Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Latest News, And More

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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

Girlfriend, Girlfriend (Kanojo mo Kanojo) is one of the most popular harem anime airing right now and provides a very enjoyable experience for all viewers. With the second season of the series scheduled to end on December 23rd, 2023, fans have already become curious about the future of the anime.

In this article, we will be looking into everything we know about Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3.

When will Season 3 of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Come Out?

When will Season 3 of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Come Out

Currently, there has been no confirmation regarding the third season of Girlfriend, Girlfriend. While there was over a 2-year break between the first and second seasons, this can be attributed to the change in studios for the anime. 

Should the series be renewed for its third season as soon as the current one ends and the studio continues adapting it, then we can expect it to be released close to early 2025.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Plot

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Review

Girlfriend, Girlfriend fully embraces the nonsensical nature of a harem anime while managing to remain entertaining from start to end. It follows a student named Naoya who finally succeeds in confessing to his crush, Saki Saki.

While working hard to please her, a girl named Nagisa shows up while claiming she likes Naoya and wishes to be with him. While rejecting her, he also inevitably feels attraction towards the charming girl. Due to this, he takes the unthinkable step of proposing to date both women upon getting their permission.

As the three begin their relationship, we get to see their chaotic daily lives filled with hilarious scenes and amusing misunderstandings.  

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Source Material

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Source Material

The Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga, which the anime adapts, is currently completed with 16 volumes consisting of 144 chapters.

Fans will be pleased to know that the Second Season of the anime adapts only close to 10 volumes of the manga and there is sufficient content for a 3rd season to also be adapted.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 Story

Girlfriend, Girlfriend plot

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 will continue on the same tone as the first 2 seasons as we see Naoya, who currently has 4 girlfriends, juggle his hectic life. At the same time, each of the girls comes up with their own schemes to get closer to Naoya and overtake the progress of the other girlfriends.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 Teaser

As season 3 is yet to be confirmed, we do not have a teaser or a trailer for it yet. We can expect several PVs once the season is green-lit. The studio adapting Season 2, SynergySp have a lot of experience in making multi-season anime and even harem anime. Unless there are any unavoidable circumstances, we can expect them to continue adapting the series for its third season.

Expectations from Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

Fans can expect season 3 to retain the fun and comedic nature of the series while even containing many touching moments. As all four girls have gotten equal development and are equally loveable, many have already started predicting that we will have a harem ending rather than one where a single girl wins. 

No matter what is in store, we can rest assured that Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 will leave viewers thoroughly entertained.

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