Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Release Date, Plot, Trailer & More

Bleach, one of “The Big Three” shonen classic anime along with One Piece and Naruto is making a huge comeback this year as it announces a new anime arc adaptation titled – “Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War”.

Since the anime ended before the actual manga did, the anime missed out on the final arc, the “Thousand-Year Blood War Arc” which ran from 2012-to 2016. Back in 2020, Fans got an unexpected surprise when it was accidentally leaked through a two-page advertisement from the then-running issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Latest News Regarding the New Anime Adaptation:

The official trailer that was released on 18 December 2021 confirmed that the anime adaptation of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War will be released in October 2022 which makes it likely for fans all over the globe will be able to stream the new episodes starting this October.

Bleach: Thousand Year-Blood War Trailer

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War was first released as a trailer in December 2021 by Shueisha and Viz Media. The trailer does show familiar characters, but it does not reveal major plot points for the upcoming season. There is a good chance that another trailer will be released to give us a closer look at the story of the highly-anticipated final season.

Animation Style and Studio:

The animation for this final arc anime adaptation would be done by Studio Pierrot who previously animated Bleach from October 5, 2004, to March 27, 2012. The anime was largely criticized by various netizens for its “low quality weird” animation style.

Although the animation improved quite a lot throughout the years it was never able to match the animation of the other two anime series part of “The Big Three” shonen classics. However, the recently released trailer proves all its criticizers wrong as it displays rather marvelous top-tier animation style and visuals.

This newly enhanced animation along with the beautiful music makes us all look forward to the new anime adaptation eagerly.

Bleach: Thousand Year-Blood War Release Date

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

It has been announced that Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War will be released in October 2022, so it’s likely that fans will be able to see the new episodes starting that month.

Funimation and Crunchyroll will announce their streaming platforms’ exact release dates soon. Stay tuned for the official update data once it has been released, so stay tuned for that.

Bleach Thousand Year-Blood War Storyline:

Even though we do not wish to spoil the whole arc, for non-manga readers, we will provide you with a basic plot summary so that you can form an idea of what to expect for the comeback of one of the most iconic shonen franchises around.

The Thousand-Year Blood War arcs bring us to the scene where after a huge number of Hollow Murders and several disappearances in the Rukongai District when a shocking revelation sent shivers down the fans as it is revealed that the Quincy were actually alive.

Just in case, the word Quincy has departed from your mind and you no longer remember them, Quincy is the order of reishi-controlling human mediums who unlike Soul Society murder Hollows rather than purify them. They were thought to be killed by the Society en masse 1000 years ago with the Ishida family being the only exception.

It was revealed that the Quincy instead of being dead was led by their founder and son of Soul King, Yhwach who had, in reality, used reishi to hide in the Shadow Area of Seireitei. With their newly gathered power, they called themselves ‘Wandenreich’ (which is German for invisible empire). They eventually conquered Hueco Mundo after Aizen’s defeat.

After this shocking revelation comes another shocking revelation as Wandenreich announced a war on Soul Society. Uryu Ishida is made heir to this new evil Quincy empire by the first Quincy and son of Soul King, Yhwach. This leads to an all-out, full-scale offensive war that stretched throughout the Rukongai District, Soul Society, the Seireitei, and, eventually, the Soul Palace itself.

As the war progresses, everyone in the war discovers new abilities and forms as they fight against each other such as Yoruichi who can turn into a unique cat-human hybrid form known as” Shihoin Gohenge” and Quincy with their fatal final form: Vollstanding. Ichigo and his comrades vow to save Uryu Ishida and all of creation from the evil plans of Wandenreich.

There is so much more to the story but we would like to stop here because you want to experience all these emotions and be surprised, don’t you?

Final Review:

We will also obviously find how well the anime adaptation turns out to be and the careful remarks of fans when the anime adaptation finally airs in October 2022.

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