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Denji is the protagonist of Chainsaw Man. His father died when he was young and he inherited huge debts from the dangerous Yakuza. After his introduction to Pochita, a dog devil he becomes a devil hunter for the Yakuza to clear his father’s debt. Down the road Yakuza betrays Denji and try to kill him. However, Pochita manages to bring Denji back to life by merging his body with Denji’s Heart.

Later Denji meets with Makima and to respect Pochita’s last wish he joins the Public Division of Safety.

Denji Wiki

JAPANESEデンジ (Denji)
ALIAS (Also Known as)Chainsaw Man
Hero of Hell
SPECIESHuman (formerly)
Devil (temporarily)
17 (Now)
Blood Devil

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Denji’s Appearance

Denji can be seen in different appearances throughout the series

Denji Human Form (Pre-Fusion):

Denji and Pochita Bond

Denji has blond and scruffy hair with a thin figure after his state of starvation for several years. His teeth are noticeably angular and sharp. He has a skinny build with protruding ribs due to malnutrition in childhood.

Before becoming a hybrid, Denji was missing his right eye and several other non-essential organs. He wore an eyepatch to mask the sight of his missing eye. During this time, he also wears a loose white tank top, a green jacket, and black pants.

Denji Human Form (Post-Fusion):

enji Human Form (Post-Fusion

As a result of the contract, Denji’s heart is fused with Pochita’s, a chainsaw cord forms between his ribs, and he regains the organs that he lost. His hair becomes orange in color which is messy in appearance, and his eyes become lifeless with light-brown pupils and cringy teeth. In chapter 1 after his merger with Pochita, a chainsaw also appears in his chest.

In his human form, Denji is seen wearing black trousers, a necktie, and a rolled-up shirt. In the public safety division bureau, the shirt is more black, and agents like Aki wear a jacket or a blazer.

Denji Hybrid Form:

Denji Hybrid Form

Denji’s Hybrid form was seen the first time when he had his fight with Zombie Devil.

Like a classic chainsaw action, Denji pulls the cord attached to his chest, chainsaw appears from his arms and forehead. His head has a striking resemblance to that of the base of a chainsaw. His mouth has razor-sharp teeth with a face orange in color and a blade-like tongue, seen in chapter 1.

Denji Devil Form:

After Denji’s transformation into the full devil, his intestines bust out from his gut and wrap around his neck. In his devil form, his body is more muscular and is covered with plates of armor with 4 chainsaws in the form of his arms.

His resemblance completely changes from the hybrid form with spikes protruding out from the back of his head and his legs are replaced by large claws in this devil form, as seen in chapter 83.

Denji’s Personality

denji personality

Denji has simple dreams to live a life like a normal teenager. He is childish, uneducated, and raw. He wants to find love and eat meals like breakfast and dinner and he also has intimacy with a woman. For the money, he could go to any lengths as seen in chapter 1 where he ate a cigarette for 100 yen.

Denji’s only weakness is women. As seen in chapter 21, Denji got attracted to Himeno even while he vomited while kissing her, and he was also fooled by Reze.

Chainsaw Man Denji power Aki

Despite all these facts, he is caring, after getting attached to someone. He treats Aki and Power as a family but due to lack of emotion, he never cried when poor things happened to Aki and Power.

While fighting, Denji is ruthless and violent, and careless regarding safety. As seen in chapter 19, he ran his chainsaw for 3 days nonstop against Eternity Devil but he also fought back.

Denji’s Power and Abilities

Strength & Abilities

Denji is not only the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man series but also the titular Chainsaw Man himself. While the name does give you an intimidating impression, what exactly are his abilities and strength?

Powers from Being a Hybrid

Denji is a Hybrid, which means that he has formed a contract with a devil, in this case, the Chainsaw Devil. With the availability of blood, he can transform into a Chainsaw Devil while still keeping his mind intact.

This enhances several of his abilities and senses while giving him power a normal human can only dream of. A few of these are being strong enough to catch a car thrown into the air, being durable enough to survive multiple explosions, and having enough stamina to fight for multiple days as we saw in the case of the eternity devil.

In addition to all these, he also has superior healing ability and can endure any sort of damage no matter how fatal, provided he has enough blood to consume.


This ability allows Denji to regenerate and reattach his limbs and fatal wounds. It is seen in chapter 30 that during his training with Kishibe he was shot and stabbed in the head and he even died more than 20 times but still came back to life.

Blood is the primary element when it comes to regeneration. He only has to drink the blood of a devil or a human to transform himself into a hybrid form.

Hybrid Transformation:

He can transform into a bloodthirsty Chainsaw Devil by pulling on a cord from his chest. Since he needs blood to use his abilities, if he doesn’t have enough he can’t fully transform, however, he can manifest shorter and weaker chainsaws.

The Chainsaw Devil form of Denji has chainsaws sticking out from his arms, legs, as well as head and has proven to be extremely effective in cutting through devils. These also have a retractable feature where they can go back if the need should ever arise for him to use his limbs. Adding to the creativity of this power, he has the ability to disconnect the chains from his chainsaw to wrap and trap his opponents. If Denji surrenders the contract with his Devil and lets Pochita take over, the abilities mentioned above reach a whole new level that no devil we know of can defeat. It can even be said that he is immortal in this form and the only way you can defeat him would be to remove the Devil from his heart though this would only make Denji vulnerable and not Pochita himself.


Denji & Pochita

A contract can involve the human sacrificing something precious to the devil in exchange for a small amount of his power. He has 2 contracts as of now. One from power and another one from Pochita. He accepted Pochita’s contract and got merged with him and got chainsaw devil’s abilities by becoming a hybrid. Denji accepted Power’s contract to find a blood fiend and make him his friend.

Denji’s Strength

Can Chainsaw Man

In addition to the variety of supernatural powers he got from Pochita, Denji himself is quite a skilled individual who has shown his skill as a fighter several times in the past. He showed his expertise in hand-to-hand combat against the Leech Devil when he managed to damage it while easily blocking its blows. He also has excellent instinct and intelligence during battle which could be said to be formed due to his harsh upbringing. He is very talented at figuring out the opponent’s weakness and exploiting it as we saw in the cases of Reze, Santa Claus, and even Katana Man.


Who is Denji’s girlfriend?

Tough Denji has a huge crush on Makima but he also had a good relationship with Power, Himeno, Reze, and Kobeni. But as of now in the manga Denji is still single.

Is Denji the strongest in Chainsaw Man?

Yes; being durable enough to survive multiple explosions, and having enough stamina to fight for multiple days. He also has a superior healing ability.

How did Denji become Chainsaw Man?

Pochita manages to bring Denji back to life by merging his body with Denji’s Heart.

Is Denji in love with Power?

No; His feelings for Power are neither romantic nor sexual. Throughout the series, power was seen as a sisterly figure.

Can Denji beat Makima?

Yes; He not only beat makima single handle but also ate Makima.

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