One Piece Chapter 1066: The Will of Ohara revealed Saul is Alive, Vegapunk Face, Dragon Revolutionary Army Reason and More

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Will of ohora (1)

Another week and another chapter of One Piece is out. However, unlike other weeks this week’s chapter is quite unique. This chapter reveals many hidden secrets and more information regarding the Void Century. This chapter is an exceptional example of great storytelling. The chapter is mostly filled with flashbacks of Ohara. However, some awesome information was hidden there.

The chapter begins immediately where we left off at 1065. The Straw Hat pirates started asking questions about the Ancient Kingdom. That’s when Vegapunk introduces the connection between him and Ohara. Vegapunk revealed that he was a friend of Professor Clover. Then he also tells some details of how he went to Ohara after a few months after the Buster Call incident.

Why Ohara was Destroid?


Also, two pieces of information came from him. The first one was regarding the destruction Ancient Kingdom and the second one was, “The will of Ohara lives on”. We came to know that 20 Kingdom allied to destroy the Ancient Kingdom and they later formed the World Government. The main reason behind forming the World Government was to erase the “Will” of the Ancient Kingdom. However, that “Will” was re-established by the archeologists of Ohara led by Professor Clover.

That was the reason behind destroying Ohara. They even kept the information secret from Vegapunk. According to him, if they came to know about his secret research it will lead to his immediate erasure. That means Imu-sama knows about Vegapunk’s research now. That is why CP0 is on there way. Then we get to know That the will of Ohara still lives on which leads to the next part of the chapter.

Why did Dragon create Revolutionary Army?

Revolutionary Army

We start the next part with a flashback. We go back to 22 years in the past, a few months after the Buster Call incident. There we see the research books of Ohara taken back to Elbaf by Giants. They were led by a bandaged Giant. As Vegapunk observes the collection of books, we get to see Monkey D. Dragon.

We get the information that Dragon was a friend of Professor Clover too. Also, we see him before the creation of the Revolutionary Army. He also didn’t have that trademark face tattoo. Then we see him talk with Vegapunk. This conversation led to Dragon announcing his future plan of creating the Revolutionary Army.

According to Vegapunk, we get to know that Dragon was against the war. Still, the incident of Ohara led to Dragon announcing a direct war against the World Government.

Is Saul Alive?

Is Saul Alive?

Then, we get the revelation of that bandaged Giant. He was Jaguar D. Saul. As readers thought he was frozen to death by his friend Aokiji.

This chapter proved again Aokiji is not a cold-hearted person and he kept him alive. However, as we see Saul has been burnt with the flames of Ohara. This answers a lot of questions. The first thing of them is he might be the “Man with the Burned Mark”. Then Vegapunk takes the group to show something which we never see in the chapter.

Vegapunk & Luffy

Dr Vegapunk

From that, we move on to the next scene where we see again Luffy with the Giant Robot. There nothing major happens. However, we meet the real Vegapunk in the present time. His brain has become short. He was caught in a space-time rift while trying to warp. We get confirmation from Bonney that he is the real Vegapunk. For the first time, Vegapunk calls Luffy Dragon’s son. Then we get to know that he is the leader of SSG. After that, this massive informative chapter ends. Also, no break next week, so it continues next week I think.

One Piece 1067 Theories and Predictions


This chapter changes many things that we may consider now for the future. First of all, Kid might be in Elbaf. According to Wano’s ending, they are searching for Jaguar D. Saul, the man with the burned mark. In this chapter, we get to know they are in Elbaf.

Secondly, A question rises. Why did 20 kingdoms attack the Ancient Kingdom? Was it jealousy towards their progress? Or, they wanted to steal stuff? Or is it supremacy they wanted?

Third, we came to know Vegapunk had other plans when he joined the World Government. He said there are good people in the Navy that will help him. He rejected joining Dragon. However, what’s his plan for SSG to do? 

Fourth, SSG and SWORD might be working together to stop World Government from the inside.

Fifth, What will Vegapunk show Sanji’s group? It might be something related to Devil Fruit. He can show something that will prove his connection to Garp and SWORD might get revealed. There also might be various technology from the Ancient Kingdom he remade.

Sixth, What is the Freedom Fighter group?  The dragon did not have a face tattoo 22 years ago, so what does that tattoo symbolize? Is that proof of Revolution or a symbol of the Ancient Kingdom?

Finally, we saw Vegapunk was caught in a space-time rift. What is he creating? Is it Toki’s Time Time fruit remake or the warp fruit remake?


After this chapter many things got clear. Like Aokiji is genuinely a good person. He didn’t kill Saul. Then how the Revolutionary Army was founded was also told here a little bit. We also saw what was Ohara planning and the reason for the Ancient Kingdom’s destruction. However, the story opens up for more options now. The next chapters will shed more light on what the Ancient Kingdom was. We also might get the name of the Kingdom. So let’s wait and see what happens in the world of One Piece next.

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