Will Straw Hat Return to Wano?

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Will Straw Hat Return to Wano

As we reach the end of Wano people are theorizing about what might come next. As the end comes we are ready for the next story. A journey again that will be thrilling, exciting, full of mysteries, and new places.

As many people are predicting next arc might lead to Elbaf or Hachinosu or Vira. We think it might be Sphinx Island. However, there is a theory that we might soon return to Wano again. Hints are everywhere in this chapter if you look closely. Here are some possible reasons Why Straw Hats will Return to Wano?

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Luffy visits his beloved brother Ace’s grave

So our prediction is we are gonna start the main events of the Final Saga after Luffy visits his beloved brother Ace’s grave. As we all know Luffy never thanked Marco for saving him in the Marineford war we might see that as well in the Sphinx Island. Also in the end Marco’s leaving was left unanswered. So will we see the meeting of Marco and Luffy also there?

Sphinx Island as a prediction might be a short arc like Zou covering a lot of Information. There we might get to know a lot about the past or info regarding God Valley or Marines from Marco as well. As the First Commander of Whitebeard, he might help us a lot too. Then I think we meet with Shanks and then might return to Wano.

Will Straw Hat Return to Wano?

So the topic of today’s discussion, will we return to Wano? Will we see Yamato as a ‘Nakama’?

For the Yamato fans, there is still hope left. As the latest chapter ended we got some hints or teases about our fated return to Wano. The Final chapter has many hints regarding Wano not ending completely. We were left with many unanswered questions with Wano that might come later. We are trying to connect some hints to make a possible theory of it happening in a very probable circumstance.

Reasons of Returning to Wano

Return to Wano!

Yonko Luffy’s Territory

LUFFY Jolly Roger

 For the first time, Luffy officially hoisted a flag on an island, which means the Wano is now their territory. As we know Yonko’s are well connected with their territory so returning to Wano is quite possible. Secondly, he also officially announced Yamato, Momo, and Kin’emon their crew member. He also promised to take them whenever they want to join them. Finally, the chapter ended by announcing a break. The narrator/ Oda said until we meet again. So is it a hint of our return to Wano after a short arc break?

Big Mom Plot

Big Mom Plot

In Wano fan’s biggest disappointment may be the crew of Big Mom pirates. They came and disappeared we never heard anything from them again. However, this uncleared plotline may come as a huge threat, and Straw hat pirates’ eventual return to Wano again. The Big Mom pirates might have saved Big Mom from the eruption.

They might be hiding and recuperating the health of Big Mom. As Big Mom got defeated she said something related to the One Piece is hidden in Wano. We never got confirmation of what she referred there. People predict it might be Pluton. However, chances are it is probably not. After Big mom wakes up we might see her trying to capture Wano in the absence of Kaido and Luffy. So soon enough Luffy might return to Wano in order to save Momo again.

Since Luffy destroyed Big Mom’s Territory, she wants revenge and wants to destroy Straw Hat’s Territory. To save his area Luffy will come back.


pluton in Wano

Now, we did not see Pluton in the land of Wano although we got confirmation of its existence. So will we return again in order to see it or we will see it in the Finale? I have an answer for that also. We might return to Wano in order to retrieve it from the hands of Blackbeard. We predict that Blackbeard right now is hunting for ancient weapons. So he might end up in Wano for Pluton. As Luffy announced at the end, hurting our friends means you are the enemies of Straw Hats. Also, I don’t think there is anyone at Wano to handle the Blackbeard crew right now. This thread also finally connects and rejuvenates the thought of Yamato joining the crew.


Like Oden, Yamato wants to live freely

As we know Blackbeard has 10 Titanic Commanders. As a result and prediction people were sure Luffy will also have 10 commanders. Every commander vs Commander will be a treat to watch. As we left Wano without Yamato and hinting her future joining like Jinbei. Is there any better place to pick her up from rather than her home Wano? While Blackbeard tries to retrieve Pluton Yamato will support and eventually join the Straw Hats.

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For now, this whole thing is a theory and prediction of mine. It might now come true but there are a lot of chances of its happening. So fans do you agree with this idea? Or will you hate it if it happens? Let us know in the comments. If you like our content share and help us reach more people. See you soon with another interesting article.

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