The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4 Release Date, Plot, News and More

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4

The Rising of the Shield Hero has been a rollercoaster of a series with an amazing first season, a disappointing second season and a third season that made the story engage with fans again. Despite the controversies it has faced, it is undeniable that this is one of the biggest shows for Isekai fans.

As the third season comes to a close, fans are already curious as to when the fourth season will be released. In this article, we will take a look at everything we know about The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Release Date

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4 (1)

Currently, there have been no confirmations about the fourth season of the anime. While it has had a rocky road, it still maintains a fanbase strong enough for the studio to continue adapting it.

Following Season 1, the series went into a long hiatus, following which both Season 2 and Season 3 were confirmed to be adapted. Due to this, fans were able to experience the seasons in back-to-back years. However, since the 4th season is yet to be green-lit, we believe that it will be at least Winter 2025 before it is released.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Status of Source Material

While the Web Novel of The Rising of the Shield Hero is completed, the Light Novel, which is what the anime adapts, is still ongoing. Following the events of the 3rd season, there are still nearly 10 volumes of content left to adapt. 

As the story is not yet completed either, fans can rest assured that they will get to enjoy many more seasons after this.

What Will Happen in The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4?

What Will Happen in The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4

After the events of Season 3, which heavily focuses on the character development of the cast, especially the 3 other heroes who struggled with finding their purpose, Season 4 will mostly cover the Q’ten Lo Saga from Volume 12-14 of the Light Novel.

As it is revealed that Raphtalia is surprisingly in line for the throne for the nation of Q’ten Lo, several enemies begin attacking Naofumi’s village. In order to get out of the situation, Naofumi and his party begin their travels towards this nation and stop at the Shield Worshiping Country of Siltvelt on the way. With political struggles, Q’ten Lo’s Heavenly Emperor and many more opponents, this season is guaranteed to be filled with excitement.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4 Teaser

As the 4th season is yet to be confirmed, we have not gotten any teasers or announcement videos of it yet. We can still trust that Kinema Citrus will continue adapting the series but fans will hope that they will not outsource any material to other studios like we saw in the second season.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4 Expectations

The original source material of Shield Hero has had lots of complaints from fans about its pacing. There is a hope that the 4th season’s director will assist in fixing its issues. As the story also deals with political dilemmas and action, superior quality animation from Kinema Citrus, who we know can do a good job, will help in pushing the show to the greatness it achieved in Season 1.

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