Mashle Season 2 Release Date, Story and More

Mashle Season 2

Mashle Magic and Muscles is an exciting and hilarious Shounen series that has been considered to be a mix between Harry Potter and One Punch Man. Ever since the end of its first season in Spring 2023, fans have been eagerly waiting for its second season.

They will be delighted to know that the second season of the anime is very near and the story will only keep getting better from this point. In this article, we will be covering everything there is to know about Mashle Season 2.

Mashle Season 2 Release Date

Mashle Season 2 Release Date

Mashle Season 2 is currently set to be released on January 6th, 2024 in the Winter anime season. Since it is coming out in less than a year after its first season, we can expect this season to also consist of 12 episodes.

Mashle Story

Mashle Muscles

Mashle is set in a magical world where those without supernatural powers are ostracized and even killed to maintain order in society. We meet the protagonist, Mash, one such boy without magic who lives a quiet life with his father.

To make up for this, however, he is blessed with superhuman strength that would stun any onlooker. After getting found by the authorities, he is presented with the choice to enter Easton Magic Academy and become a Divine Visionary or to live in constant danger.

In order to protect his father and strive for a peaceful life, he joins the academy where he will have to keep up with those around him with just his physical strength. This will lead to a lot of exciting battles as well as laughs caused by Mashle’s use of gag humor.

Mashle Source Material

Mashle Source Material

The Mashle manga ended with 162 chapters in July 2023. With its pacing of nearly 40 chapters a season, this would allow it to have at least 3 more seasons.

Mashle Season 2 Plot

Mashle Season 2 Plot

The second season of the anime will start from the Execution arc where Mash is found to have no magic powers and is put on trial while facing the risk of death. Following this short arc, the season will mainly focus on the Divine Visionary Selection Exam where Mash and his friends face several powerful opponents for the chance at becoming the Divine Visionary.

With the appearance of the main antagonists – Innocent Zero and Mash’s entire future riding on his success in the exam, the second season is gearing up to take the story to a whole other level.

Mashle Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the upcoming season of Mashle can be found below and gives us a glimpse into what is to come while also introducing us to the Divine Visionaries who will be playing a huge role in the story.

A-1 Pictures will also be reprising their role and continue adapting the anime for its second season.

Mashle Season 2 Expectations

Mashle Season 2 Expectations

As a Battle Shounen, Mashle Season 2 is expected to feature even more explosive fight sequences that keep us continuously engaged. While the series is also comedic, we also expect there to be an element of seriousness and drama introduced now that we are acquainted with the main villain.

There will be several questions about Innocent Zero as well and the reason he wants Mash. With several speculations being made, we can be sure that the second season will answer many of our theories.

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