Why does New Pacifista Seraphim Look like Boa and Mihawk with Lunarians Power?

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Why does Seraphims Look like Boa and Mihawk

One Piece Chapter 1059 was terrific in every aspect. This chapter covered a lot of things revealing some huge information regarding the World Government. However, the biggest reveal was the secret weapon “Seraphim”.

So what are the Seraphim? Are they part of the SSG? How did they were made? Why do they look like Lunarian? Why does one of them look like Boa Hancock and the other one like Mihawk? Many questions and not a lot of answers. So we are gonna analyze those topics in our article.

What is Seraphims?

“Seraphims” according to Biblical references are the highest ranking angels. They are God’s closest angels. They always keep protecting God. In this circumstance, we can assume Imu as the God and analyze them as the Seraphim. However, are they the SSG who were created to exchange the Warlords?


Many people are theorizing many things about them. Their appearance is totally like a child with the physical look of a Lunarian. So they might be made using the DNA of Lunarians like King. Still, why do they look like kids? Were Punk Hazard’s test subjects somehow used in this kind of Project Seraphim? 

Why does Seraphim Look like Boa and Mihawk with Lunarian’s Power?

This leads to our next topic of discussion, which is how many Seraphims are there in total? As the first impression represents it might have been a test run as they were trying to record their performance. If the Warlords are turned into Seraphims then this might be related to DNA testing. When they become Warlord they must have agreed to the Navy’s R&D that they will help them in research

This leads to many people having their Kid Seraphim versions. Roger, Ace, Whitebeard, King, Queen, Kaido, Law, Blackbeard, Moria, Crocodile, Kuma, Jimbei, and Doflamingo all might be remade into Seraphims.

SSG Vegapunk

This also leads to interesting stuff like MADs research of Lunarians’ DNA. This also opens the theory of Sanji being a Lunarian. There are still a lot of questions like will the kids grow big? They might turn big very quickly as they are probably the test subjects that were used to create giants. Also, we know that science research was a huge part that revolved around turning kids into Giants. 

Overall, the story took a very unexpected turn with this chapter. What the future holds for the world of One Piece is still unknown. This is just the beginning of “Final Saga”. Let’s see what the next chapter is about.

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