Who Kidnapped Pudding and Why? Black Beard can Read Poneglyph Now?

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Who Kidnapped Pudding and Why

One Piece chapter 1063 was released recently and was a very excellent chapter. The chapter from beginning to end was a stunning setup for the final. From the beginning of the Final Saga, the chapters have been very information heavy. This chapter was not very different from that point. In this chapter, the first major thing happens on the cover page so let’s just discuss it.


The chapter starts with Germa 66’s Cold Blooded Voyage cover story. We predicted in our last article that Pudding might get kidnapped. In this chapter, we see her really getting kidnapped. However, Oda still kept it hidden the person who kidnapped her. However, this time we see Cracker being frozen totally. So who might that person be?

#1. Aokiji

Kuzan fire burn from One Piece with glasses

As the chapter goes we come to see Blackbeard has started hunting for Road Poneglyphs. However, we don’t know how he deciphers the Poneglyphs as no one in his crew can read it. So the Pudding kidnapping might be related to that fact. Looking at the Ice, it truly might be Aokiji who might have become the 10th Commander of the Blackbeard Crew. This might be the closest prediction to be made about this situation.

#2. Seraphim

Why does Seraphims Look like Boa and Mihawk

However, there might be another possibility. As many people after seeing the silhouette of the 1046 cover story believe the show doesn’t match Aokiji. So if it’s not Aokiji who might it be? I think there is a chance it might be a Seraphim. This might be 2  Admiral Seraphims who was sent by Vegapunk to kidnap Pudding.

Pudding might be the only Three-eyed tribe member alive so Vegapunk wants to test her. Vegapunk might want to create a translator that might help every human to learn the truth of the world by reading the Poneglyph. Also, this might be the reason behind Imu trying to assassinate Dr. Vegapunk. 

#3. New Unkown Character

Who might be? Guess in the comment.

With this, My article comes to an end. However, the next chapter might reveal more information regarding this cover story. Let’s wait and see what happens next as there is no break next week.

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Subhrajit is a university student who loves to watch anime and read manga. He has been watching anime for a long time. Now he has decided to write and share his love for anime with others.
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