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Yhwach known to his subordinates as “Your Majesty” is the Father of the Quincy and the Emperor of the Wandenreich and is the Soul King’s son.


Yhwach Appearance

Yhwach is a tall man with a long face, pronounced cheekbones, and a broad chin. He has long black hair that goes all the way to his lower back, as well as reddish-brown eyes with thin brows. He is clean-shaven and has well-kept mutton chops and a connected mustache. His customary outfit consists of a white double-breasted trench coat with wide buttoned cuffs and lapels, white trousers, and trench boots with the Wandenreich insignia in the middle. He wears a ragged, ankle-length coat over it.

After absorbing the Soul King completely, Yhwach gets a dark mask of eyes that covers the upper half of his face and begins spewing darkness ceaselessly. Later, darkness flows from his body and covers him completely, leaving just his hands, feet, knees, and a portion of his face and chest visible


Yhwach is a self-proclaimed peacemaker who despises conflict and believes that hard battles should be over as soon as possible. He views the first generation of the Gotei 13 in high regard, as they were Shinigami capable of terrifying him. He idolized Genrysai Shigekuni Yamamoto in particular, whom he dubbed a monster for treating his subordinates like ashes.

Yhwach has a distinct attitude toward his subordinates and Quincy. He adores some of them and refers to them as his sons. He goes to tremendous lengths to forcefully recruit people into his kingdom. Yhwach is a guy who is emphatic in his dislike of infighting in front of his subordinates, however, he will not hesitate to end the quarrel using the most violent tactics necessary.

Yhwach desires to establish a world free of fear of death, which he does by combining the Human World, Soul Society, and even Hueco Mundo. His desire to stop his father’s endless humiliation is so intense that it has spread to other Quincy who shares his blood, forcing them to kill the Soul King.



Flawless Healing:

As a result of Yhwach’s soul distribution, wounds that the soul could not heal on its own would finally heal. Those who came into contact with Yhwach were healed of their physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses. All of a person’s knowledge, skills, and talents would be etched inside the piece of soul they received from Yhwach while their wound healed. Those who were healed in this fashion had their lifespan substantially reduced, and the augmented fragment would return to Yhwach once the person died. As a result, Yhwach gradually regained control of his dormant motor skills and senses.

Power Bestowal:

While all Quincy have the ability to acquire Reishi from their surroundings and claim it for themselves, Yhwach has the ability to share his spirit with others. He finally discovered a far more powerful technique to spread his soul: he could share his soul more deeply and with greater strength by etching a letter indicating a talent directly into another’s soul. He accomplishes this by requiring people to swallow his blood as part of a ceremony.

Soul Absorption:

Yhwach has the ability to reclaim the soul fragments he has shared. Yhwach can only return to become the Father of the Quincy and regain his vigor when sleeping.

Yhwach can only return to become the Father of the Quincy and regain his vigor when sleeping. Nobody is allowed to disturb him while he sleeps. If he doesn’t keep absorbing souls, he’ll eventually revert to his natural state, entirely devoid of all senses.

Yhwach has Omni-Precognition, which allows him to see everything that will happen from now until the far future. He has the ability to “know” everything that is contained within that stare. Rather than seeing a linear future, Yhwach sees all conceivable futures at once, like innumerable grains of sand in the wind, and can thus predict and counter his opponents using the knowledge he has collected.

Yhwach is also blessed with immeasurable spiritual pressure, intense physical strength, enhanced longevity, and durability. This easily makes Yhwach the strongest character to exist in Bleach.