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One of the main reasons why anime is loved throughout the world is due to its diversity and unique characters that are introduced to audiences. A great example of this is the “Femboy” character which essentially means a feminine boy.

While they are classified under males, these characters display every female trait right from their dressing sense to their personalities. They are often also mistaken to be girls in their respective animes which leads to awkward yet hilarious situations. In this article, we will be ranking some of the best Anime Femboy of all time.

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10. Felix Argyle (Re: Zero)

Felix Argyle,

Re: Zero is an outstanding Isekai series which follows the life of a boy named Subaru as he is taken to a magical world. While he initially believes himself to be lucky, Subaru is soon faced with several challenges that physically and mentally torture him. With the help of his power to come back to life after death, he gradually manages to learn to face his challenges and grow as a person.

On one of his many adventures, Subaru runs into the cute yet dangerous Felix Argyle who acted as the knight of Crusch Karsten. He has a cat-like appearance and is seen wearing everything right from skirts to dresses and leggings. He often refers to himself with female pronouns and enjoys teasing others. With these mannerisms, one can often forget that he is a powerful fighter who has the utmost devotion to his master.

9. Haku (Naruto)

Haku (1)

Naruto is the epic journey which follows a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki who has a tragic upbringing but wishes to beat all the odds and become the Hokage of his village. On his path, he meets several reliable allies and faces even more enemies who push him to become a stronger version of himself.

One of the first opponents Naruto faced at a young age was Haku. As an accomplice of the feared Zabuza, Haku was initially thought to be an extremely beautiful female only to be disproven and revealed as a male later. He was soft-spoken and kind-hearted while having immense loyalty to Zabuza. With none of the traits identifiable with men in the Naruto series, Haku was truly a memorable femboy.

8. Ruka Urushibara (Steins; Gate)

Ruka Urushibara

Ruka was a close friend of Mayuri from Steins; Gate and looked up to Rintaro as he attempted to create newer innovations that would shake the world. He has an extremely feminine appearance and is even wearing female clothes several times. As Rintaro develops a time machine and visits several alternate timelines, he arrives at one where Ruka was even a girl but was hardly distinguishable from when he was a boy. He is extremely sensitive and can break down at any sudden moment which also adds to his soft-heartedness.

7. Saika (Oregairu)


Oregairu follows the life of its protagonist, Hachiman who is a loner that doesn’t wish to interact with others. After being pushed by his teacher to join a club, he meets a girl named Yukino who isn’t completely unlike him but gets on his nerves. At the club, the two of them are assigned to solving the problems of students and gradually learn to come out of their shells while developing feelings for each other.

During this time, Hachiman forms a lot of meaningful connections, where one of the biggest was undoubtedly Saika. As captain of the tennis club, he is reliable but is also considered to be extremely cute by those around him. It even gets to the point where we see Hachiman blushing several times due to Saika’s tender nature which leads to comedic yet wholesome moments.

6. Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is an underrated series which brings us an extremely enjoyable high school romantic comedy story. It follows its main character who drops to the bottom of the class which is highly discriminated against and has a severe lack of facilities compared to the top. Determined to change this, he decides to rally his class while fighting against this unjust system set in place to see their downfall.

One of the main characters in this series who is extremely influential to the story is Hideyoshi Kinoshita. With looks that mirror his sister, everyone is constantly surprised when finding out his gender. Everything from his dressing sense to personality is feminine but he tends to lose his temper when others mistake him for a girl.

5. Ryuuji Ayukawa (Blue Period)

Ryuuji Ayukawa

Blue Period is an extremely inspirational story which has managed to win over fans rapidly. It revolves around a student named Yatora who lives his days without any motivation or objective. This changes when he gets introduced to the world of art. Through various expressions on the canvas, he manages to let out his emotions and become fully invested in the world.

One of the main reasons Yatora had the means to start his artistic journey was because of his schoolmate, Ryuuji. While he is a man, Ryuuji is considered as a girl by many due to his stylistic fashion sense, behaviour and body language. Ryuuji himself often flirts with men and is very insecure about himself. He is an extremely well-written character who goes through a lot of development with the help of the protagonist.

4. Astolfo (The Fate Series)


The Fate series shows us an epic war which takes place between servants who are famous figures from history as they fight each other to win the Holy Grail. Through this, we have been introduced to several extremely memorable characters. Even among these, one that particularly sticks out is Astolfo. He is identifiable by his fancy clothing and ornaments which one would usually find on a girl. With his pink hair and androgynous look, Astolfo enjoys cute things and claims that as the reason to dress up as a girl.

3. Gasper Vladi (High School Dxd)

Gasper Vladi

High School Dxd is a beloved Ecchi anime which follows the story of a boy named Issei as he gets roped into the world of devils and angels. After nearly getting killed, Issei is saved by a beautiful devil named Rias who makes him her pawn. He then works hard towards becoming stronger for her sake while being tempted by the beautiful women around him.

Along with him, another person who served Rias faithfully was Gasper Vladi. He was initially sealed due to his powers being uncontrolled and was only revealed later in the series. Gasper is more feminine than the plethora of women in the series as he cross-dresses and wears the girls’ uniform. He is initially very shy but also has a cute side which likes adorable things.

2. Najimi Osana (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Najimi Osana

Komi Can’t Communicate is a very satisfying and funny series which shows us the various methods which a student named Tadano takes to help his beautiful classmate, Komi, to make friends and learn to speak to others. One of his best friends in the series is the outgoing Najimi Osana.

Najimi’s gender is a mystery throughout the anime and is also a running gag. It is shown that he wears a skirt and is extremely extroverted. He manages to become friends with everyone he meets and constantly changes his gender based on the situation.

1. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa Shiota

The best femboy in anime is unsurprisingly the calm yet extremely dangerous protagonist of Assassination Classroom, Nagisa Shiota. He is a petite boy and is often pointed out to have appearances similar to that of a girl. As part of the classroom assigned to kill their alien teacher, Koro-sensei, Nagisa was initially believed to be very kind and incapable of such tasks.

However, we soon find out that he has exceptional talent when it comes to assassinating. With his reserved nature and feminine voice, he is at the top of the femboy list for most anime fans.

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