Will the One Piece Live-Action Be Another Adaptation Failure?

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Is the One Piece Live-Action Adaptation another failure?

The One Piece Live-Action Adaptation has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced. Fans of the anime and manga series have been waiting for years to see their favorite characters come to life on the big screen. However, with the recent history of live-action adaptations, many are skeptical about how the One Piece adaptation will turn out.

On July 22nd, One Piece Day the full trailer of the One Piece Live Action came out. Even though the teaser trailer received much criticism, the recent full trailer has gained a lot of love and appreciation from the fans. The trailer has created a new wave of craze among One Piece lovers.

Fans Vs Anime Live-Action Adaptations

It is worth mentioning that most of the anime live-action adaptations in the recent past were not well received by the core fanbases.

The adaptation of Dragon Ball, for example, was heavily criticized for its poor casting choices, weak script, and terrible special effects.

The recent adaptation of Death Note also received many negative reviews for its poor writing and lack of faithfulness to the source material.

With these failures in mind, fans are rightfully concerned about the One Piece adaptation and whether it will be another failure.

Audience Reaction and Criticism

Audience Reaction and criticism

The New One Piece live-action trailer, even though has been praised by many, has received a lot of criticism too.

On social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, fans expressed their disappointment with the adaptation.

Many fans criticized the adaptation for the usual – “poor casting choices”, “weak storytelling”, and “character design” choices along with the bad use of CGI in some action scenes.

Fans on Roger

Fans Criticism about Roger

First of all, there is a huge contradiction among the fans regarding the casting choice of Roger. The debate about Roger’s portrayal as the Pirate King and the strongest pirate in the live-action One Piece series has divided fans.

Some fans were quick to point that Roger doesn’t look like Pirate King who has money, fame, and power as expected, while others defend him.

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Our Take: In the trailer, we see Roger on his knees waiting for his execution, which is a significant moment in the One Piece narrative. At that time, Roger was imprisoned in the notorious Impel Down, where prisoners faced extreme harshness.

Moreover, anyone who follows one piece knows that Roger was suffering from a terminal illness, with only six months left to live before he was executed.

With these circumstances in mind, the live-action series aims to stay true to Roger’s situation at this critical point in the storyline.

The portrayal reflects the sufferings he endured as a condemned man, facing the brutal conditions of Impel Down while also coming to terms with his own mortality.

So, according to us at least, Roger’s cast is perfect.

One Piece Fans on Shanks

Fans Criticism about Shanks

Many don’t seem to like the wig hairstyle and costume design for Shanks.

In the One Piece series, his iconic appearance, including his hairstyle and attire, holds a special place in fans’ hearts. We only saw Shanks for 10s and also he is pre time-skip Shanks.

Being one of the all-time fan favorites, a lot is riding on this potrayal.

image 8

Shanks is Played by British actor Peter Gadiot. Much like Shanks, Peter too is of Nordic descent. While nothing can be said for sure we will like to be positive and will root for him.

One Piece fans on One Piece live-action Arlong

Fans Criticism about Arlong

Another character design that has created a buzz is Arlong.

While His design kind of feels whacky, Arlong is a Fishman, and from if we look at his character design in the manga, it is quite accurate.

Despite that, One Piece fans have their reservations regarding those.

One Piece Fans on One Piece live-action Sanji

image 10

Throughout the trailer, we got many glimpses of Sanji. Sanji’s fight choreography in the trailer too seems great.

However, some were quick to bring up the point that his kicks and attacks feel sometimes very wire controlled. Like there is an invisible wire that’s holding him which we know there is but the editing of those scenes makes it kind of obvious.

There are some minor criticisms regarding some of the still shots of Nami too. From the story, everyone knows she is a very strong woman who has a very emotional side to her.

But according to some fans, those moments are not there in the trailer.

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So is the trailer good or bad?


As a long-time fan of One Piece, I believe the trailer for the live-action adaptation was quite successful in its goal of spreading the word about One Piece.

