What will be Winter Island Straw Hat Going?

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The Winter Island

Chapter 1060 of One Piece came with another mystery. This chapter was a feast for the fanbase. Many things were revealed including some awesome lore. This chapter from beginning to end was true entertainment.

About One Piece Chapter 1060

How Imu (IM) Destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom

This chapter introduced us to Im-sama’s new power, a blink at Luffy’s true dream, and new news on Sabo. However, one thing went out of people’s hype which was the new Island. With some massive impact, the next island hint was suppressed. So what will be the next island?

The chapter ended when we got info that we might enter into a Winter Island. So what Winter Island will it be? Also, we met Bonney at the end of the chapter, so which place we are at? We know she was at Mary Geoise. We are close to Wano so how did she travel this far and how did she got caught up in that Eddy? So where are we going?

There are many places we can predict as well as places referred to in the Road to Laugh Tale volumes. However here we are going to try to speculate as close as possible about the Island. As many people thought and predicted right now after this chapter to me it specifies we are close to Elbaf. Now, why do I think so? Let’s get into more details.

Shanks’s Territory


We saw Ace first meet Shanks on a Winter Island. So we might be going to that Island next. So according to the progression of Luffy’s journey Shanks might be our next enemy or obstacle. Luffy’s Haki is still not at its peak so it will also be very awesome to see Shanks teach him the final parts. Now, why do I think that Island is Elbaf? From the beginning, many people theorized that Elbaf will be Shanks’ territory. As we know, Shanks has a Norse Mythology connection. So Giants island being Shanks’ territory is quite possible. Let’s get onto another theory regarding Elbaf.

Vegapunk’s Research

SSG Vegapunk

The Island might be Vegapunk’s Research lab. From Franky’s story during the timeskip, we know Vegapunk’s research lab was on a Winter Island. So now in the Navy, he might have opened a research lab on a Winter Island. So why is it Elbaf? There are lots of ways to go there. The Devil Fruit tree might be from Elbaf and Vegapunk might be researching that. He also might be in Elbaf to research the giants.

Jewellery Bonney and Kuma

Now, how do all these connect to meeting Jewellery Bonney? There has to be a major role for Bonney to play. Here, I’m gonna pull a thread saying she might have been a part of Revolutionary or she was the daughter of Kuma. So, she came to find Vegapunk to recover Kuma. 

Blackbeard’s birth Island

Blackbeard’s birth Island

Also, it might be Blackbeard’s birth Island. We know Blackbeard never sleeps. However, in chapter 134 Luffy said people in Snowy countries never sleep. This also might lead us to more info on Blackbeard connecting many loose ends of One Piece to a single point. As we finally meet Vegapunk also on that island. 

Finally, leaving the Elbaf theory might also lead to any other island. Vira might be one. It’s known as the Sunny Kingdom, however, its having Coups inside the country. So the weather change might be a representation of the changed sunny nature of that kingdom. 

So with this, I end my theorizing. We will meet again with another article when the new chapter comes. Did you like it?  if you liked it tell us in the comments.

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Subhrajit is a university student who loves to watch anime and read manga. He has been watching anime for a long time. Now he has decided to write and share his love for anime with others.
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