15 Best Anime of each genre you Have to watch in 2023

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The Best Anime of Each Genre

Anime has rapidly become one of the most popular forms of media around the world. With its distinctive style, dedicated voice acting, and varied selection, anime offers something for anyone and everyone.

With the many genres under anime throughout the years, we have been able to experience a barrage of feelings right from laughing to getting depressed.

Thus, in this article, we will be taking a look at the best anime that has been produced from every genre.

Note: For this article, we have selected 1 anime per genre and anime that we feel are the best. If you want a more wholesome objective list, check out our list of the best anime of all time.

Gintama (Best Comedy Anime)


Gintama is arguably the most underrated series ever made and deserves to be up there with the likes of One Piece and Naruto. It takes us to a world where samurais are frowned upon and humanity lives together with aliens.

The protagonist, Gintoki, is an easygoing eccentric man who does odd jobs for a living. With the help of his two accomplices, Shinpachi and Kagura, we watch our trio of characters help those around in their unique way while causing all kinds of trouble.

Gintama is filled with clever parodies, gags, and references and can be enjoyed to its fullest extent by fans who have watched a lot of anime rather than newcomers.

Attack on Titan (Best Action Anime)

Attack on Titan

If fans were asked the most influential anime from the newer generation, Attack on Titan would without a doubt be the answer from the majority. This dark and gritty anime is set in a world where humanity is driven to the brink of extinction by the existence of titans.

While their huge size and strength make most survivors fear, a group of dedicated soldiers known as Survey Corps explores beyond the walls with hopes of defeating them and figuring out the reason behind their existence.

Eren, a young boy, wishes to eradicate the Titans after they invade and kill those he loves including his mother. So when the time comes he joins the Survey Corps in the hopes of freeing the world of the abomination. However, through his travels, several secrets are revealed which drastically change both his and the fans’ perspectives.

With great action sequences by both WIT and Mappa Studios as well as a dynamic soundtrack, Attack on Titan is the prized jewel of the action genre.

One Piece (Best Adventure Anime)

One Piece

Hailed by most fans as the best anime ever made, One Piece is an expansive journey through the world of pirates.

The anime show follows a young boy named Luffy who wishes to become the pirate king. On his quest to find a mysterious treasure named the One Piece, he meets and recruits several dependable allies who help him face his hurdles on both sea and land.

The series is a masterclass on World-Building and never fails to quench our thirst for adventure. While many might feel overwhelmed by its number of episodes, once you start, the story completely entrances you.

Steins; Gate (Best Sci-Fi Anime)

Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate introduced us to a quirky scientist named Rintarou who is always experimenting with something. With the help of another dedicated scientist named Kurisu, he invents a time machine capable of sending messages to the past.

While initially taking this new power for granted, Rintarou soon finds out the disastrous consequences that it could cause and experiences several timelines and futures. With an unknown organization also chasing after him for this power, we watch as Rintarou’s mental state gradually degrades.

Steins; Gate produces an extremely innovative science fiction story while staying consistent with its high quality. It also manages to express the psyche of its protagonist properly, while making us both sympathize and cheer on him.

Fruits Basket (Best Romance anime)

Fruits Basket

Shoujo animes are generally known for their basic stories with the same series of events. Fruits Basket, however, breaks away from this stereotype by presenting a heartfelt fresh anime that makes us feel a plethora of emotions.

The anime series revolves around an innocent girl named Tohru who after her mother’s death and a series of consequences agrees to stay at the house of her classmate. While helping out around the house, Tohru soon finds that the members of the family (she is currently staying with) transform into creatures of the zodiac after being hugged by the opposite gender.

With this secret revealed, several hilarious events and coincidences take place while we are also introduced to the cast of memorable side characters. At the same time, a bond that holds them hostage to their god also causes them plenty of grief and we see Tohru set out to help these people who she holds dear.

With three seasons of brilliant writing that ropes us in with amazing character development and stunning animation, Fruits Basket is a must-watch for every anime fan.

Violet Evergarden (best Drama anime)

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a very emotional tale of a girl named Violet who is raised in war. However when the war ends and violate is forced to resign from the military, she has no idea what to do with her life as she knows nothing other than fighting.

While trying to start her new life, she gets hired to work as an auto memory doll who pens down the thoughts of people. Through this, Violet experiences many different stories and slowly begins to navigate through her own feelings.

Each story that we get to experience in Violet Evergarden is filled with drama and makes us completely attached to the characters.

This anime of self-discovery is guaranteed to make you well up with tears on more than one occasion while staying in your mind for a long time after.

Hajime no Ippo (best Sports anime)

Hajime no Ippo

Over the years a large number of great sports animes have been released. Among these excellent selections, however, very few would disagree that Hajime no Ippo is a step above the rest.

The anime series tells the story of a shy and poor boy named Ippo who is constantly bullied at school. After being saved by a boxer and taken to his gym, Ippo becomes fascinated with the world of boxing and begins training to become a professional.

