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Tony Tony Chopper was the sixth member to join and is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is in actuality a reindeer who consumed a devil fruit that goes by the name – ‘Hito Hito no Mi’, which allows the consumer to transform at will into a human hybrid. He is also one of the Nine Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet,

He was taught the way of the doctor on Drum Island by Doctor Hiriluk and Kureha who also acted as his parental figures.

Chopper also goes by the name – ‘Cotton Candy Lover’ Chopper.

JAPANESE NAMEトニートニー・チョッパー
EP 81


Before and After Time Skip

Chopper is a human/reindeer hybrid the size of a young child, but thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, he can shift his appearance to accommodate the circumstance. Additionally, he has a stunning blue nose.

He typically wears a maroon pair of shorts and a vast pale red/pink fuzzy top hat with a sideways medical cross that was a gift from Hiriluk. He occasionally also carries a blue backpack with the same diagonal medical cross on it as his cap.



Chopper frequently behaves like a child and is incredibly frightened around strangers. He is just as easily impressed by weapons like beams, cannons, and hidden powers as Luffy is.

Like Usopp and Nami, he can be a coward at times, although his behavior can be explained by his immaturity and general lack of faith in his fighting prowess.

As he is the youngest, Chopper is the most sympathetic member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Following the time skip, Chopper seems to have gained confidence in himself and his skills. He is now determined to be someone who can carry out any of his captain’s orders effectively.

Chopper is an upright friend and caring companion who will do whatever to complete a mission assigned to his team. When it comes to eating sweets, Chopper has a sugar craving and is just as passionate about food as Luffy.




As Chopper is a Raindeer, he can comprehend and effectively communicate with other animals. This makes him the bridge of communication between animals and his crew members.

Tactical Skills

Despite his childlike appearance, Chopper is extremely rational and clever. He can come up with effective solutions to complicated situations. He is also blessed with high analytical and reasoning ability, meaning he is able to deduce a rational escape from tough situations.

Medical Expertise

Chopper learned medicine and applications of medicinal drugs from Dr. Kureha and Dr. Hiriluk who were one of the finest doctors of the medicinally superior kingdom of Drum Island. Thanks to their guidance Chopper has outstanding knowledge of medicines, medicinal herbs, and drugs.

Chopper is in all sense, an amazing doctor himself as he can indulge in surgeries and treat brutal wounds. He also has a great concept about being a doctor – that is, he can cure any disease because according to him there is nothing like an incurable illness.

Devil Fruit

Chopper Devil Fruit Form

Chopper consumed the devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, which is classified as a Zoan-type Devil fruit that grants Chopper the ability to transform at his own will into a hybrid of reindeer and human or just simply a human.

  • Jumping Point: Makes his legs long and agile.
  • Guard Point: Turns his fur into a protective ball of fluff.
  • Arm Point: Makes his arms bulky and strong.
  • Horn Point: Grants him large, powerful antlers.
  • Kung Fu Point: Makes him like Kung Fu Panda


Since Chopper is the youngest member of the crew, he has always been getting lessons on maturity and masculinity from other crew members. He is especially close to Luffy who accepted and liked him for his transformations, the same transformations that had Chopper labeled as a monster by others.

He jokes and fools around with Luffy while being deeply inspired by his actions and ideologies. He respects Luffy the most since Luffy is the ideal captain for any crew.

Chopper idolizes Zoro because he believes that Zoro is super cool and strong. He is often amazed by Zoro’s swordsmanship and is awestruck by the latter’s mental fortitude and skills.

Zoro in return also cares for Chopper and is the most protective of him. He also in various scenes has been shown to light up Chopper’s mood every time Chopper is depressed or anxious.

Similarly, Nami and the rest of the crew love and admire Chopper for his childish behavior, rational deductions, and expertise in medicine. The crew considers Chopper an integral part of the team and Chopper considers the Straw Hat Pirates to be his family.

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