The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 2 Release Date, Plot, News And More

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The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 3

The Kingdoms of Ruin is a bold and edgy anime that has impressed viewers with its gore and revenge-based storyline. As the anime approaches the end of its first season, fans are very curious about when they will be getting a second season.

For those who wish to know about the future of The Kingdoms of Ruin, look no further as we will be looking at all we know about its second season.

The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 2 Release Date

The Kingdoms of Ruin Review

At the time of writing this article, there has been no confirmation regarding season 2 of The Kingdoms of Ruin.

Unfortunately, as the anime will be ending very close to the final chapter of the manga, the earliest we can expect Season 2 of The Kingdoms of Ruin is in 2025 or 2026.

What is The Kingdoms of Ruin About?

The Kingdoms of Ruin episode 1

The Kingdoms of Ruin is purely a story based on vengeance. It follows a human named Adonis who is the apprentice of a powerful witch named Chloe. In a world of scientific progress, however, witches are hated and hunted down. When Chloe’s inevitable fate eventually catches up to her, Adonis vows to get his revenge and kill all of mankind.

What sticks out about The Kingdoms of Ruin is the fact that Adonis is a truly irredeemable protagonist who has very few good things about him. The story embraces the fact that he is a bad guy and doesn’t hold back on its bloodshed.

Source Material Status of The Kingdoms of Ruin

The Kingdoms of Ruin Manga

The manga, which is the original source material of the story, currently has 44 chapters. This is barely 10 chapters more than where Season 2 will end.

This would also mean that there is not enough content for another season. Considering the fact that the most recent story arc has just properly started, we are at least a few years away from the second season.

What Will Happen in The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 2?

What Will Happen in The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 2

After the events of the Anime, the story follows Adonis and Doroka as they head to Markpoint, a nation with superior medical technology in order to fix Doroka’s eyes. While the country looks normal at first glance, there is a terrifying secret behind its success.

As Queen Dorothea continues to search for Adonis, several other countries also join in to capture our main characters. Will their strength be enough to survive what seems to be an impossible situation?

The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 2 Teaser

At this moment, there has been no PV or Teaser released for Season 2 The Kingdoms of Ruin. While the series keeps getting better storywise, a common complaint has been the sub-par animation quality. Hence, the future of the animating studio – Yokohama Animation Lab, is also unsure for now.

The Kingdoms of Ruin Season 2 Expectations

The Kingdoms of Ruin Expectations 

As the story progresses, there are several questions that fans wish to be answered. Are Queen Dorothea and Doroka related as they look alike and share similar powers? Why does the Queen want Adonis? Will Adonis and Doroka ever fall in love with each other?

While it is too early in the series to provide satisfactory answers to these questions, fans will be expecting them to be addressed in the coming season. 

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