What is Luffy’s Real Dream in Chapter 1060?

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What is Luffy's Actual Dream?

One Piece Chapter 1060 came out and the chapter was titled Luffy’s Dream. A chapter that many fans are waiting for for a long time. However, as always Oda teased the fanbase not giving the proper answer.

So what might be Luffy’s Dream? As many fans believed Luffy’s dream to be the King of the Pirates was officially proved to be wrong. As we got the information in this chapter Luffy needs to be the Pirate King to achieve his dream.

Ace and sabo after hearing Luffy's Actual Dream

Many many theories move around the fanbase predicting what might be his true goal. However, still, no one can confirm what it might be. In this chapter, we got a little bit of almost nothing but confirmation about him having a dream except being the Pirate king. Also, we came to know Shanks also knows about his dream.

So who knows what is dream is in this situation? Ace, Sabo, Yamato, and Straw Hats are all confirmed. Now Shanks knows it so it refers to Shanks’ previous conversation with Rayleigh.

Shanks conversation with Rayleigh about Luffy's dream

He said to rayleigh that a kid in East Blue said the same thing as Captain Rogers. So the parallel between Roger and Luffy in Wano Flashback refers to their dreams. So Rayleigh also knows about it and Roger and Luffy have the same dream.

So what is it? We are still unsure of what it might be. As we saw all the reactions of the crew we got the confirmation of its being very childish or fluffy-like. Also referring to Wano again, we many times got Luffy saying about creating a world where the people might get to eat food as much as they want. So it might be to throw the biggest party. However, there are many circumstances that refer to many things.

It might be Freedom. He might want to free every race from their slavery to the World Government. Though this dream does not feel very childish. So his freedom might be to just travel the whole world without any sadness.

What is Luffy's Actual Dream, Luffy and Roger have same dream

After seeing the reaction of the crew it also might be to unite all the races together to enjoy and partying together also might be his dream. Also, it might be said Luffy wanted to be friends/Nakama with every living being this also makes the circumstance very hilarious and childlike. However, we can see Luffy say it.

With this idea open ill end my article. Share your opinions with us in our comment section. See you guys soon in another One Piece article.

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