What is Auswahlen? Can Uryu Survive Auswahlen?

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Can Uryu Survive Auswahlen?

The Quincy clan is one of the most fearsome foes to be introduced in the Bleach series. Before the thousand-year Blood War arc we have only known Uryu was the last surviving Quincy. And since he never got any formal training on how to hone his Quincy powers we’ve only seen a fraction of what a Quincy can become. 

Although Ishida’s character was really interesting when he was first introduced in the series, he slowly became a background character. In comparison, Ichigo was seen becoming more and more powerful with every fight. His potential for growth is almost frightening. And it is also one of the reasons he was specified as a threat by Yhwach, King of the Quincies. However, in this arc of Bleach, we will finally get to see Uryu Ishida’s true potential. 


At the beginning of this anime arc, we see a shift in Uryu’s character. He is seen as confused and unsure about where he stands in this war. We see him trying to get more information about his past as well as about Quincies; just trying to get in touch with his roots. During Ichigo’s fight with Quilge Opie in Hueco Mundo, he even remarked that it was impossible for even him to come close to the abilities of Uryu. This reveals that Uryu’s powers were still not at full potential yet. 

what was Auswahlen?

what was Auswahlen?

Auswahlen was the day of the selection of deserving Quincies by Yhwach. In German, the word literally means ‘Selection’. Yhwach is the King and father of all Quincies. Every Quincy has his blood flowing within their veins. Yhwach is so powerful that he can give and take away powers from the Quincies. So, on this day, he took away the Quincy powers from several Quincies he deemed unfit to be in his regime. He actually did this to restore his own power. However, this cost the lives of Masaki Kurosaki and Kanae Katagiri, the mothers of Ichigo and Ishida respectively, and other Quincies as well. 


Ishida Uryu is the son of Ryuken Ishida who are Echt Quincies(Pure-blood) and Kanae Katagiri, a Gemischt Quincy. Now that means Ishida is not a pure-blooded Quincy however, he has a power that is still unknown to us. This power helped him to survive Auswahlen. It is known as ‘Antithesis’. It is a very dangerous ability that allows Uryu to reverse anything that happened between two targets. This specific ability has so much potential that even Yhwach said Uryu could surpass him one day. This could also be why Yhwach chose him as his successor. 

In conclusion, Uryu Ishida is one of the most powerful characters in the Bleach universe, especially because of his ‘Anti-thesis’ ability. It only makes sense that Uryu would survive Auswahlen.

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