Top 10 Best Kodomomuke Anime with Fantastic Plots for Kids of all Ages

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Best Kodomomuke Anime for KIDS,Kodomomuke Anime,

Anime might be known for its adult theme catered to a more mature audience. That said, there are many very popular anime expressively targeted toward kids.

These anime are called Kodomomuke (literally meaning – directed at children), where the target audience is restricted to kids aged ten and younger. You might also say that these anime are the reason why the majority of us fell in love with anime when we were younger.

So, if you looking for some kid-friendly anime suggestions for your kids, thinking of suggesting anime to a young viewer, or maybe willing to take a walk down memory lane then you are in luck!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Best Kodomomuke Anime shows with fantastic plots for kids of all ages!

Enjoy and do let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

10. Astro Boy

Astro Boy

Astro boy is an action-adventure Kodomomuke anime geared toward a younger demographic of 8 to 13-year-olds. It is the ideal sci-fi anime for children, taking place in a futuristic world where robots and humans coexist.

Astro is a robot who is designed to be more like a human kid yet he is much stronger than a regular robot.

Although he experiences many difficulties as a result of his differences, he never stops demonstrating his passion for people and acting morally.

This illustrates how young people can take something away from this story and develop into kind and trustworthy adults.

9. Anpanman


Anpanman is one of Japan’s most recognizable anime characters, and for the past three decades, his brave deeds have drawn in generation after generation of young viewers.

In the anime, the superhero Anpanman who is made out of bread and his friends battle evil and aid those in need.

Anpanman regularly bakes his edible head in his uncle’s oven and has a large red nose, two rosy cheeks, and an edible body.

His name was first influenced by the pastry known as Anpan, which is packed with red bean paste.

8. Hamtaro


Hamtaro is a cute and harmless little hamster who is constantly looking for exciting ways to support his companions.

Whatever the situation might be, Hamtaro never forgets to include his pals and isn’t hesitant to approach them for assistance or guidance when he displays his bravery and ability to handle particular problems on his own.

All the episodes are ideal for young children and the animation is truly adorable. The anime depends on cuteness, wry comedy, and decent animation with small bursts of action to pump up the little ones and make them believe they’re awesome.

7. Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Frog)

Keroro Gunsou

If only Keroro knew how he would have come to conquer the world!

This eccentric alien frog and his army attempt to seize control of the human world, but they constantly fall short.

Overall, they all have quite different personalities and diverse traits. It’s a parodic sitcom for kids that pokes fun at several topics. It’s incredibly absurd and hilarious all at once. Just the kind of humor that children enjoy.

Additionally, it is engrossing to watch, and kids would enjoy singing along to their theme tunes.

6. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

The well-known sports anime series Captain Tsubasa features soccer as its central focus.

The anime genre of soccer and other sports is suggested for kids since it is simple to enjoy even if you don’t understand the story or the language.

Sports, such as soccer, itself is a good choice. As Tsubasa Ozora, a young Japanese soccer player, grows older, the narrative follows his journey to discover his passion for the game. From the moment he arrived in Nankatsu City to his friendships and rivals.

Thus, this anime has influenced numerous famous soccer stars around the world, such as Neymar and Andres Iniesta, and so on.

5. Digimon


The story of Digimon centers on a group of young kids who visit the Digital World, where the Digimon are a type of creature.

The kids are prepared to defend both realms against evil using their Digivice, a device that helps them travel between the physical and virtual worlds.

The team demonstrates that working together is the greatest way to get beyond all of their challenges while dealing with perilous scenarios and defeating the wicked Devimon.

It seems fun to youngsters and also teaches them the value of friendship.

4. Doraemon


One of the all-time most well-known and widely-watched children’s anime series is Doraemon, which has been broadcast on TV for a very long period in different countries.

Featuring a ten-year-old boy named Nobita and his robotic cat companion named Doraemon from the future, it is a cute series that follows their daily lives.

To assist Nobita in overcoming some obstacles in his life, Doraemon was sent to him from the future by his grandson. Doraemon also brings along many futuristic tools or gadgets to help him get by.

The stories of each episode are different and very simple with a hint of moral life lesson which is just perfect for the kids, and it’s also easy to watch.

Doraemon is a very distinctive figure and kids adore him.

3. Crayon Shin-Chan

Crayon Shin-Chan

The best children’s anime, in the opinion of several Japanese people, is Crayon Shin-Chan, which has been broadcast on Japanese television since 1992.

This anime primarily falls within the family and comedy genres, which occasionally even adults find funny to watch.

It is made up of several typical mischievous actions and humorous remarks made by a five-year-old boy named, Shin-Chan.

Approximately 1000 episodes have been produced, but since each narrative can stand alone, you can watch any one of them and enjoy the anime.

2. Beyblade


Together with his colleagues, 13-year-old Takao Kinomiya (also known as Tyson) aspires to be the best Beyblader in the world. Beyblades, a type of customized spinning top, are used in teen combat.

As he sets out on his quest to become the global champion, driven Takao must overcome several obstacles.

On his travels, he meets many people who become friends and even offer advice.

Together, they form the Bladebreakers and strive to the top, demonstrating that cooperation and friendship are more important than anything else.

1. Pokémon


Nearly 20 years have passed since the debut of Pokémon. Since the majority of us grew up watching anime or playing Pokémon games the series has influenced many of us.

With its vibrant universe full of diverse creatures that you may gather and battle with, Pokémon has a special way of capturing the hearts of young people.

On his quest to become the best Pokémon master, Ash embarks on a series of epic adventures around the world of Pokémon.

For both children and adults, Pokémon is truly captivating.

It imparts lessons about friendship, constructive competition, travel, hard effort, and pursuing your goals no matter what. This is also why Pokémon lands on Number 1 in this list.


So that concludes our list of 10 Best Kodomomuke Anime. Do you know any other Kid friendly Anime that you feel should have been on the list? Let us know what you feel about the article in the comments below.


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