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Who is Power and What Are her Abilities?

Power is a part of Public Safety Devil Hunters and a member of Makima’s special squad. She appeared in chapter 4 after Makima told Denji that they will work together. Denji got excited to work with a girl alongside him.

Denji never had a subtle stable job and was never treated as a human so finally, he was excited to have a normal life. It felt normal although they were hunting down devils. The name ‘power’ originated from Power, an angel from the Middle-order of the Christian Angelic Hierarchy.

Power’s Appearance


Power’s hair is strawberry pink in color and they reach her mid-back. She is a young woman with two Red horns protruding from the top of her head. Power has yellow eyes and sharp fangs.

She often follows the Public Safety Demon dress code which is a shirt, tie, and slacks. For an unclean and casual appearance, she wears a loose jacket that hangs halfway off her body.  To increase her bust Power wears padded breast pads despite being a demon.

Her devil form is intimidating. A tall humanoid devil with four arms and a pointed head with dark colors and pointed teeth. In this form, her ears along with her hair become very long with giant claws with three fingers. 


Happy Birthday Denji

Power is explosive, childish, rude, and immature just like a true demon. She sees fighting as a reward and fights like it which explains her greed.

That being said, she is smart enough to walk away from situations where she sees she is no match and stands no chance against the other opponent. During fights, it can be seen that she will choose the fighting side despite being a human.

Power is unhygienic and dirty and she openly admits the same that she doesn’t bathe and doesn’t even flush the toilet, gross!


Aki, Denji, and Power.
Aki, Denji, and Power with Meowy(Cat)


The initial relationship between Power and Denji was rocky, with Power willing to trick and sacrifice Denji for Meowy’s sake [Power’s Cat]. After Denji saves Power and Meowy, they begin living together at Hayakawa’s house and develop a more amicable relationship.

It is common for them to argue and become annoyed with one another, causing Aki trouble as a pair. Denji eventually develops a strong affection for Power, even going so far as to deny Makima’s wishes and putting his life on the line to protect her.

As Denji was Power’s first friend, she too holds Denji in high esteem.

Aki Hayakawa

After joining Public Safety, Power moves into Aki’s home. Power often gets annoying to Aki, and she appears to enjoy needling him. Even so, she seems to care for Aki more and more over time. The two have a relationship similar to that of a resentful elder brother and a brat little sister.

Power’s Strength and Supernatural Abilities

Power's Strength & Supernatural Abilities
Blood Hammer

Lightning Speed

Power is a quick fighter, capable of avoiding Denji’s attacks while launching an attack on him. She is a quick fighter and she was able to run away from katana man too because of her quick reflexes.

Smelling Power

Power can smell from very far away as she smelled Denji while he was at a coffee shop. Because of her power, she also smelled the cucumber devil.

Manipulation of blood

She has the strength and control over blood so she can manipulate it however she wants for instance she manipulated her blood to hammer while fighting bat devil.

Blood Hammer

In order to crush her enemies, Power can create a huge hammer out of her own blood. She can also make smaller handheld hammers.

Thousand Tera Blood Rain

Thousand Tera Blood Rain

When she is in full control and strength she can form thousands of spears from the blood.

Blood Consumption

She can regenerate her body parts even after her death by consuming blood as it is seen that she took control over Denji’s body by absorbing blood.

Contract Creation

As a Devil, the Blood Devil should be able to create contracts with humans. Power currently has one contract with Denji. Power gave Denji her blood in exchange for a promise to seek out and befriend the reincarnated Blood Devil. As a result of her blood, Denji created a blood chainsaw and slowed Makima’s regeneration.

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