Ragna Crimson Season 2 Release Date, Story, Expectations

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Ragna Crimson Season 2

Ragna Crimson is an extremely underrated new anime that has found its own unique place in the fantasy genre. With a dark yet charming world, memorable main characters and beautiful designs, the series is undoubtedly going to get more and more popular as time passes.

In this article, we will be looking into everything we know about the second season of Ragna Crimson.

Ragna Crimson Season 2 Release Date

Ragna Crimson Season 2

The First season of Ragna Crimson is split up into 2 cours which will air continuously for a total of 24 episodes. These are expected to cover the first arc which ends on Chapter 56.

As the first season is long and the manga arc after that has just started going, Season 2 will mostly take a while before releasing. We can estimate that it will be at least 2025 before we hear more news about the Second Season of the anime.

Ragna Crimson Plot

Ragna Crimson

Ragna Crimson is set in a world dominated by the all-powerful dragons, mythical creatures who rule over others with their fearsome powers.

There exist a few individuals named dragon hunters who are brave enough to fight against them and ensure safety. The protagonist, Ragna, is a passive person who accompanies Leonica, a prodigy in battle.

While assisting her as she becomes more and more popular, Ragna suddenly gets visions of his future self and the events that are set to occur. After seeing their disastrous nature, he leaves Leonica in order to pursue strength and defeat the evil Dragon Monarchs.

On his journey, he meets Crimson, a mysterious person who has great strength of his own but holds the same motivations as Ragna. Together, these two are in for a wild adventure that keeps us at the edge of our seats.

Ragna Crimson Source Material

The source material of Ragna Crimson – its manga, currently has 69 chapters, which will not be much more than what Season 1 will adapt. Being a monthly manga, it also does not release too many chapters continuously.

Hence, fans can expect a hiatus in the anime following the end of season 1 to allow more material to be made.

Ragna Crimson Season 2 Storyline

Ragna Crimson Season 2 Storyline

Following the events of Season 1 and the intense battles against Ultimatia, Season 2 will shed more light on the Sun Cult, a powerful nation dedicated to defeating dragons. With Ragna’s knowledge of the future, he deems it necessary to be associated with this cult as they face many more dragons with creative and intimidating powers.

Ragna Crimson Season 2 Trailer

As the second season is yet to be confirmed, we do not have a teaser or trailer regarding it yet. 

Expectations from Ragna Crimson Season 2

Ragna Crimson Season 2 Expectations

Fans have been captivated by the dark and unforgiving world of Ragna Crimson accompanied by its characters who can be fun-loving but also intense. As the series progresses, they wish for more parts of this world to be explored while focusing on building it past the battles with dragons.

The mystery behind Crimson and Ragna’s visions of his future self are also important points that need to be explained in detail. 

While theories of Crimson being capable of time travel or of him being a normal person who got chosen as a dragon monarch exist, only time will tell what the actual answers to these are.

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