Undead Unluck Season 2 Release Date, Story, and More

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Undead Unluck has been one of the surprise frontrunners of the current anime season with the studio producing an adaptation that has greatly enhanced its source material. While the first season is currently scheduled for 24 episodes that will conclude in March 2024, fans have already begun wondering about the 2nd season of the anime.

In this article, we will be taking a look at everything we know about the potential second season of Undead Unluck.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Release Date

Gina Chamber from Undead Unluck

As the series is still airing, there has been no confirmation about its second season yet. However, there is no reason to fear as the adapting studio, David Production is known to produce multi-season anime that release within a short timeframe.

Hence, fans can expect the second season to be released between Fall 2024 to Winter 2025.

Undead Unluck Plot

Andy from Undead Unluck

Undead Unluck introduces us to a girl named Fuuko, who wishes to die due to a mysterious ability that causes misfortune to everyone around her. While resolving to kill herself, she comes into contact with a man named Andy who is struck by inevitable misfortune and faces a fatal accident.

To Fuuko’s surprise, however, Andy has amazing regenerative powers that leave him unharmed. While hoping to kill himself as well due to his immortality, Fuuko decides to assist Andy in providing his wish. 

Due to their unique powers, however, they end up being chased by an organization and will be forced to work together to defeat those hunting them.

Undead Unluck Source Material for Season 2

Undead Unluck Manga - Chapter 189 opening page

Undead Unluck directly adapts from its original manga. The manga currently has over 188 chapters which would at least allow for 2 or 3 more seasons of the anime.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Storyline

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While it is still too early to find out where Season 1 will exactly end, accounting for the current pacing, we can assume that it would leave off in the Autumn arc or the short Winter Arc that follows after that.

Season 2 will mostly focus mainly on the Summer and Spring Arcs where Andy and Fuuko continue their journey to defeat the Season Unidentified Mysterious Animals named Summer and Spring. With the war between the Union and Under approaching its conclusion, the stakes are higher than ever.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Teaser

Undead Unluck Cour 2 poster

As season 2 is yet to be confirmed, we do not have a teaser or trailer for it yet. Since David Production has a habit of adapting multiple seasons of an anime, however, we can rest assured they will continue adapting Undead Unluck for its next season as well.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Expectations

Undead Unluck Episode 11

The standout factor of the series has been its creativity regarding its power system and world-building. As we move on to season 2, we can be sure to expect the anime to retain these qualities while adding more drama and emotion.

Since Undead Unluck is a Shounen series, fans will also be expecting several more exciting battles that keep us hooked while also improving the dynamic between our main characters.

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