10 Most Powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man

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Most Powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man

If we talk about the strongest devils in the World of Chainsaw Man, there are many powerful devils with a unique set of demonic abilities that can easily take the first spot.

Let’s take a look at the list of most deserving candidates (devils) for the title.


10. Cursed Devil

Cursed Devil

As the contract is formed it also gives an insight into whatever ability the devil has. Aki had to let go several years of his lifespan just because he used cursed devil powers. He only had 2 years of life after his fight against Katana Man.

Abilities: If manifested the cursed devil, he will pick up the enemy and fatally wound them by crushing their arms and biting their shoulders.

9. Bomb Devil

Bomb Devil

Humanity is sacred by just the mere existence of bombs so it is no surprise that the bomb devil is very powerful. She is physically capable of combating Denji with her skills.

Abilities: She had a very good set of skills but those skills were further sharpened after she became a Hybrid. She has the ability which allows her to turn body parts into lethal explosives and she uses them to get airborne, as seen in chapters 47-48. 

8. Cosmos Devil

Cosmos Devil

Cosmos Devil has one of the coolest abilities in the chainsaw man series and her ability is also visually appealing and attractive. She has the ability to force the character to know almost everything in the universe. As soon as she uses this ability the character can only think of ‘Halloween’ till they eventually die and later on renders them in a semi-catatonic state.

Abilities: Her personality looks quite similar to this as she only says ‘Halloween’. It seems like people are afraid of the vastness and depth of the universe and that’s where she gets her powers from. 

7. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil

The character of the punishment devil is a mystery and not much is known. One thing is for sure he is powerful and strong and deserves to be on this list because Makima uses this ability as her primary attack against Gun Devil.

Abilities: As there is not much known about Punishment Devil but his abilities and powers come from the fear of punishment and humans do fear punishment and it can be said that punishment devil is stronger than other devils who use tangible items for powers.

6. Angel Devil

Angel devil

Angel devil, her name is Enjeru is a devil in the world of chainsaw man. As the name suggests he uses the fear of angels to fuel his powers. Currently, he is serving under the Public Saftey of Devil Hunting. 

Abilities: He has one of the most powerful abilities that are in existence. He can absorb the lifespans of humans just by touching them. Aki lost 2 months of his life just because he grabbed his hand. He can also manifest weapons from the years absorbed which is a deadly asset.

5. Hell Devil

Hell Devil

It is one of the most conventional and old fears to ever exist. His main source of power is from the fear of humans that is hell. Till now he has only appeared twice and he holds a contract with Santa Claus to send Denji alongside other devil hunters to hell, as seen in chapter 63.

Abilities: The range of abilities is still unknown. It is seen in chapters 64-66 that he can teleport people to hell but for a fair price. He has a regenerative ability like other fiends which allows him to regenerate body parts by consuming blood.

4. Gun Devil

gun devil

By the looks of it, he seems to be the most dangerous devil who has ever existed in the world. His power came from something that is most feared by all humanity which is weapons, guns to be precise.

He killed more than 1 million people in chapter 13 when he first appeared and that too in 5 minutes.

Abilities: Of course, he has strong willpower and that helps him in generating unlimited shells and he can also consume blood to regenerate his body parts.

3. Control Devil


Makima is the main antagonist of the first part, later as the story progressed she was revealed to be the control devil. She has the ability to control anyone who she thinks is inferior to her.

Abilities: As is mentioned above her true potential is still unknown but it is shown in chapter 27 she has the ability to crush opponents by using an unknown force. She can also have the abilities of other devils such as Zombie Devil, Punishment Devil, Future Devil, etc. The damage done to her is felt by a random Japanese civilian because of the contract with the Japanese PM. She seems almost invincible and one of the most powerful devils we’ve seen.

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil

He is one of the oldest and most ancient devils who has never died. He came into existence from the darkness that is feared by most humans from the start of this world. He made his first appearance when Denji alongside other devil hunters was sent to hell by Santa Claus.

The group somehow managed to escape when Makima held Darkness Devil but he managed to break Makima’s arm and finger, as seen in chapters 63-66.

Abilities: His abilities were shown only for a brief time. He can summon a blade from darkness and can control all the aspects of that blade. Furthermore, he can also separate arms from the bodies by using an unknown force of darkness.

1. Chainsaw Devil

Denji 1 1

We don’t know the full details about this character but the devil is the most intriguing in the series so far. Based only on combat skills chainsaw devil is not as skilled as other devils but other factors point out that he’s the strongest.

Abilities: There are various instances that we saw in the series where it was shown that Chainsaw Devil is the only character capable enough to erase the devils out of existence by eating them, they cannot even revive by drinking blood.

He erased some of the things from history by eating their devil counterparts such as AIDS, Nazis, Nuclear Weapons, etc. We also saw in the series that he was summoned by the hell devil he wreck havoc in hell and returns to earth instantly.

So it is safe to say that Chainsaw Devil is the strongest devil in the world of Chainsaw Man.

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