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The South Blue which consists of several scattered islands and the borderline- the Red Line is one of the four oceans in the blue sea. A famous island known as the Karate Island is situated here which is known for its martial arts specialty. We have seen Mr.5 using a revolver for Breeze Breath Bomb Attack which is also made and remodeled in South BLUE.

It is the birthplace of famous personalities like Portgas D. Ace, one of the commanders of whitebeard; Franky- a shipwright in the Straw Hat Pirates group; Eustass Kid, Killer, and Jewelry Bonney- the pirates of the worst generation; Bartholomew Kuma- the former warlord of the sea; Sengoku, Kuzan- marine admirals.

South Blue consists of many different forms of wildlife like the Super Sharks, the blue-finned elephant tunas, gigantic birds, and gryphons.

South Blue Wiki

Japanese Name:南の海 (Sausu Burū)
Official English Name:South Blue
First Appearance:Chapter 524; Episode 419
ArcEast Blue Arc
Compass:Ordinary compass
Literal Meaning:Ocean of the South
Briss KingdomThe kingdom where the St. Briss came from. (The Ship fails from Skypiea)
Karate IslandHere CP6’s Agent Jerry mastered his boxing skills
CentaureaRevolutionary Army free this country
Torino KingdomBartholomew Kuma sent Chopper here during 2Y training.
Baterilla Homeland of Portgas D. Rouge. Here Ace was born.
Black Drum KingdomWapol’s new kingdom.
Roshwan KingdomBeer VI’s Kingdom.
Sorbet KingdomBartholomew Kuma.,s Kingdom.

Historic Information

St. Briss

st briss

St. Briss was a ship which was from the Briss kingdom and left the kingdom with a crew 210 years ago. It moved towards the Grand Line. Upon wondering the vast sea, they eventually found ways to reach Skypiea. But an unexpected incident occurred and they had performed a crime for which they were sentenced to Cloud Drifting.

Nearly for about 208 years later, St. Briss reached Grand Line once again but it was eaten by a massive turtle.

Many thought that the main reason behind their punishment was the infighting that was going on the ship. 

There is a custom in South Blue that in a ship, the crew must coat their teeth with tar and preserve them.

One member of St. Briss preserved the teeth which were attached to the skull even after 2 centuries.

Not much is known about the ship to this date.

Baterilla and Portgas D. Rouge

portgas d. rouge and Ace's Birth

Baterilla is an island in the South Blue where the pirate king, Gol D. Roger was present 24 years ago. He was soon going to be a father. When the marines found a hint about this incident, they searched the whole island in search of Roger’s son. They investigated every newborn who was born at that time, and every pregnant woman and they were also investigating the leads provided by the Cipher Pol. The marines were ordered to kill any babies who were found to be suspicious.

At the same time, when Roger was captured and put in jail, he told Garp about his unborn child and trusted Garp to take care of his child. He trusted Garp as his close friend. Garp denied accepting the request at first, but then he compiled.

Portgas D. Rouge, the wife of Gol D. Roger was able to avoid inspection by the marines by keeping the child in her womb for a time of 20 months!!!

Due to this, when Ace was born, his mother died due to the strain. He was born one and three months later after his father’s execution at the port city of Loguetown. His mother named him Gol D. Ace!!


What is in the South Blue One Piece?

The South Blue which consists of several scattered islands and the borderline- the Red Line is one of the four oceans in the blue sea.

Is the South Blue in the Grand Line?

No; the Grand line and Redline divide the world into four parts. West Blue is one of them.

What punishment did St. Briss receive for their unfair act?

They were sentenced to Cloud Drifting.

Who was born in South Blue?

Portgas D. Ace

Who is the strongest in South Blue?

South Blue has lots of strong characters, Sengoku, Lucky Roux and Kuzan are the strongest.

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