While there are some criticisms and complaints from old fans, it’s important to remember that this adaptation is based on Eiichiro Oda’s original work, and creative choices may have been made to suit the medium of live-action.

The trailer’s success lies in its ability to capture the essence of the beloved manga and anime while offering a fresh and unique take on the story.

By being different, the live-action series has the potential to attract its own fanbase, consisting of both existing manga and anime fans and those who may be new to the world of One Piece.

It is natural for adaptations to have some story changes, but it is reassuring to know that these changes were approved by the original author himself. So we can safely say that the essence of the story will likely be preserved, even with some modifications.

In terms of casting and design choices, it’s essential to reserve judgment until we see the full series. The 3 minutes shown in the trailer cannot fully represent the entirety of an 8-10 hour-long series.

Keeping faith in the talented cast and crew involved in the production is essential to give the series a fair chance.

Overall, the trailer successfully piqued the interest of fans all around the world and managed to generate excitement for season one.

As fans, we should approach the series with an open mind and give it a genuine chance, hoping that it will finally break the curse of previous disappointing live-action adaptations.

With Oda Sensei’s approval and the dedication of the creators, there is reason to be optimistic about the live-action’s potential success in sharing the epic tale of One Piece with a broader audience.

The Great parts of the trailer

Now as we have talked about the specific criticisms of the trailer, I strongly believe that it deserves much more praise for the perfect set designs let alone the great voice acting and sound designs.

Specifically, many fans had their issues regarding Luffy but this trailer changed their fear for good. Their CGI is great along with the devil fruit powers and the sea beasts too. The best thing the trailer has offered is the characters of Buggy and Mihawk.

To me, Mihawk might be the best design in the live-action series. Also, they have got some of the comedy parts done very well which many were worried about.

Overall this 3 minutes trailer created a new never-seen-before hype for any live-action manga/anime adaptation.

Live Action Adaptation Challenges


Adapting a popular manga like One Piece for live-action is a challenge in itself. The adaptation process requires the filmmakers to balance the expectations of the fans with the need to create a coherent and engaging story that can stand on its own.

Character Design

One of the most significant hurdles in adapting One Piece is the character design. The manga’s characters are known for their distinct and exaggerated features, such as Luffy’s rubbery body, Sanji’s Black Leg moves, and Zoro’s three-sword fighting style.

Translating these features into live-action while ensuring that the characters look believable and remaining faithful to the source material is no small feat. One which definitely took days and months of planning.


Another obstacle in adapting One Piece is the storyline. The manga is notorious for its 1000-plus chapter with multiple arcs.

The filmmakers need to ensure that they capture the essence of the story while making it accessible to a wider audience. They also need to ensure that the pacing is right and that the story does not feel rushed or dragged out.

Special Effects

One Piece anime has a lot of special effects, such as the Devil Fruit powers and the various attacks used by the characters.

Needless to say, it is extremely difficult to ensure that the special effects are convincing and do not look cheap or unrealistic not to mention expensive.


Casting the right actors for the roles is crucial in any adaptation, and One Piece is no exception. Ensuring that the actors can do justice to the characters and bring them to life on screen will be crucial.

All in all, I’m super hyped too, and I can’t wait to see how this live-action version of One Piece will unfold and potentially change the landscape of anime/manga adaptations for the better!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the live-action adaptation of One Piece has the potential to become one of the best live-action anime adaptations. The dedication of the Netflix One Piece team is evident in the attention to detail showcased in the trailer.

However, the fans’ caution is justifiable given the past record of anime Live actions. So keeping both sides into account and me personally being a fan I think the judgment should be given after watching the whole series.

This series and the cast deserve all the love for their hard work. So just wait a month and then decide for yourself how good or bad it was.

As Oda sensei said, “…Now, whatever feelings you choose to harbor in the meantime, it’s still going to be one month, so please have some tea as you wait!

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