One Piece SBS 105: Shimotsuki Zoro, Tama related to Orochi, sanji’s eyebrows change, And More

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One Piece SBS 105

One Piece SBS 105 has been released recently. This volume has been very controversial among the fanbase. However, it had some juicy information inside which is very important to know. Some major information regarding Zoro got revealed in the volume. Also, there was stuff related to Sanji, Tama, and even Chopper in the One Piece SBS of Volume 105. So let’s discuss some of that info in this article.

Zoro’s Family Lineage

Shimotsuki Zoro’s Family Tree

The most interesting yet controversial reveal in this SBS was Zoro’s family tree. Through this info, we came to know about two major things. First, Zoro and the Sword God Ryuma’s connection. Secondly, Ushimaru exactly looks like Zoro with blue hair. What is the relationship between Daimyo Ushimaru and Zoro? Let’s discuss the family tree and how it connects everything.

55 years ago, Shimotsuki Kozabura left Wano with 25 more people among them there was Shimotsuki Furiko the older sister of Shimotsuki Ushimaru. After that 10 people formed the Shimotsuki Village in East Blue. After that Kozaburo married a village girl and gave birth to Shimotsuki Koushirou and Furiko married Roronoa Pinzoro. Koushirou is known to us as the father of Kuina, Zoro’s childhood rival and the reason behind his ambition. Pinzoro and Furiko gave birth to Roronoa Arashi. After that, Arashi married Terra, a bandit’s daughter. Arashi and Terra gave birth to our King Of Hell, Zoro.

Now, the interesting thing about this comes after it. Ushimaru is a descendant of the Legendary Swordsman Ryuma whose zombie we met at Thriller Bark. Also,  Zoro got his Shusui from. Now this means Ushimaru is the great uncle of Zoro. Also, it establishes the connection between Zoro and Ryuma.

Kurozumi Tama

Kurozumi Tama

Oda in the SBS also confirms the full name of O-tama which is Kurozumi Tama. That means Tama is from the family of Orochi. Also in this topic, Oda also clarified confusion regarding the dialogue of Hiyori. He confirms that Hiyori in that chapter was literally talking about the death of Orochi. She did not mean the whole Kurozumi clan or even Tama herself. 

Sanji’s Scientific Growth

Sanji’s Scientific Growth

In this SBS, Oda confirmed that Sanji had a latent scientific power in the past too. That latent power gave him high resistance to heat and the reason why Sanji’s legs never burn off the Diable Jambe. However, in the fight against Queen, his full potential awakened turning his eyebrow in the way like his brothers. Though it became normal as he won the fight.

The Cure for SMILE

The Cure for SMILE

Oda also gave an answer regarding the cure for SMILE fruit. He said Chopper does not have the cure for those people yet which means he might be able to cure them after he achieves his dream. However, Oda said there are things in the world that can’t be changed even if we try for now it’s one of those situations. 


These are some of the major pieces of information that are very much canon to the story and important to know. So we shared it through our article. Hopefully, you enjoy this and we will meet again in our next article.

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