main strength is her expertise in the field of Kido. Binding, healing, and destruction are among her recognized abilities. However, while her Kido skills at the Shin Academy were the best in her class, her Kido’s sheer power was just ordinary when she joined the 13th Division, as she admitted. She has substantially improved this skill via constant training, and she can now use Hado #73 without invocation to tremendous effect. When she lost her Zanpakuto, she immediately converted from Zanjutsu to Kido. She may utilize high-level Kido without incantations in rapid succession and still maintain great control and power. She is an expert in combining numerous spells in unusual ways, even casting many spells at once. When utilizing incantations, however, she is required to use incantations.

Expert Swordsman

Rukia only grasped the fundamentals of Zanjutsu at first, and she appeared to have only learned the most basic techniques. She admits that she isn’t as skilled with a blade. Her talent developed dramatically after extensive instruction by her previous tutor, Kaien Shiba. She can hold her own in a fight, especially defending herself against attacks from the 9th Espada, who possessed Kaien Shiba’s skilled swordsmanship. Rukia has also shown sufficient swordsmanship to dispatch several of Rudbornn Chelute’s attacking Calaveras.

Great Spiritual Powe

Being a Captain of the Gotei 13, Rukia possesses a great level of spiritual energy and can exert large amounts of Reiatsu when needed.

Sharp Intellect

Rukia has proved her sharp mind on numerous occasions. She used combo assaults to counteract the 9th Espada’s might. Rukia proved herself highly useful in supporting Ichigo with his new Shinigami duties during her forced stay in the Human World after losing her powers. Rukia is extremely knowledgeable, having a thorough understanding of Soul Society’s past.

Enhanced Monstrous Strength: Despite her small size, she is capable of defeating a more powerful opponent. She is still a formidable opponent even without the aid of her Zanpakuto. She can lift and hurl a Human despite her size and she is notably resilient.


Sode no Shirayuki is a regular katana in its sealed form. It has a rectangular tsuba with a vaguely flame-like pattern on the long sides and a curved line on the short sides, inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade, and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade, as well as inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade. The hilt is a reddish-brown color.


“Dance” is its Shikai command. Rukia turns her Zanpakuto in a counter-clockwise circle while holding it out in front of her. The blade, hilt, and tsuba all turn totally white as she turns it. The tsuba transforms into a hollow snowflake-like circular, and the pommel sprouts a white ribbon. Sode no Shirayuki is recognized as one of Soul Society’s most gorgeous Zanpakuto. A surge of chilly air blows in all directions as the transition takes place.

Shikai Special Ability

Rukia is capable of momentarily “killing” her body by controlling her own Reishi, putting herself in a form of cryostasis. She completely stops all the molecules in her body, preventing any material or substance attempting to affect her from doing so because it cannot enter her body. However, if someone uses an optical attack on her, it will affect her because her nerves are still working. Rukia can lower her body temperature to a point at which the ground below her feet freezes instantly, causing icequakes, and can even reduce her temperature to absolute zero, though she can only safely maintain this temperature for no more than four seconds. Rukia has the ability to temporarily “kill” her body by manipulating her own Reishi and entering cryostasis. She totally shuts down all of the molecules in her body, making it impossible for any material or anything attempting to affect her to do so. If someone uses an optical attack on her, though, she will be affected because her nerves are still active. Rukia can lower her body temperature to the point where the ground beneath her feet quickly freezes, generating icequakes, and she can even lower her temperature to absolute zero, albeit she can only do so for four seconds at a time.

Bankai: Hakka no Togame

Rukia’s Bankai drastically alters her physical appearance as well as the clothing she wears. Rukia is dressed in a white kimono with lined motifs that fall to her ankles. The robe has a long, wide sleeve design with an attached decorative collar, edges, and shoulder design. Her back is covered in beautiful, flowing ribbons that form multiple enormous loops. She features a little ice flower in the center of her chest, as well as a half-ice crown that wraps around the back of her head. Rukia’s hair turns white, and her blade transforms into ice.

Bankai Special Ability

The radius of influence of Rukia’s ability to achieve absolute zero is increased by Hakka no Togame. A pillar of icy mist rises into the air from Rukia’s location upon discharge, covering a large region in her proximity. Everything within the mist’s sphere of influence is frozen. Victims crumble away in seconds after being frozen solid. Because of how chilly Rukia’s physique is, everyone who comes into physical contact with her begins to freeze solid.

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