10 Best tomboy anime Girls of All Time

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Tomboy Anime Girls Of All Time

Anime has given rise to several character personalities which fans use to categorize their favorite characters. One of the most loved among these is undoubtedly the Tomboy. This refers to a girl who acts in a “boyish” manner while wearing clothing and behaving in a rough manner which is usually only seen in men.

They are generally not restricted by social norms and often get into physical activities such as sports and fights. Over the years, we have gotten several animes where these tomboys are central characters who play a crucial role in the story. For fans of these characters, we have made this article where we rank the best Tomboy Anime one can watch.

10. Momoe Sawaki from Wonder Egg Priority

Momoe Sawaki

The main tomboy in this series is a girl by the name of Momoe Sawaki who is completely unidentifiable as a girl. She is an exceptional tomboy character in anime, possessing a multitude of qualities that make her stand out. Her androgynous appearance, with short auburn hair swept to the left side and dark green eyes, adds to her charm and gives her a distinctive tomboyish appeal. Standing tall and thin with broad shoulders, Momoe exudes a sense of strength and confidence that breaks traditional gender norms.

One of Momoe’s most remarkable qualities is her unwavering sense of justice. She is fiercely protective and selfless, always ready to stand up for others and defend those she cares about. Several girls in the series have also mistaken her for a boy and proposed to her. While having several insecurities, everything from her mannerisms to her fighting skills mirrors that of a guy.

Synopsis: Wonder Egg Priority is an extremely underrated original anime by CloverWorks which aired on January 2021. It follows a group of girls as they are taken to a mysterious area and tasked with saving people against supernatural monsters.

With each of these girls having trauma in their past, they believe that by completing these tasks, they will be able to wipe out their own sadness and save people important to them. With an extremely unique style of animation and dedicated voice acting, the series was quick to touch the hearts of fans.

9. Tsugumi Seishirou from Nisekoi

Tsugumi Seishirou

Nisekoi has a variety of characters who fall under different personality types. Tsugumi Seishirou is a very important character in the series who eventually also gets very close to the protagonist. With her short, unkempt black hair and piercing blue eyes, Tsugumi possesses a striking appearance that perfectly complements her tomboyish persona. Her height and athletic build further emphasize her strong and independent nature.

She is very aggressive and mistaken for a boy due to her charming looks and masculine aura. Despite this, she also has moments where she gets flustered and behaves in a ladylike manner. Overall, she has contributed greatly to the growth of the Tomboy fandom.

Synopsis: Nisekoi is a harem series that follows the fake relationship between its main characters, Raku and Chitose, as they pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend to prevent a way between their families. While holding nothing but contempt for each other initially, they soon grow to see the positives of the other person and develop true feelings.

8. Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


As a childhood friend of the protagonists, Winry is very bubbly but also tends to lose her temper often. She is a spunky and talented automail mechanic. With her energetic demeanor, technical expertise, and independent spirit, she embodies the essence of a beloved tomboy character. Her compassion, loyalty, and physicality make her a well-rounded and relatable character in the anime world.

Synopsis: It follows the journey of the Elric Brothers as they travel the world while trying to track down a way to restore their bodies which they lost after trying to bring their mother back to life. With their proficiency in alchemy, the brothers are able to defeat any enemy in their way but soon unmask a huge scheme that threatens the entire world.

7. Nana Osaki from Nana


Nana Osaki, from the anime series “Nana,” is a captivating tomboy character known for her strong personality and rockstar persona. With her short black hair, punk-inspired fashion sense, and rebellious attitude, Nana exudes a tomboyish charm that captivates audiences.

As the lead vocalist of a punk band, she has a Goth look and is known for her bold dressing sense. While she is kind-hearted, Nana doesn’t wish to depend on anyone and is very individualistic. While Nana’s exterior is characterized by her tomboyish image, she also displays a vulnerable side. She experiences deep emotions and grapples with personal struggles, allowing for complex character development. Nana’s ability to show her emotions and seek support demonstrates her depth and authenticity as a character, making her relatable to audiences.

Synopsis: Nana is a very mature series that deals with self-identity and growth. It follows two main characters, both with the name Nana as they move to Tokyo for their own objectives. While one is naïve and craves love, the other wishes to become a recognized artist on her own and work hard to carve her own path. As they live together through coincidence, we watch them support each other while working through each of their struggles.

