Ichigo Kurosaki The 10 Best Transformations

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Ichigo Kurosaki The 10 Best Transformations

Ichigo is one of the most epic Shonen Anime Protagonists, blessed with all sorts of insane powers, abilities, and even forms! Yeah, Ichigo has 10 forms, don’t you remember? Daijobu, we got you covered with this list of all forms of Ichigo Kurosaki.

1. The Regular Human Ichigo:

Human Form

The Regular Human Ichigo Form is a type of human that lives next door to you. Even Ichigo had to start somewhere. Like other lads, he wanted to achieve well in school and have a lucrative career so that he could start a family in the material world. Things will never be the same after his terrible encounter with Rukia. Ichigo attends Karakura High School, where he meets Sado, Asano, and Kojima and forms a small group. He also befriends Orihime, but Uryuu shoots him down. Ichigo is usually shy and prefers to blend in, so Asano is taken aback when he learns that he is one of the top students in his class.

2. The First Shinigami Form:

First Shinigami Form

Rukia uses Sode no Shirayuki to stab Ichigo, transferring half of her reiatsu into his body and bestowing Shinigami skills on him. His zankpakuto assumes the appearance of a gigantic blade that fires Getsuga Tenshou reiatsu arcs. With this, he is able to defeat the Hollows (who are going to murder them), as well as characters like Ikakku and Renji, who were both extremely powerful from the beginning. His biggest achievement in this incarnation is defeating Zaraki Kenpachi, the 11th squad Captain (without the eyepatch restriction), and shattering the latter’s centuries-old record.

3. The Bankai Shinigami Form:

Bankai Ichigo (Basic)

Bankai Ichigo’s ability to manifest his Bankai form so quickly came at a cost: he began to crush his bones as a result of the power. Yoruichi believes that by employing a secret technique, Ichigo will be able to finish his Bankai training in three days. He completes it in two and a half hours instead. Tensa Zangetsu exposes himself when he faces Kuchiki Byakuya on Soukyoku Hill. His enormous Shikai has been replaced with a black and crimson shihakusho, and his Shinigami garments have been reduced to a small black blade. Byakuya mocks his Bankai’s small stature, but Ichigo immediately proves its worth by slashing all of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s petals in a flurry of cuts.

4. The Hollow Ichigo Form:

The Hollow Ichigo

When confronted with Byakuya’s impenetrable Senkei, this dark grunge form arises in the same combat. Ichigo’s inner Hollow, refusing to let him die, pushes his way to the surface, leaving behind a hollow mask on Ichigo’s face. He has lost control of his body and deeds, but his hollow easily defeats Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s whole force. Hollow Ichigo laughs maniacally as he cuts a stunned Byakuya across the chest, but his true consciousness regains control before his opponent is slain. Nonetheless, the Hollow is the sole reason this battle is won.

5. The Vasto Lord Ichigo Form:

Vasto Lord Ichigo

This has been Ichigo’s most difficult battle with Ulquiorra so far. The strain and dread in Ichigo’s eyes as he faces Ulquiorra, Hueco Mundo’s fiercest arrancar. Ichigo did everything and failed horribly, and now he was on death row with Ulquirorra. Ichigo was revived as Vasto Lorde Ichigo after dying at the hands of his foe. He ruthlessly slaughtered Ulquiorra. If not taken into account in the “canon” of the show and manga, this would be Ichigo’s final full manifestation of the Ichigo hollow form.

6. The Dangai Ichigo Form:

The Dangai Ichigo

Sosuke Aizen is achieving zero forms, Yamamoto Captain of Soul Society Squad 1 has failed to stop him, and Aizen is set to push his way into The Soul King chamber in order to become a god. Who will be able to stop him now? Dangai Ichigo has arrived to save the entire Bleach universe. Ichigo receives this type of instruction from his father in Dangai, a portal between the physical and spiritual worlds where time is compressed, allowing Ichigo to focus and build his newly discovered power. Ichigo has a vision of himself, a resonance with Zangetsu, and he must defeat a portion of himself in order to achieve this level of power.

7. The Fullbring Ichigo Form:

Fullbring Ichigo

Ichigo discovers a new ability that only humans have after losing all of his skills after beating Aizen. Kugo Ginjou instructs him, and he eventually achieves his Fullbring form. He is completely encased in bone armor and wields a short sword with a glittering edge. Fullbring Ichigo can conjure spinning reiatsu blasts that look like Getsuga Tenshou but aren’t as powerful as Getsuga Tenshou. Fortunately for him, Ginjou grabs his Fullbring, allowing Rukia to re-inject Shinigami’s abilities into him.

8. The Rebuild Shinigami Ichigo Form:

Rebuild Shinigami Ichigo Form

Ichigo journeys to the Royal Realm after failing to vanquish Yhwach (and having his Bankai slashed cleanly in two by Haschwalth), where swordmaster Oetsu Nimaiya shows him how to truly converse with Zangetsu. At this point, Ichigo can perform a double Getsuga, known as Getsuga Juujishou, with devastating effect. He realizes that both his Quincy and Hollow abilities belong to him, accepting the pros and cons of both powers, Ichigo unites completely with both of these powers.

9. The Rebuild Bankai Ichigo Form:

The Rebuild Bankai Ichigo Form

To form his new Bankai, Ichigo merely needs to unite his two zanpakutos, with the smaller zanpakuto filling the hollowed-out area in the larger. The hilt of his Bankai glows white, and a chain connects the hilt to the blade’s edge.
Since he completely comprehended the power of his Bankai, Ichigo’s appearance has changed. A horn protrudes from his left temple, and two black stripes run down his face. One of his eyes has a yellow shine to it. Because it resembles the Tensa Zangetsu he battled during Jinzen, this form is a clear foreshadowing of his actual nature.

10. The Divine Pure Ichigo Form:

Uryuu utilizes his trump card, an arrowhead created from Still Silver, to temporarily limit Yhwach’s abilities in the final showdown. Yhwach tries to halt Ichigo with his shattered Bankai, tearing off the white rim in the process. Ichigo’s original Shikai is revealed beneath, and it rips Yhwach in half, putting an end to his reign of terror. The hero with the orange hair is never seen again in combat.

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