One Piece Chapter 1058: Straw Hat’s Yonko Commander Names and Bounty Confirmed

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Subhra Jit

Straw Hat's Yonko Commander

New One Piece Chapter 1058 has dropped titled “New Emperor”. This chapter in many aspects a fan-favorite chapter. Lots of Bounty reveals regarding the Straw Hats and the New Emperors. 

So without delay gets directly into the main plot of the chapter.

As we sail away from the land of Wano, we got our Yonko crew on the Thousand Sunny. After a long time, we got our goofy crew to set on a new journey. However, this journey is different. We are going to the next Island as an emperor Crew.

This chapter is one of the fan-favorite Bounty chapters. We saw our crew with new bounties as they were announced by Yonko Commanders. As well as we saw our newest member Jimbei on the Thousand Sunny. This chapter for the fanbase is very nostalgic as we see our crew doing shenanigans on the ship.

The chapter begins as we see Nami beating Luffy up. Jimbei and others also have a very funny conversation. In between this  Robin receives the new bounties. As always this bounty reveal is very interesting and hype. For fans, this might be the second last bounty reveal for straw Hats as we proceed towards Laugh tale.

New Bounty Poster: 

New Bounty Poster

The Bounty jump for our 9 commander crew members is huge. So we are revealing all the bounties in order. 

  • Emperor “Straw Hat” Luffy: 3,000.000,000 berries
  • Swordmaster “Pirate Hunter” Zoro: 1,100,001,100 berries
  • Cook “Black-Leg” Sanji: 1,032,000,000 berries
  • Helmsman “The Knight of the Sea” Jimbe: 1,100,000,000 berries
  • Archaeologist “Devil Child” Nico Robin: 930,000,000 berries
  • Sniper “ God” Usopp: 500,000,000 berries
  • Shipwright  “Cyborg” Franky: 394,000,000 berries
  • Musician “Soul King” Brook: 383,000,000 berries
  • Navigator “Cat Burglar” Nami: 366,000,000 berries 
  • Doctor “Cotton Candy Lover” Chopper: 1000 berries

So with this, the Emperor with his 9 Commanders started his journey again for the treasure of One Piece. However, unusually we don’t see the bounty poster of the Straw Hats. Nami’s poster is the same as other posters. The only change we see is the Franky poster. They used the Thousand Sunny as the poster. They didn’t give Franky’s picture. Maybe like Sanji, this might become relevant in the future story.

Also, a big change might the highest bounties for the crew. Like most times Sanji is not the 3rd highest bounty holder. Jimbe with his 1.1bil bounty becomes the third highest. It might become a trend for Zoro and Sanji fans. Also, the Chopper bounty gag is still going on as he only has 100 berries as a bounty. 

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Subhrajit is a university student who loves to watch anime and read manga. He has been watching anime for a long time. Now he has decided to write and share his love for anime with others.
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