6. Misty from Pokemon


In the original series, the female main character, Misty, is a loudmouthed and violent character who classifies as a tomboy. While she acts manly and shows little to no female traits, underneath, Misty is very caring to her friends and loved ones.

Synopsis: Arguably the most popular franchise ever, Pokemon has won fans all over the world around with its creative new setting and amazing fight sequences which uses creatures with superhuman abilities called Pokemon. The series follows a young boy named Ash as he leaves home to become a Pokemon trainer with his starting partner, Pikachu. Together, they meet several people who become allies but also face several hurdles.

5. Casca from Berserk


The main love interest Guts is a girl named Casca who is a feared warrior who is part of their group. She hates being looked down upon and is very faithful to Griffith. She is a skilled warrior and the commander of the Band of the Hawk’s Raiders.

She possesses exceptional combat abilities, wielding a sword with expertise and fearlessness. Her determination and unwavering resolve in battle highlight her tomboyish spirit, as she fearlessly faces her enemies and fights alongside her comrades. With short hair and armor on her, she is stronger and grittier than most men in the series.

Synopsis: Berserk is a masterpiece of the dark seinen genre which follows the life of a man named Guts as he joins a mercenary group led by its passionate leader named Griffith. Together, they explore the world while facing several creatures and enemies beyond their wildest imaginations. However, with a person very close to them hatching an evil plot, their lives can stay normal for only so long.

4. Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka

Ouran High School Host Club is a very enjoyable Shoujo anime that made the reverse harem genre mainstream to many. It follows a studious girl named Haruhi who is forced to join a host club in her school to repay a vase she broke. Despite being a girl, she has the charms of a boy and is considered handsome by many around her. We watch as she becomes a host herself while winning over the female students of her school. With these characteristics in the protagonist, it is no surprise why she is such a well-acclaimed character in the world of tomboys.

3. Ryuuko from Kill la Kill

Ryuuko Matoi

Kill la Kill is an exhilarating anime that follows the life of one girl who wishes to solve the mystery behind her father’s death. When her search leads her to an academy, she soon finds that the elite students possess supernatural abilities which let them defeat anyone who opposes them. With the odds stacked against her, the protagonist, Ryuuko, works towards getting strong enough to find the culprit.

Kill la Kill is filled with strong and unconventional female characters who don’t fit into a box. The main character herself is known for her short hair and fierce personality which fears no one. With her stubbornness and tenacity, she is one of the best tomboys in anime.

2. Tomo from from Tomo-chan is a Girl


Tomo-chan is a Girl is a recent anime that instantly became a hit due to its tomboy protagonist who won the hearts of many. It introduces us to a rough and bullish girl named Tomo who is in love with her childhood friend named Jun but is only considered a close friend by him.

To make matters worse, he hardly considers her a girl due to her mannerisms being extremely close to a guy. We watch this hilarious romantic tale as our female protagonist tries to win over her crush and learn to be more elegant in her approach.

1. Black Lagoon


Black Lagoon also has one of the most badass tomboys as its female main character, Revy. She is extremely skilled at fighting and is extremely crass and impulsive. With tattoos on her body and a cigarette which is often in her mouth, Revy is a one-of-a-kind character who is extremely popular in the Black Lagoon fandom.

Synopsis: Black Lagoon is an anime series by Madhouse which needs a lot more appreciation for its bold storytelling and insight into the world of crime. It introduces us to a regular man named Rokurou who is kidnapped by a mercenary group called the Lagoon Company. After his superiors lose hope in him, he surprisingly ends up joining the group and spending his day-to-day life amidst rampant violence and crime. Together, the group members form an unbreakable bond while facing a barrage of enemies.

Final Words

In conclusion, the world of anime has blessed us with a diverse range of tomboy characters who have left a lasting impact. From strong-willed warriors like Casca to rebellious musicians like Nana Osaki, these girls challenge traditional gender roles and captivate us with their unique personalities and compelling stories. The best tomboy anime girls of all time are subjective and depend on personal preferences. However, what remains clear is that these characters have made a significant contribution to the anime world, inspiring audiences with their strength, independence, and refusal to conform.

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