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Atelier Ryza

Based on a game of the same name, Ryza no Atelier is an exciting new anime series that has the potential to be the next big fantasy series. It follows a young girl named Reisalin as she leaves her home in search of adventure. Along with trusted friends, we watch her encounter a variety of situations in her own unique way.

Simultaneously we also see her forming more connections and diving into the world of alchemy and expanding her set of skills. The series does not go for a very intense story but rather focuses on the lighter side of things. While it certainly does have its fair share of action, Ryza no Atelier is a more relaxing and comforting watch for fans of the adventure genre.

In this article, we will be covering all there is to know about the characters of this underdog series of the summer 2023 anime season.

Reisalin Ryza StoutFemale17161 cm
Lent MarslinkMale18175 cm
Tao MongartenMale15156 cm
Klaudia ValentzFemale17163 cm
Empel VollmerMaleUnknown172 cm
Lila DecyrusFemaleUnknown164 cm
Karl StoutMale42176 cm
Mio StoutFemale40162 cm
Bos BrunnenMale18172 cm

Reisalin Ryza Stout (Age: 17)

Reisalin Ryza Stout

Reisalin Stout is the main character of the Ryza no Atelier series. She was born on March 28th and is 161 cm in height.

Reisalin, also known as Ryza, lives on an island along with her family and friends while spending each day uneventfully. However, after an encounter where she gets introduced to alchemy, Reisalin longs to learn the power while putting it to use in helping those around her. In addition to this, she also has an undying sense of adventure and wishes to explore the mainland.

We watch as this wild and energetic young girl takes us on the journey of a lifetime with her. Reisalin is also a very likable protagonist who never looks away from injustice. While she is not perfect, she is always set on doing the right thing and moves forward persistently in her path.

Lent Marslink

Lent is the loveable friend of Ryza and Tao who has a huge spirit of adventure. He uses a Greatsword as his weapon and is easily identifiable due to his red hair while standing at a height of 175 cm.

Lent is often energetic and proactive while placing a very high priority on his morals. He is not seen in the most positive light by others in his village and also has several problems at home. However, he doesn’t let this hold him back as he hopes to traverse unexplored areas and achieve great accomplishments in order to make a name for himself.

From his physical appearance, one can also tell that Lent is the main muscle of the group and helps out in any physically straining situations. At the same time, he is also a mental support to those around him, especially Ryza, while pushing her forward whenever things get tough. This memorable side character is bound to become one of the favorites among fans in the anime.

Tao Mongarten (Ag: 15)

Tao Mongarten

Tao is a young researcher who is part of the main group along with Ryza and Lent. His main weapon is a battle sledgehammer and he is 156 cm tall.

Despite being small and young, Tao is very clever and has gained a lot of knowledge from the old books his family owns. He acts as the brains of the group and while he might seem passive, Tao still wants to join his friends on their adventure.

His reluctance and lack of courage might annoy viewers at some point, but he eventually does gain the bravery to stick up for his friends and never let them down. Tao is also considered to be eccentric by many and though he might not be outgoing, he has an obsessive thirst for knowledge and is incomparable when it comes to his ability to focus.

Klaudia Valentz (Age: 17)

Klaudia Valentz

Klaudia is a kind young girl who is the daughter of a traveling merchant. The flute player stands at a height of 163 cm. While she is a very approachable girl who seems nice to be around, due to her father’s profession that requires them to keep moving, Klaudia is often lonely and lacks friends.

She is very interested in music and uses a flute though she doesn’t wish for her father to know about this. Despite her hesitation in this part, Klaudia is still a brave person who can be decisive and take action when it matters.

She has an elegant and refined air around her and eventually becomes friends with Ryza, Lent, and Tao while visiting Kurken Island.

Empel Vollmer (Age: Unknown)

Empel Vollmer

Empel Vollmer is a half-human and half-Oren Alchemist who introduced Ryza to the world of Alchemy. The staff-wielder is 172 cm tall.

As a person who never sticks around in the same place, Empel arrives at Kurken Island to assist Lila Decyrus in investigating the ruins. Due to an incident in the past, his skills in alchemy have deteriorated but he is still a fountain of knowledge.

While he has a very young appearance, Empel is a very wise and mature man who has experienced a variety of situations. He also has a sweet tooth which explains the sweets that he is almost always carrying on himself.

Lila Decyrus (Age: Unknown)

Lila Decyrus

Lila Decyrus is yet another supremely important character in the series who hails from the underworld as part of the fallen Oren race. The calm and composed character is 164 cm tall.

She is a character shrouded in mystery while revealing only very little to those around her. She keeps a cool head and is very skilled at fighting. After experiencing traumatic incidents in her past, she keeps exploring the world in order to seal gates and prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

With her signature metal claws and beautiful appearance, she manages to stand out even among the several important characters in the series.

Karl Stout (Age: 42)

Karl Stout

Karl is a side character in the Atelier series who is the father of Reisalin. His main profession is that of a farmer and he is 176 cm in height.

Karl Stout is a man who is deeply passionate about his work and is well-known around his village. He is generally calm and composed as opposed to his wife. At the same time, he also doesn’t take things out of proportion easily which also often annoys his significant other.

While he is definitely not as important as the others mentioned in the list so far, we get an insight as to how Reisalin became such a likable girl due to the impressive nature of her parents.

Mio Stout (Age: 40)

Mio Stout

Mio Stout is the mother of Reisalin and the wife of Karl. She is described to be voluble and her height is 162 cm.

Similar to her husband, Mio is also a very responsible individual who does both housework and also helps him out in his farming activities. She constantly clashes with her daughter due to her relatively conservative views but is still a loving mother that looks out for her at every moment. While Mio also opposed Ryza’s interest in alchemy, seeing her growth as well as interest gradually made her change her mind.

Bos Brunnen (Age: 18)

During his introduction, Bos Brunnen is one of the more negative characters in the series. His height is 172 cm and he mainly uses a sword as his weapon.

As the son of a powerful man, Bos is boastful and cocky while often displaying his selfish behavior to our main group of characters. As time passes, however, Bos becomes more mature and tries to make amends for his initial treatment of those around him. With his renewed efforts, he is able to become a scholar while putting both his brawn and brain to use for Ryza.

Fressher (Age: Unknown)

Fresher is one of the lesser-known characters who are not very important to the series but still assists Reisalin with her growth. As a resident of the island, Fresher runs a general store where other characters can purchase whatever they desire. Through the course of the series, he has also helped Reisalin by providing her with information and material on Alchemy.

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