15 Best Manga Panels

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Best Manga Panels

Manga has grown to be one of the most popular forms of media in the whole world with its complex storylines and stunning artwork. Similar to memorable scenes in TV shows or movies, manga too has separate panels which have become iconic among fans due to the long-lasting impact it leaves.

In this list, we will be covering the best manga panels to ever be created. These do not necessarily mean the best in terms of art but also those which made us look at the series in a different way.

15. “I Don’t Give Up” – Tokyo Revengers

I Don’t Give Up” – Tokyo Revengers

While Tokyo Revengers has faced a lot of criticism recently for its lackluster ending, there is no doubt that this panel featuring Takemichi Hanagaki is the most beloved moment in the series. As a man who travels back in time to save his girlfriend, Takemichi faces a lot of hate due to his nature which cries easily and is weaker compared to his delinquent peers.

However, after strengthening his bonds, he is able to climb the ranks, not due to his power, but rather his tenacity and never-give-up attitude. This moment perfectly showcases it as he manages to stand against enemies even when his friends stronger than him have been defeated and the odds are stacked against him.

14. Garou Transforming – One Punch Man

Garou Transforming – One Punch Man

There is no doubt that Yusuke Murata’s rendition of One Punch Man features some of the best art ever in manga. While this isn’t necessarily the most eye-pleasing panel from the series, it is arguably the most influential.

For a man such as Saitama who has never really had proper competition, Garou’s growth was something which every fan looked forward to. Despite his need to become a villain, Garous was still an honorable man who tries to protect those around him. Watching him gradually gain strength to the point where he went from the hunted to the hunter is extremely pleasing to almost every reader.

13. Vigilante Deku – My Hero Academia

Vigilante Deku – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a series known for its inspiring themes such as friendship and overcoming one’s hurdles with hard work. This makes it a relatively brighter series which a younger audience enjoys. However, towards later arcs, the series takes a darker tone as we see the consequences of the villains’ actions affect heroes.

The panel showing a vigilante Deku walking along best reflects this while showing a drastic change in his personality. It tells us how a vibrant kid was pulled back to reality and forced to push himself to the brink while being responsible for the lives of so many.

12. Luffy’s Ceiling – One Piece

Luffy’s Ceiling – One Piece (1)

One Piece is the greatest adventure story ever made which revolves around a young pirate named Luffy who travels the seas with his crew in order to find a mysterious treasure known as the One Piece and become the pirate king.

We watch as he goes from a powerless young boy who faces powerful villains to a person who is considered a threat by the strongest people in the series. The panel shown perfectly encapsulates that feeling while making fans feel hyped about Luffy finally reaching a stage where he can stand with legends.

11. The Darkness Devil – Chainsaw Man

The Darkness Devil – Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is yet another series from the newer generation that has rapidly risen to stardom. It takes us to a dark setting where humanity is plagued by devils who are born out of their fears. The story follows a young man named Denji who gets the powers of a chainsaw and spends his days hunting devils.

One such distinctive devil who Denji ran into is the fearsome darkness devil. Right from its appearance which also showed astronauts who were split up, fans felt an inexplicable feeling of dread. This panel has grown to be beloved by almost every manga fan due to its complexity as well as its gruesome nature.

10. Interspecies Battle – Gantz

Interspecies Battle – Gantz

Gantz has quickly grown to be one of the greats in the Sci-Fi genre with its bold storyline and non-stop action. The series features a group of people who died and are taken to a mysterious room. In this room, there is a black ball which assigns them to kill monstrous creatures for a chance to regain their life.

With its unique 3d art and mature story, Gantz remains exhilarating through every chapter. While there are several amazing panels of battles between separate organisms, the one which shows large mechanical robots that face off against each other as part of humanity’s last chance against alien invaders manages to stick apart from the rest.

9. “The Honored One” – Jujutsu Kaisen

“The Honored One” – Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen might be a relatively newer series compared to many others on the list, but it has still cemented itself in Shounen History. With its unique take on the world of Jujutsu Sorcerers who battle against curses, it has only kept growing in popularity through each chapter.

The strongest person in the series has been boasted to by the incomparable Satoru Gojo from the start as he causes fear amongst all his enemies. However, when facing troubles against Toji Fushiguro, people begin to doubt just how strong he is. That is when he surpasses his limits yet again and claims that he is the only honored one in heaven and earth which shows us just how egoistic but powerful he really is. It gives readers chills while reinvigorating the stance of Satoru Gojo being undefeatable.

8. Thorfinn’s Atonement – Vinland Saga

Thorfinn’s Atonement – Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is set in a time of war between England and the Danes and follows a young boy named Thorfinn. After losing his father, Thorfinn follows the mercenary who killed him in order to get his revenge. On his journey, he faces a lot of bloodshed and tragedies and eventually gives up on life and lives as a slave due to his guilt. While fans could always see the pain he went through, the scene mentioned here shows just how much weight he carries and the ghosts of his past who still haunt him. It also describes how he lives not for himself but for those who died at his hands and moves everyone to tears.

