One Piece 1065: Vegapunk Reveals Ancient Kingdom’s Post-Apocalyptic Secret

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Vegapunk Reveals Ancient Kingdom

One Piece chapter 1065 dropped with a massive twist in the story. The chapter was totally covered in typical One Piece adventure and world-building. However, it got very serious with the last pages as we get to know a big secret regarding Vegapunk’s Island.

There is one thing to notice in this chapter that is we skipped some important stuff. The ongoing battle between Law and Blackbeard has been totally skipped as also the conversation between Dragon and Vegapunk(Shaka). This chapter is divided into two main parts revealing different information. One is about Seraphims and the second one is about the Ancient Kingdom. 

Zoro and Brook

Zoro and Brook

The chapter starts with a very normal circumstance. In the beginning, we came to know why Zoro and Brook left to save the ship. As Zoro said, it’s a Government Island so if Straw Hats get captured someone has to save them. That is why both of them stayed outside. Also, we get to know that they helped Caribou because he helped Luffy. However, they are gonna leave him in the egghead as Zoro said. Then we get into the first interesting part of this chapter.

The Six Vegapunks

All six Vegapunk

The second part starts with a little bit of exploration. We get two revelations in this part. First, we see all the Vegapunks and their work process for the first time along with more inventions. He has escalators and doors that can be passed from only one side. Also, we get to know, York is the one who is used for eating by Vegapunk. Then there are Edison and Pythagoras who like to invent and experiment respectively. Finally, we also see Shaka a.k.a Punk 01 who is as we see the commanding body of the 6 Vegapunks. His design is like a tall and handsome man. However, we still don’t see his/her face. So it’s unclear if Shaka is male or female. Then we got into another part of this part.

Seraphim Jimbe

Seraphim Jimbe

The crew meets with Seraphim Jimbe. With Seraphim many things come to a decision regarding Seraphims. First of all, we can almost certainly say they made the Seraphim of those who were Warlords. Also, the Lineage Factor was confirmed. That means Vegapunk successfully completed MADS test.

Also, this chapter confirms that Seraphim Jimbe has a devil fruit power. The Devil Fruit power is very well known to fans. It’s the fruit of Senor Pink. However, this raises a question, are all the Seraphims going to have a Devil Fruit? What happened to Senor Pink? Is he dead or somehow finally Vegapunk successfully completed the copying of Devil Fruits?

One thing is also confirmed the copies can use the power of the original beings. As we see Seraphim Jimbe can use Fishman Karate. Now finally the main part of this chapter starts here.

The Ancient Kingdom History

Ancient Kingdon

As we came to the end of the chapter we get into one of the biggest reveals of the One Piece world history. As we see Franky and Shaka speak more, Shaka reveals a huge information regarding Egghead Island. We came to know that there was a civilization 900 years ago that had much more high technology. This implies that the whole world and story are happening in a post-apocalyptic setting. 900 years ago Ancient Kingdom already created all the techs that Vegapunk is creating now. This opens up a lot of theories regarding many things. Also at the end, we see Luffy and the gang meet a Giant Robot stabbed with a huge sword in the junkyard.

Theory Regarding the Past

This implies Vegapunk is quite aware of the Blank Century. So this also clears why World Government wants to kill Vegapunk. This also clarifies a bit of info regarding Devil Fruits. As we see Vegapunk was trying to recreate Devil fruits, so he must have learned that Devil fruits are the product of science. So this leads to the swim fruit in this chapter used by Jimbe. So they might not be artificial fruit but a replica of the original fruit.

Will of D. Race

As we know, the Lineage Factor is a great part of Vegapunk’s research. So he might be creating Devil fruits of the past using the Lineage Factor. That means the original Devil Fruits might carry some Lineage Factor of their past users. That also explains why Zoan fruit might carry a will of their own. This also leads to a little idea regarding the clan of the D. Were the creators of Devil Fruit during Void Century known as the D where D stands for Devil?

 Celestial Dragons

As we know Celestial Dragons/Gods somehow destroyed the old Ancient Kingdom. So Devil fruits were created in order to stop the so-called Gods at that time. Is that why the D are called the enemy of the Gods? Also as we still don’t know a little insight into Dragon and Vegapunk connection is here too. Vegapunk Shaka might be Luffy’s mother as her face is still hidden. So that also might be the connection between Shaka and Dragon.


Still, there are a lot more questions there. The biggest one is still how the ancient Kingdom got destroyed. For now, we know, there was Joyboy, Technology far superior to now, Devil Fruits of all Kinds, Zou and Ancient Weapons were also with Joyboy- still, they lost. So what was the power of the enemy? Will the Void Century come soon? The hype continues so let’s wait for the next chapter.

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