With his unwavering determination and hard work, we get to watch Ippo overcome obstacles and step out of the shadow of his former self.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (best Fantasy anime)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

As the highest-rated anime of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was the obvious choice to represent the best of the fantasy genre (according to us at least).

In a world where people are able to use unique powers with the help of alchemy, the series follows a pair named Edward and Alphonse Elric who have impaired their bodies trying to bring their mother back to life.

So when the two, find out about the existence of a stone that could restore their bodies, they set out on an adventure while showing off their prowess with alchemy. During their travels, they also find out about a conspiracy in the government that could change the entire world as they know it.

Fullmetal Alchemist is an immaculately written anime that will never let you down in a single episode from start to end. It is also one of those anime that everyone needs to watch at least once in their lives.

Re: Zero (best Isekai anime)

Re Zero

Re: Zero played a huge role in changing the perception towards Isekai animes which were believed to be a lower quality of storytelling.

The story follows a man named Subaru who is taken to a magical world with all kinds of creatures. While at first believing himself to be a bigshot who got summoned, Subaru soon realizes that he is painfully ordinary but with only one twist – he has the ability to get revived at specific points after his death.

This power is more of a curse rather than a blessing as Subaru gets killed in unimaginable ways while taking a severe blow to his mental state. However, despite all odds, he develops into a dependable person who tries his best to use his powers to protect the allies he made along the way.

With beautiful visuals and a likable cast, Re: Zero is a series that is often hard to watch but heavily pays off in the end.

Highschool Dxd (best Ecchi anime)

High School Dxd

With its elements of fan service and erotica, Ecchi has become a genre unique to anime while gathering a large fan base. However, among the sea of shows, very few manage to deliver a great story along with Ecchi scenes as well as Highschool Dxd.

The plot follows a young boy named Issei who gets attacked by a fallen angel after getting tricked into a date. Right before dying, however, he is saved by a devil named Rias who employs him under her. In this new position, Issei works hard to gain power while protecting those close to him.

The anime is stuffed with a huge number of hot female characters and several steamy scenes that leave viewers with plenty of satisfaction while delivering a good story.

The Fate Series (best Supernatural anime)

The Fate Series

The Fate series is an epic story following the events of a supernatural battle called the Holy Grail War.

We are introduced to a set of humans who are selected as masters that command heroes from legends as their servants. With this ability, they battle each other in order to win the prize of the Holy Grail which is believed to grant any wish.

With mind-blowing animation by Ufotable and a memorable cast, The Fate series is well worth a watch.

Parasyte: The Maxim (best Horror Anime)

Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte is a horrifying and thrilling anime that has stood the test of time and still manages to garner an audience.

It revolves around a student named Shinichi whose hand ends up storing a parasitic alien named Migi. While trying to get acquainted with his new “friend”, he learns that many in society have already become hosts to similar parasites.

Both Migi and Shinichi co-exist with each other while stopping other aliens from causing panic in society. At the same time, we are also posed with several moral dilemmas that make us think about right and wrong.

While Parasyte comments on the psyche, it also has a lot of gore and intense, edge-of-the-seat sequences which rightfully earns its reputation as a horror anime.

Monster (best Mystery Anime)


Monster is an extremely suspenseful series that will have you engrossed from start to end.

It follows a doctor named Tenma who chases after a psychopathic named Johan who he saved in the past. While tracking him down, Tenma himself must stay away from the eyes of the law after being falsely accused of crimes.

We watch as this exhilarating chase shows us the disaster that Johan causes as well as the true existence of monsters among humans.

The anime psychologically toys with viewers while gradually showing the mystery unfurls. While it has slow pacing, the setting, plot, and characters make it a rewarding journey.

Mushishi (best Slice of Life Anime)


Mushishi tells the story of a man named Ginko as he travels through various places in hopes of tracking down supernatural creatures known as Mushi.

His mission is to protect people from any danger they may pose but also to research the reason and purpose behind their existence. Through every experience, Ginko gains a new portion of knowledge but is also able to widen his perspective.

Mushishi is a serene anime that gives a sense of calm to any viewer. The story is not needlessly dramatic which makes it a valuable part of the Slice of Life genre.

Your Lie in April (best Music anime)

Your Lie in April

Music in anime, when done right, can contribute to an unforgettable experience for fans who will keep revisiting it again and again.

A testament to this statement is Your Lie in April, which is a remarkable anime that capitalizes on music to enhance the emotions and imagery it portrays.

The anime follows a prodigy named Kousei who is extremely talented in playing piano but has left it behind due to a traumatic past. After encountering the bubbly Kaori who is full of life while playing the violin, however, Kousei is dragged back into this world. With Kaori’s help, he tries to move past the shadows of his past while making the most of his life.

With a musical score that is a delight to the senses and a heartbreaking story, there are very few animes that are as impactful as Your Lie in April.


What is the best anime? Well, it is one question that has many answers depending on who you ask. In this article, we tried to list what we think are the best anime in their respective genre.

Do you agree with our list? which anime series will you say is the best from each genre and why? let us know in the comments below. We will love to know your opinions.

We will see you in another article. In the meantime check out our list of the most enjoyable Isekai harem anime.

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