7. Johan’s Philosophy

Johan’s Philosophy

Monster is Naoki Urasawa’s masterpiece and follows a cat-and-mouse chase between a disgraced doctor under suspicion of murder named Tenma and a psychopath patient he saved named Johan Liebert. Through the course of the series, we see the several atrocities that Johan commits without any care for the lives he affects. While there is always a question mark regarding his motives and intentions, this panel which depicts his philosophy on life and human relation manages to engross anyone who sees it, not just fans of the series.

6. Kaneki Awakens – Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Awakens – Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a stunning manga which is set in a world where humans are constantly at odds with man-eating creatures known as Ghouls. The story is told from the perspective of a young boy named Kaneki as he goes from being a human to a ghoul. Through his eyes, we see that ghouls are also normal people who deserve love and protection.

However, due to his weakness, Kaneki ends up getting hurt a lot while not being able to save those he loves. While getting tortured by his enemies, he decides to fully embrace his nature as a ghoul while giving up any sort of weak-natured tendencies he has. This internal promise to pursue strength and save the ones close to him is shown by this beautiful art piece in the manga.

While Tokyo Ghoul was always commended for its art, the meaning behind this scene has boosted this particular panel more so than the others and has even been used in wallpapers, posters and all kinds of merchandise by many fans.

5. Mori’s Burdens – The Climber

Mori’s Burdens – The Climber

The Climber is an extremely underrated series which is considered by many to be the best sports manga to ever be made. It follows a man named Mori Buntarou as he is introduced to the world of climbing. Finding an obsession with the sport, he leaves everything behind in order to pursue his passion and goes through innumerable dangers in his quest. What sets The Climber apart is that it does a deep dive into Mori’s mind and shows the various things that tie him down. This panel shows his solitary struggles as he tries to rise above the burdens that hold him back from the sport he loves so much. The manga is filled with eye-pleasing moments such as this and cannot be recommended enough to fans of Seinen.

4. Pain’s Destruction – Naruto

Pain’s Destruction – Naruto

As one of the big three and one of the most popular series ever, Naruto has several panels which can be considered game-changers in the industry. However, the one which almost everyone considers to be the best is the scene of Pain flying over Konoha Village right before destroying it.

It shows the perfect capacity of his strength as well as the scale of destruction which it causes. While Naruto dealt with mature themes at instances, this moment brought a whole new meaning to it while showing the main character lose almost everything he loves and bringing out a renewed spirit in him to defeat the enemy.

3. Freedom – Attack on Titan

Freedom – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has become a worldwide phenomenon for its dark take on a world where humanity lives in fear of monstrous giants known as Titans. After losing his mother to a titan, the protagonist, Eren, wishes to wipe out all the titans and step outside the walls which enclose him. Towards the end of the series, while he is no longer in a position to be called a hero, Eren finally realizes this as he is able to soar in the skies while enjoying his feeling of freedom. This contrast compared to the devastation that the rest of humanity is facing at that very moment makes the scene stick in our mind for a very long time.

2. Victory – Slam Dunk

Victory – Slam Dunk (1)

Slam Dunk is an extremely influential basketball manga which tells the story of a troublemaker named Hanamichi Sakuragi as he is introduced to the sport of basketball. While initially careless and selfish, Hanamichi learns the meaning of friendship and teamwork through the sport and faces several strong teams.

In his team, Hanamichi often clashed with a man named Rukawa due to their opposing personalities. However, after facing the challenge of their lives against a supremely strong team and managing to win a nail-biting thriller, the duo could not resist but finally high-five each other with all the force they could muster. While the recent “The First Slam Dunk” movie does a great job of animating it, the emotion behind the manga is something that can never be replicated.

1. The Eclipse – Berserk

The Eclipse – Berserk, Best Berserk Manga Pannel,

The best manga panel of all time which will not come as a surprise to many is the Eclipse from Berserk. The art of Berserk is already considered legendary as every panel looks like something which can be hung up in a museum. The Eclipse, however, manages to stay one step ahead of the rest due to the implications of the event.

Watching a man who we believed to be extremely pure betray all his allies as well as witnessing the pain that the main character, Guts goes through still haunts many to this day. For those who are yet to experience the masterpiece that is Berserk, it needs to undoubtedly be added to the top of their reading list.

Bonus: A Sudden Encounter- Vagabond

A Sudden Encounter- Vagabond, Best Manga Panels

“Vagabond,” a manga by Takehiko Inoue, skillfully weaves the immersive and layered stories of Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro. The manga intricately molds Musashi’s journey, providing deep insight into his life, while also crafting an equally compelling narrative for Kojiro’s parallel origin.

Throughout the manga, the anticipation builds as Musashi and Kojiro’s paths edge closer to crossing. The encounters between these two ronin are some of the most memorable moments, filled with adrenaline and kinetic motions. Inoue’s art brilliantly conveys the emotions and tension, culminating in a highly significant face-to-face meeting, where actions speak louder than words.

Inoue’s skillful storytelling and artistic brilliance make “Vagabond” an unforgettable experience. It artfully combines historical events, character development, and impactful visuals, leaving readers immersed in the world of these iconic figures. If you have any specific questions about “Vagabond” or its themes, feel free to ask!

If we missed any other memorable manga panels that you believe should be included in the list, feel free to comment down below. We value your input and would love to hear about the manga panels that left a strong impression on you. Help us make the list even more comprehensive and exciting for other manga enthusiasts.

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